Clickfunnels for Affiliate Marketing or Affiliate Program

You may fimilar with the words “Affiliate Marketing” there are many common ways to perform affiliate marketing but it’s little bit new for most of the affiliate marketers that is clickfunnels for affiliate marketing.

Russell Brunson Clickfunnels is a Product Promoting Funnels most of the Business Owners Prefer the tool to sell their Product service. It’s a funnel and it’s a kind of upgraded method of common landing page or blog.


If you have no idea about affiliate marketing and how to do it i just want to say it’s big deal in 2020 and in future as well.

There are many ecommerce platform named amazon, ebay, ali Express they have millions of customer and you should know that these companies have a affiliate section where you can join and earn comission selling their products.

It’s a kind of smart business, you can start you Ecommerce business even if you have lower budget.

Clickfunnels is a kind of Updated landing page where you can DOUBLE your earning even TRIPLE.


Why should Clickfunnels for affiliate marketers or program

Building list

For affiliate marketing is truly a vital techniques to build customer information list.

For the marketers who just want to generate recurring commission it’s just as massive formula for them.

Something like,

If you are able to sell a product to a customer but not able to collect his/her email that means you just lost the customer for a while or even more. You never know you will come or not.


If you have a customer information that means you have a permanent customer of your own. By well integrating with them you can collect more leads in future for sure.

Clickfunnels provide you the magnet for building your dream customer listing.

Conversion Rate

Conversion rate is the vital factor on online based business. Driving traffic to your website without no sales that means you have lost your ad costing and other charges as well.

So, you need to increase the conversion rate. Clickfunnels and it’s all courses surely help you a lot to increase your landing page performance to increase sells.

Hosting Bill

Using Clickfunnels you don’t need any hosting because Clickfunnels Provide you the hosting with the package.

Email marketing

Clickfunnels don’t provide any Email Marketing integration for funnels. So, that you have to buy it from other Provider.

Payment gateway

Using the Clickfunnels as an Affiliate you can also get access to sell your own Products along with the Affiliate Products. Clickfunnels Provide more then 23 payment gateway to integrate with your funnel.


As an affiliate marketer you can get access more then thousands of funnels in any niche to build your business funnels with the Latest design, Tested, High conversion, User Friendly and lot more.

Final Words

Russell Brunson is the founder of the Clickfunnels. He shows how to grow a business and and how to be a successful Business man from zero. As an affiliate Marketer it’s always a positive sign to choose Clickfunnels. It’s Highly Recommended to Join Russell Brunson ENTREPRENEURSHIP TRAINING PROGRAM CALLED ONE FUNNEL AWAY CHALLENGE.

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Traffic secrets Free Book 2020

So, the new Traffic Secrets book has been live for about 48 hours… TONS of you got the audiobook and have ALREADY FINISHED IT!!!
For those who have been sitting on the fence, I’ve seen your Q&As that you’ve been sending in, and I figure that if 100 people are asking the question, then probably 1,000+ have the same question, so here we goooooooo….
Question #1 – Doesn’t traffic change every day?
Answer: Yes, my #1 fear of writing this book was the fact that the tactics on how to get traffic can change almost daily. Yet, the STRATEGIES have been the same for decades. Everything inside the Traffic Secrets book is written at a very strategic level with concepts that will work yesterday, today, and forever.

> (opens in a new tab)”>Let me know where to ship your FREE copy RIGHT NOW >>

Question #2 – We’re in the middle of an economic crisis. Why should I get the book NOW?
Answer: Right now is the PERFECT time! 1) My guess is that you probably actually have some free time where you can read it. And 2), the #1 skillset you can possibly have in your business during good times and bad is your ability to make it rain. (i.e. getting customers in the door).
Now is the time to sharpen your saw, so you can get customers to your business today…but also, as the quarantines lift, to be able to stabilize and grow your companies in the coming months.

> (opens in a new tab)”>Let me know where to ship your FREE copy RIGHT NOW >>

Question #3 – Is this just a book about how to run Facebook ads?
Answer: No. While there is one chapter specifically detailing the best strategies for Facebook, this book is a complete traffic SYSTEM.
My belief is that in the upcoming days, Facebook will continue to shut down people’s accounts, and it will be essential to master other forms of traffic. This book lays out the strategies so you can master traffic from any platform, including ones that will be coming in the future.

> (opens in a new tab)”>Let me know where to ship your FREE copy RIGHT NOW >>

Question #4 – Does this book teach you how to get affiliates to promote your product?
Answer: Yes! In the back of the book, we have a whole section called Growth Hacking that shows you some of the best ways to get people to promote your product…where you only pay them AFTER the sale is made! You’re going to love this chapter, it’s one of my favorites!

> (opens in a new tab)”>Let me know where to ship your FREE copy RIGHT NOW >>

Question #5 – Do I need the DotCom Secrets and Expert Secrets books for Traffic Secrets to make sense?

Answer: No. Traffic Secrets is a stand-alone book that will teach you how to get traffic, so you can fill your funnels. BUT…DotCom Secrets will help you make your funnels better. And Expert Secrets will help you make your funnels convert better. 
Actually, when you purchase the new Traffic Secrets book, the upsell is the new updated, hard-bound versions of all three books! But, the only way to get those is in the upsell (so make sure you buy slowly, so you don’t miss it!)

> (opens in a new tab)”>Let me know where to ship your FREE copy RIGHT NOW >>

Question #6 – Is it true that the book does not ship until May 5th?

Answer: Yes. We’re publishing Traffic Secrets through a traditional publisher, and unfortunately we can’t start shipping the books until May 5th. The GOOD NEWS is that I recorded an audiobook, which you can start listening to IMMEDIATELY, as it’s the order form bump (so watch for that option when you go to get your book!).

> (opens in a new tab)”>Let me know where to ship your FREE copy RIGHT NOW >>

Question #7 – What if I need traffic NOW, and I can’t wait until May 5th?

Answer: Because the audiobook is available RIGHT NOW, I highly suggest getting it! Inside the audiobook, you’ll also get a PDF with all the images from the book.
As you’re listening to the book, you can follow right along with the images. In fact, hundreds of people got the audiobook less than two days ago, and have already listened to the entire book!

> (opens in a new tab)”>Let me know where to ship your FREE copy RIGHT NOW >>

Question #8 – Did YOU do the reading for the audiobook, Russell? Or is it some lame voiceover person?

Answer: Yes! I hate when authors don’t read their own books. So I spent three days in a studio recording the Traffic Secrets book specifically for you! And, I spent another four days reading the new DotCom Secrets and Expert Secrets books!
{P.S. If you want the audiobooks for those books as well, they may or may not be part of the upsell… haha} 


> (opens in a new tab)”>Let me know where to ship your FREE copy RIGHT NOW >>

Question #9 – What else do I get when I buy the book now?

Answer: There are TONS of bonuses! In fact, there are FIVE video presentations that you get immediate access to that will help simulate traffic to any of your funnels. Here are the bonuses:

  • BONUS #1 – My “Traffic Secrets” Foundation Presentation
  • BONUS #2 – Dean Graziosi’s “The Ultimate Unfair Advantage” Presentation
  • BONUS #3 – Prince EA’s “How To Make A Video Go VIRAL!” Presentation
  • BONUS #4 – Peng Joon’s “The Ultimate Traffic Hack!” Presentation
  • BONUS #5 – 30 Day Traffic Secrets Challenge!

> (opens in a new tab)”>Let me know where to ship your FREE copy RIGHT NOW >>

Question #10 – What if I can’t afford the book?

Answer: That’s why I’m literally giving the book away for FREE! All you have to do is pay less than $10 in shipping and handling.
If you can’t afford the book, then you need it more than anybody! You can’t afford to NOT have this book. This book is the key to getting your dream customers to come and give you money. Therefore, if you need the money, then you need the book.

Let me know where to ship your FREE copy RIGHT NOW

>>Thanks,Russell BrunsonP.S. – Don’t forget, you’re just one funnel away… 

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Thrive themes review 2020 , Popular Blogging Themes.


Thrive theme is one of the most popular contents in the business world. Thrive themes allow you to make your business more professional and successful. Your online business success depends on traffic on the sites. Visitors generally stay 8 seconds per site. If your site is good looking, full of attractive content, excellent readability designs for readers than visitors will stay far more than average time. Thrive Theme Review generates the actual thought for users to find out the particular themes for their business life. Thrive theme reviews focus on the perfect content builders, excellent plugins, and user ability for your themes. (more…)

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Thrive headline optimizer plugin review 2020


Another New plugin lunched by Thrive Themes. The necessity of this plugin really much when it comes Search Engine ranking. This amazing plugin will help you to get decent organic clicks & decrease Website Bounce rate as well. 

The name of this WordPress Plugin is “Thrive Headline Optimizer” Yes, this plugin help to generate heart-touching Post Title. 

Let’s See the Official Video of Thrive headline Optimizer plugin and know why this plugin so much important to use. 

Highly recommend you to Read: Thrive themes Membership starting payout only $75.


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Thrive Clever widgets plugin review 2020


Hello, my friends today we are going to reveal another amazing plugin by thrive themes called Thrive clever widgets. Thrive clever widgets is passing the best time for it’s clever strategy. This amazing has superb power to increase your website conversion rate and your overall site structure as well the bounce rate.

It’s is really quite Impressive when it comes thrive themes new plugin. Every time thrive brings some amazing plugin for their customers. So, as a Premium member of thrive themes you can get access all of their new themes and plugins under the existing membership plan.

Highly recommended: Thrive themes membership Discount

But, In this review article we are going to talking about thrive themes new plugins Thrive clever widgets Plugin. This plugin implemented very cleverly to change your sidebar advertising strategy. This clever plugin works like a rocket when it comes sidebar conversion.

After lunched this plugin surely change the old version of sidebar advertising and anyone can hope something double by using this clever widgets WordPress Plugin. 

Let’s Visit the thrive clever widgets landing page to see the Thrive clever widgets plugin tutorial and Usability of this plugin.


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Thrive leads plugin review With pricing 2020


We all know about thrive theme and thrive leads review. Gaining lead is very important for your business. In the way of gaining leads thrive leads review is most important. It has proven one of the best ways for all business companies, individual and online selling sites for generating revenue and holding back readers and visitors on the site. Thrive lead reviews help those business profiles to upholding their business and visitors with its amazing powerful strategy for email list building. Thrive leads is the new list building plugins in the family of WordPress. It has just released in the market and become one of the most popular plugins. From thrive leads reviews we came to know that, Thrive themes customers and members are enjoying early access to this amazing thrive leads plugins and helping their business to gaining their target. Consumers are very interested to try this thrive leads plugin and add more review on the thrive lead review list. (more…)

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