How to make money by CPA marketing.

In this present world Online income is the passion for all, and taking this as a home based business platform.

There are many ways that you can make money Online, and there are no bounds of works, Are you a musician then you can make money just selling your experience, If you have lot of experience you can also make money as a virtual assistant.

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But the main Source of income is Computer and internet related like blogging, Web devoper, Programming, etc.

In blogging section a popular method is affiliate marketing just selling others product and get commission. Massive income source for anybody, simply select a products write a product review and recommended your traffic to buy from you just clicking your affiliate link.

What is CPA marketing

In Affiliate marketing there is a new much more popular method is CPA (Cost per action) marketing. CPA marketing totally difference from Affiliate marketing, In affiliate marketing you will get commission when some one buy products but CPA, you can get just for sign up or email submit.

Cpa marketing

CPA campaigns are made for country based so you need to targeted traffic to convert your offer. In CPA marketing you can promote CPL (Cost per lead), CPD (Cost per download), CPC (Cost per call), CPS (Cost per sale) etc. CPA Marketing lowest pay out is $1. Insurance, Loans,  pay you $5 to $9 just for zip submit.

How to make money by CPA marketing

If you want to make money by online, and want to open your web based business then CPA marketing can be profitable for you, But Making it successful you need to make a Clear plan and well experienced about it. Without well planning you can not success in CPA marketing.

Here You can start your business just using two ways first is using your own website or blog and the other is PPC advertising (paid) method.

I am a Blogger also a CPA marketer just working with maxbounty, i just using weebly landing pages to promote my campaigns. Below my earning report.

How to make money by cpa marketing

In Every web based business you need targeted traffic and for CPA marketing it is also a important think. Below i explained few method, keep reading and pick your choice, which method you can able to do.

CPA marketing most popular campaigns: Gift card, Travel, restaurant, surveys, insurance, Holiday, Insurance, Health, Mobile apps, download, Real Estate, Legal, Gaming, Educations, Automotive, Dating, etc.

Mtethod 1: Start with a new blog

If you have no blogsite Just Start with a new Blog, Here i suggest you to choose premium themes because free wordpress themes is not recent updated and you need to lot of works to do with it.

Recommended: Themeforese premium themes

Bluehost is always best for wordpress sites, Bluehost and wordpress working together since 1996 to make a strong hosting platform for wordpress. Start form $3.49 per month Just Install your themes in 5 Minutes for free.

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  • Choose a campaign, Which you have well experienced.
  • Then start to research your campaign and keywords, Mind that, keyword research is very important here.
  • After Listed your primary and secondary keywords then create unique content.
  • And published it to the web.
  • Do social media marketing search engine marketing and your linkbuilding process.

Must read: Competitor keyword analysis-keywords density-keywords research pro tool.

Must read: How to increase your blog traffic using some great tools.

Method 2: Set up a campaign

Method two, If you all ready have a website, plenty plenty of visitors visit your website and Earning money using Google adsense or other PPC advertising, Truly you will forget PPC income and Choose CPA for Your business. If you able to set up a right campaign to your site then you can make massive income.

Below some steps for method two,

  • First you need to analysis you website and website traffic because before set up the campaign you must know who is our visitor, what they want to your website.
  • Here you must use SEMrush Pro SEO Audit tool, By using SEMrush tool you are capable to know your website traffic, Which keywords they are using to visit your website, Their needs and wants etc.
  • After Complete website Audit find a campaign that related to your website traffic.

Method 3: PPC (paid) campaign

PPC campaign means, just Pick a campaign a Advertise this to others website or others source. Simply, You Give them few keywords and Campaign advertising code.

In PPC method  you need to expert in PPC Analysis, Keywords analysis, Competition analysis, Campaign Convert Probability, Market analysis etc.

If you want promote maxbounty campaign then visit this link to set up your ppc campaign.

Cpa marketing ppc advertising

Important message: If you have no idea about seo and marketing you can hire Seo expert from Odesk, Elance, Peopleperhour to analysis, keyword research and content creation and tell them about your business. On the other hand, For PPC (Pay per click) you can hire Google Adwords PPC expert. 

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Best Ways to Make Money by Blogging – Blog monetization.


After Published the “Competitor keywords research“, Today I am going to show the most converting ways, how to make money from your blog. In this post, I will explain in details and try to make you understand, which campaign you should set up to your blog for making money.

No matter, What’s your Blogging topic are, Such as Make money online, Photography, Travel, Food, Fitness, Fashion, Insurance, Education, Magazine, Sports etc. Just read my article first to last and choose your perfect monetization method for making money by your Blog.

At first, Ask yourself which is your blogging niche? Mind that, how much you can earn, Simply it depend on your blogging niche. When we open Google AdWords it shows us the EPC rate for different keywords or niche. In particular Niche related site it’s so much easy to set up a campaign.

Suppose, you are writing about “WordPress premium themes”, then you will be sure that your readers are WordPress related. In addition, you can set up your campaign or can sell WordPress related products easily.

Know about your traffic

For making a profitable affiliate marketing platform you need to analysis your website traffic. It is very important to know your visitors needs and wants, You should spend much more time to do this.

SEMrush is a better tool to complete SEO analysis, It is the Best SEO Audit tool. By using this you can find a lot of information about your site, which is very important for affiliate marketing. So, start to know about your visitor and which keywords they are using to visit your website.

Then set up a campaign which can fulfill your visitors needs and wants and profitable too. If you are able set up a perfect campaign  with Informal presentation then you can be Profitable. Read this post for SEO optimized Article.

Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is the massive income source to any bloggers. If your Blog belongs a lot of traffic then you can make a large amount of income just advertising your niche related products.

I have seen, many bloggers who are making Five figures income per month. one of them, he is making his pocket just promoting affiliate products like Webhosting, WordPress premium themes, Seo tools etc. You can see it, Shouldmeloud Monthly Income Report.

If you are running Niche like Starting blogging, Make money related niche then you can set-up web hosting, WordPress or SEO & Marketing related Campaign.

About ShareASale affiliate network

Individually you can promote Bluehost and Hostgator web hosting, Themeforest premium themes etc. But with this method you need to sign up for a particular campaign. But if you join an affiliate network you can set up lot’s of affiliate campaign just one central location.

Shareasale is a top class affiliate network, Many bloggers promoting ShareASale affiliate products. Just look at the Shou me loud earning report, he made $247 from ShareASale. by Ankit Singla made $427 just in one month.

ShareAsale has a Wide range of product with Virtual, Physical, CPA and More. Most Of the Blogger promote ShareAsale Virtual Products, May you have heard about Grammarly (Grammer checker tool). If you Promote Grammarly From ShareAsale You will get Paid 0.20  Per action(Free Installation) & $20 for any sale you will make. Other popular ShareAsale Products are Godaddy Hosting, Weebly etc.

shareasale affiliate network
Top and most converting affiliate network for bloggers.

ShareAsale Account: Get Quick Approved In ShareAsale Apply With your Domain related Email address Like Tell them about your Blog & Your Planning Your want to promote their products. Well-designed  & Better Content structure can Increase the probability get quick approved.

CPA (Cost per action) Marketing

If your blogging niche Like Insurance, Fitness, Education, Magazine, Sports, Travel, Gift cards, Mobile apps, Gaming etc, then you should Set up the CPA , CPL affiliate marketing campaigns.

CPA means cost per action and it is different from normal affiliate marketing, In affiliate when your convert any sells then you get paid but in CPA, when someone take any action such as a email submit, Credit card submit, Zip submit, Simple sign up, Voice call then you will get paid.

So, If your site traffic or your writing niche is attached with these topics then I recommended you to Set up CPA campaign to your site.

There is no bound how much you can earn and it depends in your website traffic level. Suppose, You are Promoting 1 Email Submit offer. Email submit offers minimum payout is $1.30. If you are able to make 5 Leads Per day then you will make $1.30*5=$6.5 per day and $195 in a month easily.

Where to start? To Know about the top CPA Marketing Company, Continue reading!

CPA marketing Network: CPA marketing is the new model for making money online fast. CPA Marketing is the new implementation of Affiliate marketing. CPA Marketing has Changed the thought Of Affiliate Marketing.

How CPA Works: Many business owners are making the new method for promoting their business. CPA Marketing also used by them to Market Research, Product Branding, Business Outreach etc.

Suppose, Someone Need thousands of Email address for their Business promotion. So, How They Collect Email addresses that match with their business? Simply, They set-up a campaign in CPA company for CPA Marketers. They Pay you $1.30 per Email submit But an Email address is the permanent customer for them. 

maxbounty affiliate network
Top CPA (Cost per action) Affiliate network.

From Plenty of CPA marketing networks I recommended you to choose, Lowest Payout ratio $1.30, reliable and great support with thousands of campaign.

Google Adsense

For making money with PPC (pay per click) campaign. Google Adsense is the first choice to any blogger. Working With Adsense much easy than Affiliate marketing. suppose, You have a Blog in multiple niche. When You get approved You just Placed ads In your Site. Google Showing ads for your readers according to their Country, Search query, Your Post topic etc. You have to just dominate some tactics how to get more clicks.

Many of us start blogging just targeting Adsense, Here you can get paid for clicks, impression, and conversation. Obviously, your earn per click depend in your site niche and country wise. United states, Canada, United kingdom, Australia, Germany traffic EPC (Earn per click) much higher from other countries.

Greatest PPC (Pay per click) Network.

To set up Google Adsense you must make a well-designed website, unique content with thousand of visitors.

 You can pick affiliate marketing for your main income source but there are lot’s of visitors will visit your website, which will not related to your affiliate campaign. So, Setting up a PPC campaign you can make extra income.

If you are not approved in Google Adsense then you can pick Chitika or Infolinks PPC campaign, Their Click rate not bad.

Over to you

Now the Internet is giving us the opportunities for making money and from the many ways blogging the massive income source for anybody just sitting up from  home. You can pick this platform for making you pocket.

There are many People who want to make money Online, From tons of ways Blogging is the reliable way to earn Passive income Online.

After starting a blog If your able to create helpful Blog post & your readers realize that your Blog is the reliable source  of information then you can make 5k per month. Just You have to continue it 6-7 months very wisely. More readers means more Profit. And finally, It will be a Permanent Business for you.

If you want to start a blog, just start it to share your any Experiences on it. Of course, there will some like-minded People like you. Who really love to read your words.  

Thanks for reading  this article, and I have tried my best to make this post informative, If you have any questions & the Experiences with your Blog just leave a reply in the comment section.

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Competitor keyword analysis-keywords density-keywords research pro tool.

Search engine is the main and most converting sources for any web based business platform. People do search online for their desire products or services by using search engine.

 So, Keyword search is the key to success in web based business for getting targeted traffic.

Online business increasing rapidly, and It is very difficult to find a low competition keywords when we do that by using google keywords planner.

Google keywords planners showing you the result just according to adwords PPC (pay per click) campaign, it don’t suggest you to use a most converting keywords.

I think low competition keywords research has gone, now the time is for competitors keywords research. Just analysis you keywords depend on your competitors.

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Best affiliate marketing networks in 2019 – Genuine & pay monthly.

Affiliate marketing is the massive source for making decent amount of money. Many blogger replace Google Adsense and set up affiliate marketing campaign in their blog.

There are plenty of affiliate marketing networks but from these you should choose the reliable and much higher commission rate paid networks.

Below i have shared three categories affiliate networks according different products and campaign. First read this full article and make a decision which network you should select.

This article mainly covers with the following topics.

 Affiliate marketing

 Best affiliate marketing networks

 Keywords research tools


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Make your web based business platform in 2019.

Hey are you finding for a web based business? If yes then, i am going to show you how to make a successful business.

We know that, Millions of people making their business just investing a small amount of budget and making decent amount of money from home.

Before you going to read this article, i request you set your mind and ask yourself, how much you can work hard and are you expense some money not thousands just couple of hundreds.

#This article mainly covers with following topic…

  • Home based business opportunities
  • Best landing page and E-commerce website creator
  • Amazon vs Shareasale affiliate products
  • How to make a web based business


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How to start a affiliate marketing blog or a Successful business.

Online Business is now very popular, You can start your business just investing a little amount. If you have a little experiences about internet obviously it is a great opportunity. Because it is a home based business and no need to maintain time schedule, you can do it whenever you want.

If you really want open your web based then selling affiliate products should be your first choice. Affiliate marketing is the massive income source, with small amount of investment.

#This article mainly covers with the following topics.

  • Why WordPress premium themes for blogging.
  • WordPress webhosting
  • Affiliate products
  • how to make money blogging
  • Top affiliate network
  • Search engines optimization for affiliate marketing.

Choose your themes

For blogging, wordpress making your work platform more easier, WordPress custom management system is very important for blogging,  (more…)

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