The truth about shared web hosting, Best shared web hosting for blogs.

We know that shared hosting is one of the most popular hosting plan for wordpress blog and small business. As a blogger we always recommended shared hosting.

But what is shared hosting ? is shared hosting ultimately unlimited for every one, definitely shared hosting is the most using In web but you should read the whole article about shared hosting to know the truth.

After read the whole article you can able to choose best shared hosting platform which is reliable and best for wordpress blog.

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What is shared hosting.

Shared hosting means when hundreds of websites host on a large web server and shared the bandwidth and the disk space. Most of the Hosting Company provides Unlimited Bandwidth, with unlimited disk space. Although they offer Unlimited resource but it is not always unlimited, of course they have a limit.

People choose shared hosting for it’s cheap pricing with unlimited Bandwidth and disk space. Every Web hosting service provider offer unlimited for shared hosting but true is every hosting plan has a quota, most of the shared hosting are using for small business and they don’t fill the quota.

If any website break the limitation then Hosting company suggest to upgrade the plan.

Advantage of shared hosting.

  • Normally Shared hosting popular for Blogging, Small business etc, We know that, multiple websites host on shared hosting but the important thing is most of the websites don’t generate enough traffic.
  • Shared hosting minimum Cost per month is $3.49 but if you go with Dedicated web server your cost will be minimum $150 per month.
  • Most of the Hosting provider offer Unlimited bandwidth, Unlimited Disk space, Sub domain, Free back up, Email accounts for different Hosting plans.
  • Enhanced Cpanel which provide you, your own Admin panel, That means, user can control every thing such as website or wordpress them set up easily.
  • Most of the hosting industries has professional employers to support users and maintain their problems.
  • For website promotion, if you need to upgrade your Account then you can do it with any hassle.

Disadvantage of Shared hosting.

  •  Shared hosting Server response time relatively slower from VPS or Dedicated server hosting.
  • Most of the Companies offer unlimited bandwidth, but they don’t provide you unlimited, When you website ranked higher you will face different problems.

Although Shared hosting has few disadvantage but there have few companies which is reliable and you can use their resource completely which they offered.

How to Choose the Best Shared Hosting service provider.

Now the Question is, how to find the best Shared hosting ? Here i suggest you, Please don’t pick the hosting just knowing their available features, First You should know about their reputation on the we. There are lot of forums, question answer site like yahoo, quora etc, participate the web hosting related Conversation and placed question “What is the best shared web hosting for blogs” hope You will get lot of idea i think.

Few common and most important property such as Server uptime, server upgrade options, Spam Protection, Enhanced C-panel, .htaccess file (redirect,security ), wordpress installer, Customer support etc. So make sure that your elected Hosting provider is not way from these resource.

About Bluehost Web hosting service provider.

BLUEHOST is a USA based company, In January 2015 they hosted over 2 million websites on Bluehost Server and over 20 thousand new websites are added on Bluehost every month. Their Server location based out in Utah, United States.

Currently, BLUEHOST is one of the reliable, Affordable and secure web hosting company. Bluehost popular for Shared hosting, wordpress hosting, Vps hosting, Dedicated server hosting.

Best shared web hosting for blogs and small business.

Normally shared hosting are using for small business, blogs etc. The Cost of shared hosting is to small but you will get some excellent features with shared hosting, which is provided for Dynamic hosting.

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  • 12 month package  $4.95 per month.
  • 24 month package  $3.95 per month.
  • 36 month package  $3.49 per month.

hosting best wordpress shared

WordPress recommendation “BLUEHOST”

On the other hand, WordPress is the content management system and very popular to anybody for blogging. WordPress hosting different from other static web site, You need to install it with any web server. For a better wordpress hosting experience you should choose “BLUEHOST”, WordPress thyself recommended “BLUEHOST“. Below the screenshot.

Bluehost wordpress


Over to you

For a starter small business or blog shared hosting is perfect. Shared hosting is popular for it’s cheap pricing and plans, User friendly interface, Enhanced C-panel, Auto script installer, Customer support etc.

I think Bluehost is the best one for shared hosting, and wordpress. You should try out Bluehost. Bluehost offers a 30 day money back guarantee on all of their plans. So for any reason or bad experience you will get back all your money.

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