Affiliate Marketing tips and tricks for beginners 2020 – Products & keyword Research.


When anyone start a new blog, It is just a kid on Google eyes. domain authority, Backlinks, page rank, social signals much lower at that time, There is nothing in Google for your site to give a rank to your site, And that time it’s very hard to rank a keyword.

When I first started to blogging, I was struggling to get more sells, With my new Blog. I know that Blogging is the passive Income source SO, It’s the reality in Blogging that you have to work hard with your new blog. When it’s ranked then your can earn passive income set-up affiliate campaign.

You Should know, Blogging & SEO is the Long time Process. First, few months very hard to get sells. But You Don’t quit from it.

First, 5-6 months very important & most Essential task is to increase visibility in Search engines. You have to aware search engines about your Keywords. Must generate SEO Optimized Content that achieved value from search engines.

And should monetize your Blog For affiliate Marketing. If your are able to Rank your Blog & Share some Good stuff then You must earn Passive income.

So, in this post I am going to share my little experiences, And a little bit techniques of affiliate marketing. I think it will work for you. And for the beginners, it is the effective way to get quick Access in affiliate marketing.

Important: People search on Google to get their information and products. For every affiliate marketers, it’s very important to get organic rank on Google first page.

Find Out the new keywords

As a novice blogger, The biggest mistake that maximum marketer do, Even I was not aware of this track. The mistake is “picked the popular keywords” Here I mention about old keywords. With new Keywords, it’s very easy to increase search engine traffic/Organic traffic.

If you Pick some New keywords & start to build your Affiliate marketing, it’s very easy to get the Google first page. Keep the Google First page You must work properly. 

Note: I just say, follow top bloggers strategies, Not their multiple keywords.

Keep open your eyes, find out Google newly keywords. Might be if there is a new company release and there some new keywords will be created. And they are definitely the low competitor.

As an affiliate marketer, this strategy will work better to make money from a new blog. Although it is easy to rank a particular keyword but make sure that the service is usable for your readers.

  • Always choose the long tail keywords.
  • Go to write a seed keyword and search using level 1, 2, 3.
  • Go to Google Adwords get more ideas.
  • Might me you will find multiple ideas, now save them using the spreadsheet.
  • Go to SemRush (Premium SEO Audit and competitor analysis tool) & analysis the keywords difficulty.

Choose newly released product

When comes a new company/Products there will be created new keywords.

Find out the new companies/Products which is running successfully. I,e., You might be heard about shareable. According to ShareASale, there are many keywords on Google database, like ShareASale review, ShareASale most selling products etc, Must the they are very high competitor keywords. But it’s easy to rank with the newly company related keywords.

  • When the first time “Smart phone” was released, it was a huge one and first few months it was very popular to the consumers.
  • Important: Pick the reliable and effective products or service. Don’t be afraid. It is the best opportunity to get the Google first page with a lot of money.

Pick a product, Write SEO Optimized review Over 1500 words. Share the post in social communities & create backlinks that Your competitors never rank out.

Use Google trends

Google Trends gives us a glimpse of how a keyword, A products or a service perform in the search engines.

Definitely a very helpful tool for every online marketer/Affiliate marketer. It shows us the whole report according to Searchers geographical Areas.

  •  Go to Google trends and placed whatever you want to analysis (Keyword, Company, products).

affiliate marketing tips

Here the report of “Health insurance”

Now we can see here the Demand in different countries. Click on the city to analysis the result according to top cities. 

If you want to set up the SEO local business it works better for you.

affiliate marketing tips and tricks

Here the related topics and the related Keywords. We know that, Google trends analysis matrics  just showing us the popular consumer related term.

So, These keywords might be helpful for you. just add these keywords into your keywords spread sheet to analysis with Google Adword tool.

affiliate marketing technique

 Note: As an Affiliate marketer Google Trends is the glorious Keyword research tool. It will show you traffic area accurately, Which helps CPA marketer.

Seo For every page

Don’t promote your Blog main page only. Over optimization, Your Link considered as a spam. Anyhow it is not the right promotional method.

We know that make money is not the easiest process for the newbies. So you need to be unique on every stage of Search engine optimization.

  • Find out the week & low competitor keywords Use them to build your Content.
  • Write on article submission sites, use keywords on anchor text with your Url.
  • Share your post different social media sites.
  • participate question-answer sites and forums.
  • Link exchange with top sites just find out your niche related site and offer them.

So, it very important to get access in affiliate marketing smartly.

Google webmaster

Very popular tool for every affiliate marketer.

Before use Google webmaster tool, you must have a Gmail account. Log-in to your webmaster account, now verify your website just placing the verification code into your website or blog html header section.

  • Google webmaster is the effective tool to analyze the On-Page SEO such as  live keywords, content keywords, Site Errors, Spam links etc.
  • As an affiliate marketer keyword position very important, listed top 25-30 keywords. now Check your keywords using keyword positioning tool.

Over to you

If you thought that, Make money online though as an affiliate marketer is the easy task.  I just say you are Wrong! But I am right. I am running with My Blog Since 2015 & getting success in 2016. I know, It is Impossible to Increase my Blog Domain Authority Just  in few months & first 5-6 months I was just working hard to generate Content that got maximum visibility in SERPs. And finally, I am passing great times.

It’s very natural things to get visibility in Search engines. It’s all depend on Search Algorithm. So, you have to wait & learn SEO for better friendship with Search engines.

Do you know by Affiliate marketing you can get the commission when you are sleeping. People starting Blog & setting up affiliate campaign just setting up from home. No extra skill needed just writing skill in the different topic.

Want to start a Blog? Want to Build Your Community & share information withost  them. With WordPress & Bluehost, Which is Most Popular Platform to start a Blog. Starting a wordpress BLog its take only 5 minutes only.

Need the discount? From Mythemeshop (WordPress themes) only $25 or less.

Domain hosting on BLUEHOST (WordPress recommended) $3.49/month. read the Bluehost wordpress review.

After that, why you are not starting? It is the best opportunity for you. Everyday Your Competitors Increasing, So you have to take this chance from today & should Your affiliate marketing business.

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SEO tips for beginners: How to do Blogging SEO.

Seo and marketing service

The term “SEO” is really a annoying topic for the beginners.

It’s true Seo is a Long time process But as a blogger you have to learn SEO precisely.

When i first heard about SEO i was little bit afraid,

Go back to 3 or 4 years when Seo first revealed. Most of the website owner didn’t have enough SEO skill and they did it by using other source.

Here i am not saying to do your SEO by using other. There are lot of people who are doing web based business and just making plan and invest money for SEO. Might be they don’t have enough time to do this. 

But, who just lunched a blog and start blogging, my post only for them “Seo for beginners blogging” Blogging is a long time journey, here you Need to promote your blog just in day by day,  So you need the mandatory power of SEO.

What is SEO

SEO stands on search engine optimization. The website ranking formula on Search Engine.

The major search Engine are Google, Yahoo,  Bing and Seo is the ranking formula to Get your website on the first page.

Search Engine Algorithm Always been changing, but there are lot of Primary thing which is not changed yet.

Do you know, how many search queries on Google per second ?

Google search per second

I good domain name

In This post, I first underscored the Domain name, an important strategy to improve your SEO performance.

Two method you can use to choose your domain name one is make Authority and your topic relevant .

A domain name can improve your organic ranking.

To attract returning visitor.

Help you to build your Authorship and brand.

Go to Bluehost and pick the right domain name & hosting.

Seo optimized WordPress theme

Do you know free  theme can destroy the whole content ?

A well seo optimized wordpress theme help you get your content higher, because WordPress as the Blogging and CMS using by the millions of users.

For the beginners there are no other option as wordpress. Authors and Coders Claims that their premium wordpress themes Optimized for seo.

Adjust in Different Screen or display.

Anti protection for Spam with default premium SEO plugin.

loading time faster.

Choose the latest wordpress premium themes. Check out Themeforest

Or,  Mythemeshop,  Use my Coupon code “  MORSIDTOPSEO  “to get 68% off !!


Permalinks are how people locate your blog and its internal posts and pages. They are made up of a root and an extension.

For example, on this post we have:

EXTENSION: seo-tips-for-beginners/

Now, it is very important to have a good permalink structure. You can change this in WordPress by going SETTINGS > PERMALINKS

The best option to have in there, in my opinion, is just the post name. So you should select CUSTOM STRUCTURE

Getting trust

Create Different page like, privacy & policy, about me, Contact me to getting trust from your readers.

If you question to any affiliate marketer, which is the important thing to made affiliate sells then every successful marketer emphasis on the Author trustworthy.

Most of the Client buy products, if they trust the source.

Placed social widget with Author box (Write a short description about you) to your blog with your well smile own picture.

Competitor keyword research

Simply, Keyword means Website visitors Quality, Simply, We write something on Google to search information and service. if we write “free SEO tools” then search engine suggest us different links with free seo tools, and if write “SEO PRO tools then the suggestion might be changed.

So, it’s clear Keywords research is very important process on SEO.

Go to Google Adwords keyword planner (free tool) search for your desire keywords, listed 10 to 15 long tail keywords with high search volume.

Go to related-keywords-tool type any short keyword, and get related keywords suggestions according by level 1, 2, 3. These tool is important for to find out new low competitor and long tail keywords.

Learn seo fast

Long tail keyword: Which included maximum 5 or 6 words. Long keywords are the combination of multiple keywords.

Long tail keywords Change your traffic direction.2

Now use SEMRush to find out the keywords difficulty accurately, Choose the low difficulty Keywords.

Create content Content , insert Photo

“Quality is better than quantity”

Create the most valuable content for your readers. Content is the main resource of your blog.

Google loves Content & it will help to get quick organic ranking. Do you know ? Top SEO Expert Suggest for 2000 words Article.

So, for the beginners approximately minimum 1000 words article is appropriate.

Use graphical image. By using online photo editing tool picmonkey create stunning image.

social signals

Open Social media pages using facebook, Google plus, Linkeding.

Use keyword in Your page name, Add video, Use Hashtag to post your update.

But to open a Linkedin page You need a domain related Email address ( ), linkedin doesn’t support any Normal service provider such as a Gmail, yahoo.

Quality backlinks

We know that, link buildings is one of the most important topic to maximize website traffic. So, below i have listed few strategy, which is Very essential for beginners.

Social bookmarking

Social bookmarking another powerful way to promote your blog. Reddit, Stumbleupon, Delicious, pocket, folkd, digg are most popular bookmarking network.

To get quick access on the bookmarking sites and to approved your link you need to be unique at every stage because few sites will moderate your proposal before get approved.

So, Write a appropriate headline with a short description, Handle the tags precisely which are very important to broadcast your news on the network.

Important: keep visiting the bookmarking sites otherwise your account considered as a spam.

Directory Submission

 You can submit your site high Authority search directories. Weblogs, newsgator are most using directories.

Just go to pingomatic, insert your link and check the all ping sites.

Make sure that you have pinged all directories precisely.

ping service

linking in any profile.

Another way to get traffic to your blog.

linking your Blog URl anywhere you are opening an account such as social profile, Community, Business place etc.

Blog commenting

Blog commenting now very popular for Quick backlink.

Relevant Blog Commenting increase your blog readers with Backlink.

Use to show your picture on the comment. just create an account on Gavatar and verify any email address with picture. then you are able to show your picture, whenever you leave an comment.

First read the whole article and just share your opinion about the post. use your real name to get approved your comment.

Article submission

Article Submission Sites are the best way to get high RP page rank. Here you need to write article based on some topic and you must concentrate on anchor test.

Don’t copy other post, your article not approved to publish.

Don’t submit same article on hundreds of sites just Change the title and the content little bit.

Ezine, Go Articles, Now Public, Buzzle the most popular submission sites.

Participate in question answer and forums.

Yahoo Answer, quora can be a great source to get decent amount of traffic. You may heard about Yahoo answer. millions of people placed Questions For different solution. So, browsing By category and ans them who made a  question.

Quora also a great source to drive referral traffic.

Forum: Use Dofollow high PR Forums to get strong Backlinks and traffic.

keep eyes on Google webmaster tool

One of my favorite strategy to check out my live keywords. Go to Google webmaster tools Listed top 15-20 keywords which is related to your blog topic or you want to rank.

Now Use Small seo tool’s Keyword position tool to Know your keywords positions.

Otherwise, You can Do it manually. Copy and paste a keyword on Google and click on search. You might be found your site link in Google top 10 page.

 google webmaster picture

Important: make sure that you have completed your On page SEO quite nicely, Picked the relevant low competitor keywords and placed it on the permalink, Title, content, description, Content internal link, Image alt tag,

Over to you

In my post, i have just shared  some outreach process. Make sure that you have Made something difference and valuable for your clients.

To grow your SEO skill Participate SEO related Forums, blog, Community. Analyze , research with SEO, Use Different SEO tools.

Remember that, In 2015, Seo is not Stand Only on Link Buildings. SEO is the process how you will Attract your visitors providing difference services. So, first thing you should dominate, Which area you are most strongest in to serve your readers.

Keep visiting my blog, my next post  “ADVANCED KEYWORDS RESEARCH” .

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Mythemeshop coupon code with 75% Membership discount 2020.

mythemeshop Coupon code image

Are you looking for Mythemeshop Latest discount coupon code, then you have landed in the right place,   Here I am going to share the latest Mythemeshop Coupon code which helps you to save 68% of your total Purchase. Buy Mythemeshop stunning  WordPress Premium themes and plugins with the best discount.

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Mythemeshop latest Discount Coupon Code

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How to use Mythemeshop Discount Coupon code

Mythemeshop Provide Different Categories themes such as blogging, magazine, fashion, News, Photography, E-commerce etc.

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mythemeshop Coupon sode image

mythemeshop Coupon code

Select the payment method and click on next, after completed the payment you can able to download your desired products.

Read: How to install your wordpress theme on bluehost web server.

Mythemeshop review

This post mainly based on Mythemeshop coupon code, hope this coupon code help you a lot. But here we should know Everything about Mythemeshop, Let’s read the latest review information about Mythemeshop & why thrivethemes similar to Mythemeshop.

There are WordPress Companies, Who produce WordPress themes, Plugins. Every Company has his own capability & their characteristics. You may hear about Therivethemes, they are making some good Stuff for thousands of Customers by providing WordPress themes & plugins. Therivethemes most popular for, thrive Content builder, Thrive leads, Landing page, Widget, popular WordPress themes for Bloggers & Online marketers. 

Here, I mentioned about Thrivethemes Because Thrivethemes services also similar to Mythemeshop & recently I have published an Article about Thrive themes Discount coupon code

Mythemeshop is the popular brand for WordPress themes. Their WordPress themes build for Blogging, E-commerce, Magazine. As Starting Blogger, you can choose Mythemeshop. Mythemeshop listed on the top, when it comes Blogger WordPress Resource. It’s really amazing with Mythemeshop Sensational, Sociallyviral, Truepixel, Pinstagram. They are most popular Mythemeshop WordPress themes that running successfully.

Mythemeshop has other features like affiliate marketing section for making money with Mythemeshop, Mythemeshop Discount Coupon code, Mythemeshop Membership, why you should use Mythemeshop Membership? Continue reading to know more about them.

Mythemeshop Extended Membership 52% off

Is a cost-effective feature by Mythemeshop vast savings for Mythemeshop members. As the a member, you can save thousands of money by grabbing their Extended Membership. Mythemeshop has Up to 99 premium themes & 20 plugins. As an Extended Membership get access all of them. Not only this there are a lot of opportunities for you.

As a novice or a getting quick access in WordPress resources these features really helpful for me. Hope you will love Mythemeshop services.

Narrated Video Tutorials

Lifetime Usage

One Click Updates

Copyright Removal

24/7 Priority Support

Secured and Optimized Code

Access To All 99 WordPress Themes

Access To All 20 WordPress Plugins

Support For Clients & Projects

With membership, There is no need any Coupon code or any Discount code you have the right all of their products & services to access any time.


I just recommended you, if you want to use Mythemeshop resource professionally. Mythemeshop Extended membership 52% Off for Limited Time.  You have to pay only $167 per year, Was $349 per year.

How to sign-up for membership? Go their pricing page > you can see the membership pricing page > then click for sign-up with email, name & payment method. Mythemeshop Support Credit card or Paypal.

Start making passive income as Mythemeshop Affiliate marketer

Making money by selling Mythemeshop Products. Just make an affiliate account, pick the reliable products such as WordPress theme or Plugin. Generate affiliate link,  If you have blog Write a review including your Affiliate link. When someone buy products by clicking your affiliate link then you will get 70% of their total purchase. It’s simple! To become an affiliate marketer. Isn’t it?

Mythemeshop has some attractable & clever techniques that likely profitable for Affiliate marketer.


Industry Leading 70% Commissions that Means, When some buy a WordPress theme for $69, then you will get $48 & Sign-up for extended Membership by paying $349 then your commission will be $244.

Two Tier Lifetime 10% Commission. Ask other affiliate marketers to sign-up using your affiliate link & get 10% of their total earning.

Mythemeshop coupon code is a great touch to attract your  customers. You can create coupon code randomly you want.

But make it as a passive Income source you must dominate the Search engine optimization, which is the core key to get the top place in SERPs.

SEO Optimized

Web-related business depend upon the SEO Performance.  So, it’s really a matter to update your WordPress site according SEO terms & conditions. Free themes are not always good things according Search engine Algorithm. Because they are not implemented according to latest SEO facts.

To adapt with Search Algorithm you WordPress must the Loading time faster. In this particular way Mythemeshop WordPress themes are latest & SEO friendly.

SEO Optimized themes Consists of different default Plugins And built with latest Search engine Term and condition for Better ranking with spam protection.

100% responsive

20% of our website traffic comes from Mobile device. And lot more new devices coming around the world. We see that Every web platform Implement for every user/device Even, Email templates build responsively.

Recently Google Updated their Algorithm. Here, Google emphasizes on Website responsive fact. If your WordPress isn’t responsive that means, You have less probability getting  Google Ranking. 

So, Your WordPress must be 100% responsive that adjust on Every screen. Mythemeshop developer team members has a good idea about Seo & Search Algorithm. Most of them are Blogger.

themeforest premium themes picture

Google loves mobile friendly Websites!

Easy to Customize

We know, WordPress is the  Content management System. You can manage everything like content to theme module easily. You can create multiple interfaces & can turn off any features of a theme.

As a non-coder WordPress comes with some terrible usability that help them to customize their WordPress without coding. 

Now, We add Widget, Add menu in the different section of our theme, Turn on/off Sticky menu just in a click. It’s really changed the popularity of WordPress & Mythemeshop doing it for thousands of Non-coder Blogger.

Different Layout

Now we see the features in WordPress themes that, Multiple Layout option. One theme but Multiple Design option. If you start with a layout & recognize that you can’t attract your readers, increasing Your website Bounce rate then you can make an experiment by changing your layout. Which is many bloggers do.

Mythemeshop provides Colorful, High contrasting layout option, One reason people fall in Love with Mythemeshop WordPress themes. Let’s see again Mythemeshop themes like Sensational, Sociallyviral, Truepixel, Pinstagram.

Ads management system

Many Blogger starting Blogging just for Google AdSense advertising for making money. And it’s the important lesson to build WordPress for Google Adsense. Where & How to design WordPress that generate leads.

Mythemeshop cleverly builds converting Ads management system WordPress themes. Every theme design for Google Adsense & other. Even their E-commerce themes implement for advertising.

Over to you

Finally, It was the latest Mythemeshop Coupon code review, I think, Mythemeshop is the WordPress that making huge for their Customers. Their Products & Membership plans so much Cost-effective.

It’s my pleasure, that I have recommended the reliable resource for Our Readers. 

Bonus: To visible your WordPress site over the internet, You need a hosting Platform. Make sure you have chosen the WordPress Recommended Hosting such as Bluehost. Read the Full review here Bluehost wordpress.

So use my Mythemeshop Coupon Code ” MORSIDTOPSEO ” and get 68% of your total purchase. if Each product cost 69$, By using this coupon Code you will get it only for 27$.

If this Coupon Code not work please leave a comment on Comment section.

If you face any problem to purchase and install your WordPress theme Please contact to me, I am glad to help you out.

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How to start a fashion blog, step by step by guidelines for beginner.

Fashion designing is a  great touch in current profession world. So as fashion designer or a fashion lover, a blog can help you and you can get extra benefit of it.

I have written a article on “benefits of blogging”, My high recommendation to you to read this article if you really thinking to make your own blog of any niche/topic.

But in this post i will show you how to make a  fashion designing blog such as the blogging tools, the main points which is important to start a  fashion blog.

In the recent past Fashion blog is a huge one and i will appreciate you and my full support to you if you start it now. Read this step by step guideline.

The basic concept to start a fashion blog

How to start a fashion business

 Step 1. Register your Domain name & blog Host.

Domain name means your blog address like Select a small, memorable domain  name. You Domain name should match with your blogging topic. If you have any domain name on you mind check it now  available or Not at the top of the post.

Free blog is not the best solution for you, they have few restriction. Trustworthy very low, It’s not your own property, Occasionally shown ads on your blog & Can’t full control of it.

“”Truly Free blogs are the Promotional materials of your Main blog & it’s used by SEO experts as Promoting tool””

Bluehost web server: Bluehost Popular for it’s user friendly features for wordpress sites & One Company that recommended by You can Choose Bluehost for Domain name & Hosting. If you already have a domain name you can also hosting your site.

Small business like WordPress blog you can pick the Shared hosting mode. Shared hosting plan start $3.49/month. Any away Bluehost is best.

Bluehost also provide VPS hosting & Dedicated server hosting which is also very popular.

Click for Bluehost Hosting Discount just $3.49/month only.

Step 2. Choose fashion wordpress theme

For the beginners i suggest Premium themes. Premium themes means you have hundred of options to choose the right for you. and they are latest, Seo optimized, Colorful, You can get default Premium plugins for free.

Check out Mythemeshop themes. I love Mythemeshop because it’s a massive source of Multiple categories wordpress themes. Other feature you got fancy, that is Author Support you will get it for free, It’s very necessary to know more about what’s thinking the Author, you can ask question to him, is it best matched with your niche ! Other thing is users opinion you can always check out.

Check Mythemeshop Wordpress Blog themes.

Free themes ! It’s difficult to find out the best matched theme for you !

 Step 3. WordPress installation On Bluehost server.

After Registered your domain and hosting now it’s time to set up your wordpress theme. Go to the Control panel and find out the WordPress and click on it and it will take you through a set up process. It will take maximum 5 minutes. Check out my Another post “How to install wordpress on Bluehost web server” Just in 5 minutes. If you face any hesitation you can contact with us.

Follow these steps to install your WordPress.

Install your Wordpress on Bluehost just in 5 minutes.

Promotional materials

Fashion blog tools

SEO: Seo stands on Search Engine optimization, It is the necessary process to implement your blog. But for the beginners it’s much more difficult, Because Google constantly updating their Search Engine terms, Which is called Search Engine Algorithm. So you need to be always updated  by learning SEO new strategy.

here  My full support to you if you face any problem, You can contact with me.

Build your Community: After published your First Article, Now the question is how to get more traffic, Engagement, More conversation ?

Use different social media such as facebook, twitter, pinterest, linkedin, Google plus. Share your article on there.

 Complete your blog: In my last step i have mentioned about the importance of SEO, But the major effect will be fallen to you Blog promotion when you have Done On Page SEO Completely, that time your whole link building process work better.

So, first Complete your Blog design, use Latest SEO optimized Premium themes, Find out the best theme which is match to your category.

Content in king“,  Write Ever green Content, which is useful to your readers.

Create different pages to your site such as About me, Contact me etc, These will help to extra benefits like to make a strong Authorship, When any one read your blog, he/she would be want know who is the author of this blog and can contact with you.

Install useful plugin plugins Authorship, social profile, photo Slider, etc.

How to make a Successful fashion blog

How to start a fashion blog

Choose the category: The area fashion is large. make sure you have picked the right category for you blog. A blog is the platform, where thousands of visitor land to read your words.

Pick the topic that you have most experienced in.

There are lot of area such as Style, Clothing, Beauty etc.

Find out your competitors: People like new things, want to get more advantage ? Keep eyes on your Competitors and Create helpful and stunning Gift for your readers, Listed top 10 Fashion blogs and Follow them, how they manage their blogs & their shares you will get little bit ideas.

Current fashion ideas: Don’t Copy other blog  words, Simply use their ideas to create the best information for your readers.

Tips for you, To get the latest Fashion ideas Use Your blog readers opinion, Create a pool box on your blog. Leave a question on Yahoo answer, Quora, Ask etc. Hope You will get the latest Information of your desire Niche.

 Think about you blog: To become a great writer you need to be a thinker. You have to satisfied  Everyone who visit your blog & Everyone not like minded you know .

You need to have the power to motivate other. Think, what area you are fabulous. Take time to create the best from you.

 Love what you write about: A informative article can Motivate any one to make changes of them and feel good, I think fashion blogs are different from normal blog.

That is the main point of dynamic content.

From my experience to you, before Published you blog post, Ask yourself is it Helpful and informative for you ? Take time to create your content said before. Write your content step by step, keep it net and clean, Write the main summary.

Ask your readers what they want and what are they expect from you. Behave them as a friend.

Colorful image optimization: One of the important part is Image, and when the topic is fashion blog then opportunity take it on the high, 

There are lot of tools you can use them create great image for your blog,

Here i suggest you for Online tool picmonkey (paid tool)

Over to you

I first say you fashion blog running as a huge one. So make a plan and start your journey.

Blogging is an art, If you start it you can get extra feelings from it, so my full support to you to start a successful fashion blog. If Any question to me Please contact with me.

 Photo credit: gurlinterrupted, digitalspy, rockpaperink

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