ipage WordPress hosting review with discount just $1.99/month 2020.


ipage is another reliable & cheap WordPress shared hosting provider. Founded in 1998, iPage is an experienced web hosting provider belong from Burlington, MA, USA. It’s currently run by Endurance International Group, Which is also the owner of another Popular Hosting company Bluehost.

ipage provides a single shared web hosting solution, Which is affordable and rich-featured. They provide very cheap rate only $1.99/month for WordPress blog or small business. The company gets quick success for their outstanding performance on WordPress services. (more…)

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Hostmonster dedicated server review 2019.


Today i am going to share a honest review about HostMonster Dedicated server. After read this article you can make your decision, why and which host you should pick.

HostMonster also a reliable hosting company from USA. 2005 by Matt Eaton who is the founder of another very popular web host i.e. Bluehost even share the same data centers in Provo, Utah, with around 900 servers. 

HostMonster is one of the largest web hosting company in the world with over 600,000 domains under management. They are providing Shared hosting, Vps hosting & Dedicated server hosting at a affordable rate.

HostMonster also a sister company of Bluehost and JustHost. These three companies belong to the same company EIG.

About dedicated server hosting

Dedicated server, Server only dedicated exclusively for you. If we running with Shared hosting there will be facing multiple problems. Mainly Dedicated server hosting used for business. Where thousands of people visit your site just in a second and your server never down.

This is different from VPS hosting where a client would still be paying a web host for just a partition (or virtual server) in a physical web server.

I personally recommended Shared hosting for blog or small business. Shared hosting also a great opportunity at a lower rate ($3.49 on Bluehost), read the review about Bluehost wordpress hosting.

Read Bluehost wordpress shared hosting review $3.49/mon.

Dedicated server ! It’s your own property, You are the one who can make changes server configuration & other setting. Which is reliable & secure to make a  strong business platform.

Dedicated server Benefits

  • Dedicated server hosting offers the best uptime and performance among all web hosting solutions available on the market today.
  • This server conferment best performance then Other hosting platform.
  • Dedicated server it’s your own server, & will be not shared with anyone.


  • Typically Dedicated hosting very expensive & just using for business.
  • May required some setup and configuration depending on plan.

Managed vs. unmanaged hosting

Dedicated servers plans are typically offered in 2 modes: managed and unmanaged hosting.

  • Normally a managed dedicated server is configured, maintained & monitored by the web host company. In managed mode a client would just receive such as software, hardware upgrades etc. So, it’s clear that a managed server only for those who has less knowledge about server maintenance and administration.
  • On the other hand, On Unmanaged server hosting, only client has the responsibility to managing & maintaining the the server. The hosting company Only provides the physical hardware as well some basic software configurations.

HostMonster Dedicated Server review

Here the most important think about Hostmonster dedicated server. It’s plan & pricing similar to Bluehost Dedicated server hosting.

Plan & pricing

HostMonster Offers 3 Dedicated server plans Standard, Enhanced, Premium

Standard hosting features


  • Dual core, 2.3 GHz Intel® Xeon Processor
  • 3 MB cache
  • 4 GB RAM
  • 500 GB (RAID 1)
  • 5 TB/month
  • Free Domain Name
  • 3 IPs
  • CentOS 6.5 (64-bit)


$74.99 $75 off (first month)

$124.99 (12 months term)

$134.99(6 months term)

$144.99(3 months term)

$149.99(1 months term)

Enhanced hosting features


  • Quad core, 2.5 GHz Intel® Xeon Processor
  • 8 MB cache
  • 8 GB RAM
  • 1000 GB (RAID 1)
  • 10 TB/month
  • Free Domain Name
  • 4 IPs
  • CentOS 6.5 (64-bit)


$99.99 $100.00 off (first month)

$169.99 (12 months term)

$179.99(6 months term)

$189.99(3 months term)

$199.99(1 months term)

Premium hosting features


  • Quad core, 3.3 GHz Intel® Xeon Processor
  • 8 MB cache
  • 16 GB RAM
  • 1000 GB (RAID 1)
  • 15 TB/month
  • Free Domain Name
  • 5 IPs
  • CentOS 6.5 (64-bit)


$124.99 $125.00 off (first month)

$209.99 (12 months term)

$224.99(6 months term)

$239.99(3 months term)

$249.99(1 months term)

Root Access

HostMonster Server management tools offer complete access and control over your CentOS operating system and server.

Dedicated hosting provides you with root/administrator access to allow for the installation of additional software and configuration of the server’s settings.

Note: Root access is usually not available for shared and VPS hosting plans as changing the configuration of the host server by one client may affect the websites of other clients on the same server.

Enhanced cPanel

One sign on gives access to cPanel, server management, and all the same featured tools from shared hosting.


HostMonster does not provide an explicit uptime or network guarantee with its dedicated server plans.


Upgrades Easily add high performance SAN storage to your dedicated server.

500 GB $50.00/month

1 TB $100.00/month

2 TB $200.00/month


All HostMonster plans are backed by a anytime money back guarantee. So, it’s probably one of best opportunity to check out the host first for free, if you face any problem you can get back your money with out any hesitation.

Over to you

You know HostMonster is a sister company of Bluehost & they proved their ability that HostMonster is a reliable hosting provider.

Choosing a Host is not a easy task for any one, I suggest you before choosing a host you should analysis different company and their performance, participate web host related forums & ask questions. Here you can read the Bluehost dedicated server review.

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