Blogger Income Report September 2015 – Affiliate marketing.


Making money by blogging, a dream for every blogger & it was an enjoyable time for every blogger when they get success. With thousands of Blogger, I have also achieved a small goal which is very motivating for me to go ahead.

Online money is not an easy task for anyone, In 2016 competition very high & It’s a different job that we do in daily life.

But the area of blogging money you must become a good writer. And have experiences on particular or multiple niche/topic that you can write smoothly people attract to hear .

How I adapt my Blog with affiliate marketing

I was launched my First WordPress Blog December 2014. You know that i am SEO consultant so, I started to write about Blogging, Blog promotion, WordPress, SEO etc.

You can take Blogging niche like how to start a blog, Blogging tools etc, Particular niche effective than multiple niche. Create Amazon niche site which is the new revolution of affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing is the best opportunity to get profit just investing a small amount & the best method for passive income.

When we sell affiliate products and they gives us a little commission of it. They are many companies who gives up to 70% commission for making a sale.  Suppose you made a sale for $100 & they pay you $70 commission  . Normally different software company paying up to 75% commission.

A Lot of  recurring Affiliate program like Mythemeshop, Wishpond give you lifetime affiliate income. Like, when you refer someone, you will get the percentage of every subscription they take.

We know, to get quick success in affiliate marketing & get the decent amount of conversation not an easy job for everyone, First we have to dominate how to make a stunning Blog, how to gain readers trust & how to choose reliable products. Second, How to write the best review about a product maintaining all SEO factors.

 My Blogging income report.

Month: September 2015

Earning: $183

Income Source

Web Hosting : $165

WordPress themes: $18

How to start with us.

Affiliate marketing is the open platform to make passive income online. There are many companies who create an affiliate section for their business and marketing promotion.

There are a lot of people who are making six figures just setting up in the home.

A well planning, the probability of your business success rate can higher.

My Blogging Resource you Might Love.

Blogging is the Passive income source you can take it as a full-time job.  Here are the resources helping you start a well-performing blog.

Check Mythemeshop Wordpress Blog themes.

Click for Bluehost Hosting Discount just $3.49/month only.

Install your Wordpress on Bluehost just in 5 minutes.

Click here for SEMrush SEO tool free trail.

I guarantee if you take it professionally you will earn six Figures income. It’s not mandatory what is your Blog Topic but you have you research your market, Who will be your reader & how much people interested about Your Category. I recommended SEMrush for Complete marketing analysis.

Proper keyword research

It’s very hard to get first affiliate sale organically. 

But, the point of me, I say proper Competitor keyword research made your work easier. It’s true, get Google first page for a particular keyword very hard for a new blog.

So, my suggestion to you, find out the low competitor keyword although it’s search volume not very high. As a novice, It help’s you to grow your Blog in very short time.

And that time you can pick top keywords as well.

Monetize your blog post with these keywords & do different SEO strategies over this keyword.

Blog promotion & your competitors

On affiliate marketing, Blog outreach strategy significantly rely on Keyword. Here every step needs to promote your blog for targeted traffic.

Every affiliate marketer must have the ability to analyze the competitors, how to rank out them.

If their content quality 90%, publish over 90% unique articles, if it’s 1000 words you can share 1500 words article. And index your article by Google webmaster submission tool.

With a new blog, it’s very hard work to rank  a particular keyword but there are a lot of strategies which brings your blog Google first page over a keyword.

Read my latest article, How to write SEO Friendly Content for Blog post.

After completed this process then you should set up your campaign, your link building process. Make a plan how you can do better for your blog?

Complete the whole On page factors with your targeted keyword.

Think about your Audience & publish regular updates.

Find out your keyword related High RP Authority sites for quality back links. A quality back links better from 100 of low-quality backlinks.

Stay away from irrelevance sites. You just work for organic traffic.

Google first page

To get more engagement the Google first page result very important. Up to 80% conversation comes from search engine. Before Choosing a product people visit at least 4-5 sites to know the details.

Write an  honest review about the product including pros and cons.

Show them the real Example about this products or who are using this. But if you recommended a product that you are used or using, the chance of selling the product get higher.

Trying to Getting trust! that people accept your proposal without any hesitation it increase your overall CRT.

Finally to you

So before making plan of your business you must save some money to invest. How much you need to invest it’s typically depend on how much you can work & your experience.

Investment! It’s psychologically help you to work hard to  get profit.

How much: The mandatory is blog theme and Hosting, For your blog promotion you must expense unless you are not an SEO expert. Search engine optimization is the process where your blog meet with maximum buyers to fulfill their requirement.

Thanks, Lutfar

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