A step by step guideline for On page seo with site map generator

On page SEO refers to the process of optimizing every section of your site that means content, design, keywords that makes acceptable to search engine and website visitors. When you start a website or your own business then you need to make a good plan and should start with on page seo. On page seo is the first step of your business to succes so you should focus on On page seo.I have share the main part of on page seo step by step below.

Step 1: Keyword Analysis

The first step of one page seo is keywords analysis. when you build a website you should think about that who will be your website readers or what kind of readers you need if you want to promote your business with targeted audience then you have to focus on keywords analysis. We use google Keywords analysis tool for analysis our keywords and it is the best tool all over internet.

Step 2: Add your keywords

Use keywords in content section also a part of search result query and it also help to bring search result traffic but you have to use this in limit else google will be considerd your article as a spam.

  • In your article you need to use keywords and it should be highest 3% of your article.
  • You have to use your keywords h1 and h2 tag.
  • you have use keywords in your post title and your title should be 60 character.
  • You need to use keywords in image alt tag also html code alt tag.
  • you should use your keywords in your meta description also.

Step 3: site design

Website design is a important part of On page seo. A goog designed website always attract a visitors to click on other post and helps to come back again. And it also makes acceptable to search engines.

  • Share button is a auto social media marketing tool, we need to use social share button.
  • A unique quality image also a part of perfect post.
  • By puting your Social profile button on your site you can make your website more trustworthy.

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 Step 4: Add your  website on Google webmaster tool

In this step i advice you to add  your website on google webmaster tool. By adding your site on google webmaster tool you can get some extra benefits like search queries, internal links etc.

Search queries help your to find those keywords that visitors used to visit your site and you can collect them and select your targeted keywords to rank your site by linkbuilding.

On the other hand you can use webmaster internal links function to find out your all internal links or if any time google considered your any link as a spam then you also  find them by using internal link options and you can recovery them.

Google webmaster works like a messenger of your site that inform you all time about your website and how your site performing on google.

Step 5: Make site map and submit it

After complete of basic on page seo then we need to make a site map by convert our site as a .xml file and submit it to google. A site map contain our site details such as keywords, tag, title, small description about site. It help to bring out our site on google first page.

There are two way that you can make your site map if you start to as a business and site has over 500 pages then you need to use online pro service for making your site map else you can use xml site maps.

 Step 6: Index your site on several search engines

In last part of your work you need to submit your website or pages on several search engines mainly on Google, Yahoo, Bing. You also submit your website others crawler based search engines like Gigablust, Scrubtheweb, Yandex, Entireweb etc.

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MY Final words: I write this post and share to all of you because i follow this and i write this with my 3 years expirences on search engine optimization mainly on On page seo.

Thanks, Lutfar