Advanced SEO keyword research suggestion.

advanced seo keyword research

Your brand needs to speak up, Proper keyword research has the power which can meet targeted and attracts the potential customers.

Do You know ? why Keyword optimization plays an important role in web based business strategy.

Here i have mentioned some Stunning SEO tools which is very workable to analysis the most converting keywords.

Before starting keyword research You should know about different Keyword level which level keywords you choose.

## In this part i have focused on Some valid points of keyword. How Keywords works how to made different distinct over keywords.

Intent to learn

Searchers with this intent do not completely realise their problems. They have no idea about this topic and they trying to learn.

 Suppose, you belong  a website and have known about Seo tools so might first you learn more about seo tools.

Ex: about seo tool

Intent to Compare

After complete of first step learning session searchers intent is find out the best seo tool, now they are informed about seo tool. then their intent moves away to another intent.

Intent to Buy

Now he is aware about the best SEO tool, here they have chosen the best solution & are looking “semrush pro seo tool sign up”

keywords intent
Example from spers

Long tail: We say level 3 keywords are uni-directional, It is the most converting keywords if we can optimize it properly. These keywords are a complete sentence. Belong a Meaning or a direction & their Success rate 97%.

How to find new & unavailable keywords.

Have a look some New and related keywords by using some seo tools. I think from these tool you can find few keywords which is new & unavailable. Listed all keywords for next use.

Pick the keywords which has Minimum 500 searching volume.

Choose the long tail keywords that pointed a direction.

1. Gog to, type your keyword and get 3 different level keywords over a keyword. This a free tool to find out related & new keywords.


level 3 seo keywords

2. Google adwords:  Let’s have loot at Google Adwords. Here we use this just find out our desire keywords and their monthly search. But we are not consider the competitions. Google adwords mainly Used for PPC advertising method.

Listed new and targeted keywords.

Google adwords


3. Google: From Google search box we can informed most searching keywords. These result show from Google Database according highest search queries.


google search keywords


4. Go to Ubersuggest: Set your language and click on suggest button & check out the best performer.

seo tools ubersuggest

5. Go to SERPS (Free Keyword Tool) fast keyword research tool by Keywordini. They have over 1,062,337,599 new and Related keywords ideas.

One of the Great tool for Keyword research here you find lot’s of Targeted keywords with monthly search volume.

serps seo keywords suggestion


## Keyword difficulty analysis:

After collected the targeted keywords here we analysis the keyword difficulty & also the competitors. It is a new method of keyword research.

According Google Terms Search engine consider Higher Domain Authority sites for Google First page. For a new released site the Domain Authority is 0. Getting SEFP the important term is Choosing Low difficulty keywords. Then start to grow your Domain Authority overall Authority Link building.

1. Authority sites to rank out

2. High domain Authority sites

Go to Keyword reveler and brings the report of keyword difficulty.

Here it above 60, so it very difficult to rank with these keyword.

we must choose a keywords which keyword difficulty below 35.

Keyword reveler 1


Now have a look another Premium seo tool: SEMrush. It’s above 70, So it’s finally clear that the keyword normally a high competitor keyword.

semrush tools

# In last two step we realize “seo tools Google” Difficulty level very high. Now we check why it is.

This is the Google first page result over this keyword. Look at their Domain Authority most of them are up to 50. It’s clear these are high Authority sites. Their page rank also good, Moz rank and large number of social shares.


Keyword reveler 2

 These top ten are high Authority sites, Normally authority sites are particular niche. They optimize their sites over some words/keywords strongly.

## Google first page result analysis over a keyword.

In this final step of Competitor keyword research we must take a look the Google First page result Manually. Here we can use two tools…

1. Browser add on SEO sneque ()

2. Moz Browser toolbar

Install one of them and restart your browser. Once you have successfully installed it, the plugin start to work & showing Domain Authority, page Authority, Total Links etc.

Note: Before manual research we must log out from Our Google Account.

Below the report by using Moz toolbar, but if you use Sneque, You can get extra result like number of Social shares.


Moz tool BAR

Finally to you:

Think of the last time you have told about your business or your service. Let’s have a look at me, here i use “my personal SEO service” as a provider.

My personal seo service

“my seo consultant service” etc.

But your potential customers might use different terms to hold on their desire service.

“Cheap SEO service”

“Reliable SEO service”

Finally they won’t find your service unless you optimize your site for them.

So, Keyword research some source of depend on long time Experience, Market research & mentality etc.