Best affiliate marketing networks in 2016 – Genuine & pay monthly.

Affiliate marketing is the massive source for making decent amount of money. Many blogger replace Google Adsense and set up affiliate marketing campaign in their blog.

There are plenty of affiliate marketing networks but from these you should choose the reliable and much higher commission rate paid networks.

Below i have shared three categories affiliate networks according different products and campaign. First read this full article and make a decision which network you should select.

This article mainly covers with the following topics.

 Affiliate marketing

 Best affiliate marketing networks

 Keywords research tools

 Amazon: Containing millions of products, reliable and most converting affiliate network. People buy amazon products without any hesitation.

Amazon affiliate program very popular to make money. I have seen many people started their online based business just depend on amazon.

amazon affiliate program

Amazon Affiliate commission rate not so higher from others they pay 4% up to 15% for a sale you will make. People choose amazon because of their reliability, With amazon products people fell comfortable.

Why Amazon: Their commission rate lower but with amazon you can make more sells easily. you can find millions of products, Holidays products, just before a holiday like, Christmas, Mothers day, you can make decent amount of money just set up a holiday related products.

Amazon provides some great tools and widgets to help you integrate any campaign into your website.

Amazon is a band and if your website contain decent amount traffic then, you can choose Amazon.

Shareasale: High paying affiliate network, You can make up tp 50% commission. After amazon and ebay i have ranked this. Popularity well and shareasale offer you to promote 3 categories products like, Physical, Digital, virtual. So, for bloggers shareasale is the first choice because most of the bloggers want to promote virtual products such as, Webhosting, wordpress themes, Seo and Marketing tools, etc.  Physical and digital products also available on shareasale.

Features: As a affiliate marketer my first choice is shareasale and running with some virtual products.

Cookie Length:  Very important in affiliate marketing. Shareasale provides you Unbelievable cookies length and it is up to 180 days. This features help you to make more money. If someone clicks on your affiliate link and will get paid up to 180 days session whatever they buy.

  shareasale affiliate network

Mind that, Before starting sign up process, open your web domain related email account and this technique will help you approved quickly.

                                                 Click here for sign up quickly

Default affiliate link: No need to generate your affiliate link manually, after approved for a campaign the merchant company will mail you with your affiliate link, you can also find your affiliate link from shareasale interface.

Commission: Thousands of campaign, and can promote 8% up to 50% commission rate. I am promoting weebly a website builder campaign and they are paying me 30% commission rate, If i can make 100$ sells Per day and it will 30*30=900$ per month.

Maxbounty: Different from shareasale and amazon. Maxbounty is so popular as a CPA (Cost per action) affiliate network. CPA marketing different from normal affiliate marketing.

In CPA marketing you will get paid when someone take an action like, Email subscription, Sign up, Zip code submit, Credit card submit, etc. You also can find normal selling products.

Car insurance, Health insurance, Pay day loans, Gift card, Online surveys money, also physical products like health, beauty products also available in maxbounty.

But i recommended you to promote maxbounty’s insurance, loans, gift card campaign offers.

maxbounty affiliate network

Popular marketing tools for online marketer.

Affiliate marketing seo tool: Just a extra gift, SEMrush is the greatest Seo Marketing tools for every internet marketer. Running with a website or working for a new website then, SEMrush will help you a lot. For the every affiliate marketer this tool help to find their low competitive products. low competitive keywords, help to analysis Follow and Nofollow backlinks, Anchor text, etc.

Become a Successful internet marketer you must use this tool.

Affiliate Marketing resource for better SEO & Marketing. Click,

For smart Online marketer or Blogger i recommended this SEO analysis tool. This tool most popular for Competitor analysis. Before Choosing a Affiliate products this tools aware you the whole report how much difficult the product is. And for better competitor analysis. Use the free trail period.

Click here for SEMrush SEO tool free trail.

Zero bounce rate wordpress plugin, get it with 15% discount.

Zero bounce rate wordpress plugin for wordpress users who want to decrease Site Bounce rate. Search engine Consider Bounce rate for better rankings. 

Affiliate marketers should use this plugin, when someone visit your site and click on the Back  Button they will redirect to your desire affiliate link.


If you are running with a blog, and want to set up affiliate campaign first complete the SEO audit, Brings the whole report about traffic, what they want then select the reliable affiliate campaign.

 But, who just want to open a new blog,

choose  a long lasting  product.

 keyword research & selection.

 Register your domain & hosting name with the core keyword.

 To start content marketing install WordPress theme on your Hosting server.

 And start to marketing your content.

Hope you will get success by your hardworking.

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