Amazon Landing Page generator Plugin review 2019.


Amazon Affiliate niche site is the greatest opportunity in 2017-2018. To make your WordPress site conversational thrive content builder WordPress Plugin is the massive tool for anyone. “Thrive themes” is the USA based company & making some valuable stuff for the marketer. And thrive content builder one of the unique plugin by thrive themes.

They have some World Class Products like…..

1. Thrive WordPress Themes

2. Thrive Content Builder WordPress Plugin

3. Thrive Landing page WordPress plugin

4. Thrive Headline optimizer WordPress Plugin

5. Thrive leads WordPress Plugin

6. Thrive Clever Widgets Plugin

7. Thrive Ultimatum WordPress Plugin

8. Thrive Ovation WordPress Plugin

These all Plugin really amazing to make your money website like amazon affiliate WordPress Site and You never missed out these Plugins when you have the Thrive themes membership subscription.

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 In This Article We highly recommended to create Amazon Content page with the thrive content builder plugin (stylish content management plugin and used by 90% Amazon affiliate marketers) which give you the professional landing page looks of your website.

Thrive content builder plugin very popular to the Amazon Affiliate marketer Community.

You can able to make product sales pages means product landing pages that convert every customer into Money. You can see the Video from here, about the Plugin.

 Or, You can use thrive landing page Plugin to make a Offer page, sells page, Contact page, about page etc.


Selling affiliate products is a great opportunity for us, for making a decent amount of money. And people are coming a huge number to make full use of it, people such as men, women both are taking this way as a full-time home based business.

If you are not trying,  You just wasting your valuable time nothing else. If you are not working or working, this article has some good information to make an Amazon affiliate niche site including Landing page generator plugin.

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#This article mainly covers the following topics:

  • Affiliate marketing
  • Why Amazon is best for affiliate money
  • Review for Landing page maker/creator
  • How to sell affiliate products using landing page.

Important notes

If I am not wrong, you are stop here because you are searching the Amazon landing page generator Plugin. Hope you are a WordPress user trying to make some eye catching product landing pages as an Amazon Affiliate marketer for your customers.

WordPress is the best Content management System & very useful for optimize your Contents in search engines.

Normally, We start with WordPress Blog, Select a category product, Write product review for the readers.

Getting decent conversation, a reliable product with a  honest review is the first key to set up your goal.

But, when it comes Conversation level then you have to know about sells funnel. Sells funnel! we called that converts most of the readers into our targeted customers.

Yes, We must create product landing pages that attract the people & getting trust. Landing page is called as a sells funnel.

For the Amazon WordPress affiliate marketer i recommended Thrive Landing pages. Thrive landing page plugin is easy to use for your WordPress blog. It just give you a new look of your product review page.

Have a look at the thrive landing page plugin.

Why I recommend Thrive landing generator plugin.

First of all, I just say thrive landing page WordPress Plugin just easy to use in Your WordPress Blog. It made for multiple purpose & show-up your contents light full to your readers. 

To make your job easier it has up to 100 ready templates. In your content page add different layer just Drag & drop method. 

You can use their Plugin for your Content landing page, Offer, Discount, Contact, About & more you want.

AND best for content marketing as like as Amazon affiliate marketing, Which success depend organic ranking, Customer Attractable probability etc.

I think for the niche site you can use this plugin with proper planning & give your Customers a new look that most of the affiliate marketer won’t.

Amazon Affiliate marketing by paid traffic

Pay per Click advertising (PPC) is the another method you can use to make money by Amazon affiliate marketing. PPC is the short time process.

Here you need a Stunning Landing page/Product review page. Where you use PPC advertising networks to drive paid & targeted traffic Over Your desire keywords. PPC networks like 7 search.

Note: For PPC, Landing page Making & Keyword research is the core part of success. 

Get response Landing page creator: Making static web landing page for amazon or CPA campaign get response is best of all. Hundreds of Ready templates you can use by editing. And Create a new Landing page randomly & host it under your own Domain name whatever you want.

Thrive Woocommerce themes

Get some extra benefits from your WordPress themes its necessary it be Woocommerce optimized. Woocommerce integrate with some modules, Which help to give ecommerce touch to your WordPress theme.

Thrive has 10 themes & all of the theme are Woocommerce Optmimized. Here I have mentioned it because for the new novice help them carefully to choose their Amazon aaffiliate marketing themes. You can see thrive Woocommerce WordPress.

How to start affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of the reliable way that helps you making massive amount of money, start with affiliate marketing you need a converting place or a webpage.

Finance concept: target and Affiliate Marketing on wall background

Amazon is the largest online market place millions of products are available in their store and they have a reliable affiliate program and they pay you 4% up to 16% for selling a product.

On the other hand, Shareasale, Maxbounty, Neverblue etc, are paying up to 50% for selling  a products, so these three also a great company.

So why I recommended you amazon ? When someone see amazon products then they are willing to buy the product, because amazon is one of the worldwide brand all over the internet.

Make a user-friendly landing page

landing page is the key for making more sells. with a well-designed landing page your all traffic converts into money. Landing page is the place where consumer facing with their desire products. When You able to present the purpose smartly then the readers take an Action.

Amazon are so popular because of their user friendly landing page, Customer review system, Easy product searching formula made it more unique.

  • make a landing page that people love it.
  • make a landing page that people trusted about you.
  • make a landing page people fill much more comfortable.

Just drag and drop: When you open the content editing section, if the landing page plugin installed then it will Automatically adjust with your Editing toolbar. By clicking the ready templates you use it on the page.

And add more features or make it randomly you just drag the element & drop it wherever you want.

Eye-catching templates: Thrive all product is very useful for the marketers. Normally, They build it including all of the marketing promotional techniques & eye catching for your customers.

I think thrive landing page is the first WordPress plugin that added all the converting features as well.

Great support team: Thrive support team always massive for the new marketers & provide 30 days money back guaranty.

WordPress landing page plugin pricing

I think the plugin initial pricing little bit higher for starting. But for the professionals it just a little investment. 

Single license key for $67, You just use it on your one WordPress site.

Unlimited license key only $97, You can use it all of your WordPress site.


What is needed for working with affiliate marketing

Getting more sells you need more traffic, After building your landing page you need drive a decent amount of traffic to your landing for making sells. So you have a well experienced about search engine optimization such as a website ranking formula to get more traffic.

There are many was that, you can drive traffic to your site, First you can start with social media marketing just share your page to your friends and recommended them to buy and share to others. If you can do it with the quality products then you can sell products.

Choose your Amazon affiliate products

First sign up with as an affiliate marketer then you can select your products.

When you will choose your affiliate products mind that you only choose that products which is so popular. I recommended you to choose a product that usable in 12 months.

Don’t choose the digital or the occasional products.

Over to you

Finally, I just say, Ensure that the Landing page plugin is good one for you. Go to thrive Product page, Create a Free Account, Analysis the video tutorial & know more about landing page plugin.

Not only the sales page create Marketing Email subscription for high conversation.

Hope, thrive landing page WordPress plugin would be your best landing page creator.

And the best thing is, thrive support 30 days money back guaranty. If are you not satisfied get back all of  money.

You can see the all ready templates here including the sales templates page.


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Pinstagram WordPress theme is a another piece of Creation by Mythemeshop. It is a Pinterest-inspired WordPress theme that features the trademark grid layout with multiple post sizes and long list of posts.

This theme best match with any Blogging such as  travel, food, Photography also match with Magazine, news category related Blog.

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This is the theme you can pick for Professional Blogging, the design of this theme is just rock, By using this theme you can get decent pageviews.  People love it to use as a Pinterest. See the Demo.

With Pinstagram, You won’t need to dive into code to make any changes to your WordPress Blog. For the novice who has less knowledge about coding can customize pinstagram theme easily, just drag and drop editing. (more…)

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What are you thinking about a food blog or a blog?

A blog! it’s your own property you can share anything whatever you want.

To grow your Blog, you have to maintain some tactics which are attractable to your blog readers and build some trust. (more…)

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Bluehost dedicated server hosting pricing cost review 2019.

Bluehost dedicated server web hostService

If you Ask, Does Bluehost offer for dedicated server hosting? Then, the answer will be “yes, Bluehost provides reliable Dedicated IP address for their customers at a cheap cost.

Bluehost is most popular for WordPress hosting which is recommended by Recently Bluehost added Dedicated server hosting module in their interface for better performance in web based business.

By the way, If I am not wrong, you are landed here to Start with Bluehost dedicated server or know more about Bluehost dedicated server start-up pricing & their performance review. 

You should know, When the topic related to Web hosting then you should be active more to choose the best web hosting for your business. Money is not very important here, Important thing is to Choosing the right hosting, which is matched with your Business platform.

Different Hosting mode like Shared hosting, VPS hosting, Dedicated IP address etc. Shared hosting mainly for small business, like a WordPress Blog. But business website like SEMrush (pro SEO tool) you must choose Dedicated server. To increase the visibility of your business on the web it’s the core starting tool.

When you choose dedicated IP address/server?

Today I am going to share a review about Bluehost Dedicated server web hosting such as their reliability, performance & their cost. It will clear your concept, about dedicated hosting and why you should choose dedicated server IP address.

What is the dedicated server hosting?

Dedicated server hosting fully managed for you, You server, Bandwidth not shared with anyone else. You will always have enough bandwidth and memory to handle millions of traffic and any kind of multimedia and system installation.

With your own dedicated server, you are the one, who can change server settings. With so much power to you, reliable and secure than any other hosting mode.

If you want to open your own web based business and hope millions of visitors visit your site then you must choose dedicated hosting.

Bluehost Dedicated web hosting.

Bluehost is a Hosting Band and they are reliable for any kind of hosting such as WordPress hosting ($3.49/month), Shared hosting, VPS (Virtual private server), Reseller hosting and Dedicated server hosting.

Bluehost dedicated hosting performing better from any other companies and they provide different features like low price, Enhanced Cpanel, Domain authority, Site Backup PRO, Spam Protection, performer hardwares etc. Features in details below.

Bluehost dedicated server, offer up to 16GB RAM, which provides you a rapid speed of your website when thousands of visitors visit your site in a second.

Dedicated server Advantages.

Business like Getresponse (Email marketing Autoresponder) need a mega hosting server like dedicated server. Millions of people Use Getresponse to mailing to their customers. Therefore, the server must be powerful & speedy like Dedicated server.

 Dedicated server, It’s your Own real ip address with server & will not shared with anyone.

 Dedicated server conferment best performance then other hosting mode.

 And offers the best performance & reliable uptime.

Dedicated server Disadvantages.

Dedicated server using by the professionals & By experienced persons  that know about hosting configuration. Hosting provider set the initial setups but you need to maintenance your server by yourself. With Bluehost You will get proper support how to maintain your server. 

Normally, Dedicated hosting very expensive & just using for business.

 May required some setup and configuration depending on plan.

Bluehost dedicated server hosting plans, pricing & how much Cost.

The price of Bluehost Dedicated Virtual IP address start from $74 (first month) for the standard package then it will be $149/month, Which provides 1TB storage with 5TB Monthly bandwidth & 4GB RAM available.

Bluehost doesn’t provide any coupon or Promo code. But they offer discount price on several occasions such as Black Friday sales, Cyber Monday sales etc. Recently They offer a discount for shared hosting just $3.49/month, Which was $5.99/month. Bluehost $3.49/month Discount link.

Bluehost dedicated webhosting

Note: You  can see the Bluehost all hosting Plans & Pricings here including the initial pricings of all hosting modes here “Bluehost all Hosting modes plas & pricing” Including the Discount & the Bluehost Woocommerce Hosting plan & pricing as well.

Other Popular Bluehost dedicated Hosting features.

Dedicated server hosting is the top hosting mode by any hosting provider. So you will get every feature, Every Single service with them. You Needn’t Worry about how much they will give You. You Duty is to find out the reliable dedicated Server Company that provide decent & professional services.

So, it’s Already proved! Bluehost is the best web Hosting Company.  We all know, Bluehost WordPress Hosting mode Highly Recommended By WordPress.Org. And their Dedicated server hosting using by many Big web Companies.

Let’s Talk about Bluehost dedicated server important features.

Burnish caching hardwares

Dedicated server hosting! A server completely dedicated to you. Bluehost provide Burnish caching hardwares for you that perform better. Therefore, your websites can experience the best performance imaginable while you enjoy the advanced control and security you need.

Improved cPanel

Every dedicated configuration includes the option of our enhanced cPanel-based interface which makes it easy to manage all of your websites, domains, emails, bandwidth and more from one central location.

Multi-Server Management

Need more than one hosting service? You can add shared, VPS, or even additional dedicated services to your existing account and manage all of them in one place. Bluehost has some extra support for multi-server management.

Extreme Speed

Each server is custom built in-house by our engineers using only the latest technology. And Bluehost use of open source technology like OpenStack gives us the flexibility to upgrade performance over time.

Site Backup PRO

Enables advanced access to your account backups for increased flexibility to recover specific files, folders, databases, and tables.

Spam Protection

Powered by Google, Postini filters out harmful and unwanted content before it reaches your inbox, isolating quarantined messages for you to review.

Gift: Bluehost WordPress hosting.

You might Know, Bluehost provides different features for WordPress Blog. And Bluehost has the maximum requirement to fulfill WordPress needs and wants.

 $3.49/month (36 months package)

 1 Click Famous WordPress installation (set up your blog just in 5 minutes)

 $100 Google Adwords Gift voucher.

 30 Days Money back guaranty.

“WordPress” thyself made a WordPress hosting page and they recommended “Bluehost” top of the list.

Read Bluehost wordpress shared hosting review $3.49/mon.

Over to you

I think, it’s clear to you about dedicated servers, If you want to start a multinational company, then I highly recommended you to start with Dedicated IP address, Otherwise, VPS hosting for a middle company. And for the small business like WordPress blog, you can love Bluehost $3.49/Mon shared plan.

Bluehost has always been a reliable company for any Web hosting mode. Bluehost server location based in Utah, United states. So, It’s been a good touch to get better search engine ranking geographically.

If you have already made a decision to start with Bluehost then my advance thanks to you with my full support. You can contact to me for any help. Thanks.

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Bluehost woocommerce review with discount Coupon 2019


I love Bluehost madly & loving Bluehost web hosting since 2012. First time when i meet with Bluehost, the industry of Bluehost wasn’t much popular. That was the old version of their company website but now they have the new and unique Bluehost hosting interface. And you also enjoy the whole Bluehost Woocommerce review as well.

The Hosting Company working hard with WordPress.ORG to make a reliable & affordable web hosting platform. Therefore, they got the success. Now in 2016 Bluehost one of the most Popular brand of Cloud based web hosting.

Highly recommendation to read: Thrive themes membership Discount review

Why not people love Bluehost services, As i mentioned in my previous articles about Bluehost multiple services. Bluehost WordPress hosting, Bluehost VPS Hosting, Bluehost dedicated server hosting, Bluehost Woocommerce hosting that means you can find any thing in Bluehost for your web based business.

Check now Bluehost Woocommerce Hosting with Discount

Bluehost Discount Coupon Code

Bluehost Doesn’t Provide any Coupon Code or any Promo Code, There is no field on the Bluehost Checkout Process. They offer different Discount Link only. 

Let’s move on to the main topic of this review post. I this post we are going show you that review about bluehost woocommerce hosting platform, How much bluehost hosting reliable is. How people talking bluehost hosting.


Blurhost WordPress+Woocommerce Hosting Discount, Enjoy the latest Discount of Bluehost Woocommerce not $13.99, Just for this month it’s now $12.95/month

Limited time Offer by Bluehost.



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