Benefits of blogging and why you should start your blog.

Check your Blog Domain Name

Do you Have a blog ? If the answer is “NO” I just tell you are missing something !!!! A blog is the place where you can share your thought, creation, your felling independently. A blog can help you grow your confidence Just sharing and learning.

#what is Blogging: Blogging is a one kind of journal, where you can write different topic, service, your experience to help other.

# You can blogging just sharing your daily life and your enjoying moments.

# Blogging is not only for making money. People do blogging for money, but there are lot more benefits.

# But it is true that If your blog has plenty of visitors then you are able to make money with any niche/topic.

How to make a blog


Don’t start your blog on Blogger or tumblr they are just promotional materials. These platforms are not for professional Blogging.

You must choose WordPress premium themes for blogging. Premium themes are well designed and you can choose the best which is matched to your Topic.

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Benefits of blogging and blogging for growing

Portfolio: We know that, Odesk, Elance, Peoplehour are the top freelancing website. Plenty of freelancers working on there. If you want to get more jobs, a blog will be very benefited for you. Buyers are always looking for a real portfolio before choosing the expert.

Make your community: There are a lot of people who love to make more follower, more friends, and more engagement, for them blogging is only one to make a unique and reliable community. By using your community you can get quick access to any business.

Kim Garst

To grow your business:  There are many people, who do blogging just promoting their products or business. E.G, Kim Garst is a writer and writing on SEO, Social media marketing, Her promotional method just depends on her blog, Her blog

Online identity: Manually as a job seeker an Online identity will be benefited for you. It will present you with a different look, when the faculty reads your blog, your personality, Your Past and your present.

Do you agree with me? Trust me, you just do a search online, you will find a lot of guys, who have complete their blog with their personal information, and their daily life. Just do a search on Google writing “Personal blog”.

Popular blogging niche/topic.

A blog can make you happy. If you are living alone you can satisfied with a blog. With a blog you can connect with a lot more people who lonely like you and you feel better and never feel that you are alone just sharing about you.

A Blog is the place where people come to hear your voice, they always follow you and motivate you because they love you and they are like-minded as you.

It will help you to make your life more enjoyable. By a blog you can able to connect these people automatically. Truly, it will be changing your mind helps you to get relaxed and satisfied psychologically.

Make a Travel blog

Travel also a popular niche for blogging. There are two ways your can start you travel blog one is just sharing your own travel experiences and the other one is tips and advice for traveling how to travel better, cheaper, and smarter.

The best thing about Travel blog is a money making platform. A professional travel blogging turning a blog into a successful business. So, Start a travel blog, share your experience on it and build your strong community. Try out most selling Travel themes from themeforest.

Make a Photography blog

We know Photography is the science , art and practice of creating stunning images.

A photography blog contains latest and greatest photography, documentary tips, photography news, photography, Event, and wallpaper essays and Tips and tricks for new photographers.

You also can write about Photography resource like Digital camera reviews, Camera gear, etc.

Are you a photographer ? Or you hobby is photography just doing it from beyond , I am sure that you can get access more and more confident with a blog. You can share your invensation to a large number of communities and it will help you to get more confidence. latest photography theme.

Make a fashion blog

A fashion can cover many things such as specific items of clothing and accessories, fashion blogs could also be categorized as shopping blogs.

Few retailers in the fashion industry have even started Blogging just promoting their own products.

I have seen that many Fashion designers start their blog to share their new creation, it helps to teach and learn from others. Fashion premium theme from themeforest.

Make a magazine blog

Magazine blog spans of fashion, design, food, travel and lot more. Recently Online magazine blog also most popular blogging niche.

After implementation of web people pick the online to read their desire magazine.

Try out magazine themes from themeforest

Make a health blog

A health blog can cover diverse health related concerns such as nutrition, diseases, weight control, diet, fitness, analysis about health, business, health and health research.

Health Blogging has improved the communication process, how the general public receives, understands and reacts to health information.

A Blogs offer targeted users the possibility of easily accessing information real-time and capturing readers’ reactions through comments, emails. Themeforest latest health, sports premium themes.

Make a technology blog

It’s hard to remember a world without a technology blog. Originally a sort of online journal full of technology news, new updates, Latest accessories, Gadget etc.

Technology blog is very important for anybody, after publishing your blog, it’s very easy to make your blog popular.

My recommendation: If you have a lot of experience about technology then you should start your blog because people who read your blog can ask a question about any topic.

Try technology themes from themeforest

Want to open your own Blog

Web hosting for wordpress: Very important to pick the right hosting for your wordpress blog. But wordpress hosting means “BLUEHOST” not only me, Every blogger and wordpress user recommended BLUEHOST, Because “WORDPRESS” recommended “BLUEHOST” And you can start hosting with discount  just $3.49/month. Here the Screenshot of wordpress recommendation. Click here to sign up on Bluehost.

Bluehost wordpress

Domain name: Domain name means your blog name. Your blog name can be your own name like but you also can use your topic related name for your blog like Check your domain name on Bluehost.

WordPress premium themes: WordPress is the content management system which is very important to blogging nicely.So, here i recommended you to select Themeforest premium themes, Better from other premiums. Themeforest premium themes created by latest framework for responsive web design. Create a free Thememeforest Account now.

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WordPress set up

If you face any problem please contact with me for wordpress set up. My email But you must choose BLUEHOST web hosting. First you should try, it’s very simple,

Read: How to install wordpress themes on Bluehost server in 5 minutes.

Read: Bluehost webhosting for wordpress themes just $3.49 per month.

Read: Best 5 Themeforest WordPress premium themes for blog, magazine.

Make money: A blog can help you in different ways, Some one blogging for hobby, some one for making a brand and some one for money.

To set up a money making campaign you need a money making network. For better conversation rate you can pick the Amazon Affiliate campaign. Make a free affiliate Account and placed affiliate products to your blog which is match to your blog niche/topic.

Over to you

This was my today’s explanation for advantages of blogging, I tried my best to make this post informative and helpful. Pls share this post to others. If you have any question Please leave a comment below.

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