Make money by affiliate marketing for beginners

It is true that, Online is a great source for making money and people are doing it. But there are a lot of method for earning, from these kinds of method, i am going to share the best way that, i have experienced well.

Earning from online not so easy, but if you able to work hard then, you will be success.

#This article mainly covers with the following topics

  • Reliable way for making money.
  • How to make money with affiliate marketing for beginners
  • Best affiliate marketing networks and which you should use.
  • How to make sell with affiliate marketing.
  • Why blogging for affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing

Simply affiliate marketing is the process that, anybody helps any business owner to sell their products, and when we able to sell a products then they pay us a commission, this could be up to 50%. Suppose, any affiliate campaign suggest you 25% commission rate, and by selling $100 you will get $25.

Affiliate marketing running on a massive way because, it is higher than ppc (pay per click) and i have seen that, many blogger leave Google adsense, and taking affiliate products for promoting.


How to start affiliate marketing

Blogging is one of the converting way to do affiliate marketing. I have seen most of the successful blogger writing review about a products and publish to their blog. People are loving to buy products by searching online and love to reading products review before buy.

Keywords research: Before setup your affiliate campaign you should analysis your website, if you have all ready running with a site. Bring your website keywords, which keywords people using to visit your website. Google webmaster helps you to find those keywords if you set up this minimum 15 days before and we know that well, But if you don’t using webmaster tool SEMrush will complete your keywords analysis just in a minute.

google webmaster picture

Select your products: After Keywords analysis i think you have known about your website traffic, why they are visiting your site and what they are finding.

Now Select those products that related to your website niche.

research about this products using google. I tell you this because it will help you writing a standard review about a product.

Research about your products

You should experienced about your products before start. Research and know the good and bed features about your selected products.

Write a review: With this you will be capable to write a stunning review, and it will help you to gain readers trust. As a affiliate marketer much more needed think is gain people trust. When you able to do this, people must buy your products just depend on you.

So try to write a honest review about your products !!

Make a side bar Banner page: One of the important think, you can make a banner with your affiliate products page. Most of the successful blogger or affiliate marketer doing this, they use a sticky image widget in their sidebar, some one named it blogger resources for promoting webhosting, seo and marketing products.

If you have no blog or not interested in blogging

If you have no blog or a website your can make a product landing page. Some affiliate marketer promoting affiliate products using landing page as like as a e-commerce website.

So here i recommended you to use Weebly, just drag and drop. Thousands of website themes are available.

If you want to make a successful business you need to expense some money and hire someone from Elance, Peopleperhour to rank your website according SEO method.

You Should read my article about, how to sell affiliate products using landing page below…

Read this article:

Join a Affiliate network

From lot of affiliate network you should choose the reliable and well known companies like Amazon, Ebay, Shareasale, etc.

Amzon is the first choice for every affiliate marketer, if you want to promote physical products like beauty, Health, etc. Amazon converting rate much more higher from others because of their reliability and people very attracting about amazon products. They pay you average 4% up to %7 for a sell you will be able to made. With amazon you will get more sells so payout rate not so important here. On the other hand, if You want to promote digital or technology related products like Webhosting, website builder, seo or marketing tool, wordpress themes then you need to choose others source. As a affiliate marketer i recommended you to choose Shareasale, thousands of products, up to 50% commission, great support, Up to 180 days Cookie, Monthly payment, accepted for all countries, with great reliability.

I am using Shareasale and i choose this because most of the top bloggers using Shareasale, like, and i running a website builder campaign, they paying me 30% with 120 days Cookie Length. When some one select $49 simple plan then i get $16 when $235 premium plan i get $80 per sale made.

I am loving it because of their easy interface, Default affiliate link no need to create affiliate link manually, Monthly payment, Up to 180 days cookies means, if anybody click your affiliate link and you will pay commission in 180 days session, whatever they buy.

best ecommerce website builder

 Cloak your affiliate link

Clocking your affiliate link also a part of affiliate marketing, we know that, affiliate link are always ugly from simple links, So when some one see this link they thought it could be a spam link and they doesn’t click this link.

Shareasale affilaite link somethink like this, below..

and i use redirect using .htaccess file, after redirect link it convert to..below


Just search on google, how to cloak affiliate link using cpanel .htaccess file. For wordpress blog you can do it by using some plugins like Pretty Link Lite or GoCodes etc.

In a nutshell: Affiliate marketing is the best opportunity to us for making massive money. If you can able to set up your campaign perfectly, you will be earning money when you sleeping. But for that, you need decent amount of targeted traffic and could know what they want.

Mind that, you first affiliate sell always be a hard think, So start to try, never give up !!

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