Bluehost Domain Name Registration 2016.

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It’s always good to start with Bluehost for any web Hosting Solution. Starting from Bluehost WordPress Hosting $3.49/month to Bluehost Dedicated server hosting comes with top features according to web hosting standard.

This post mainly covers the topic “Bluehost Domain name Registration”. was the first domain that was ever registered. was originally registered on March 15, 1985, making it the first .com domain in the world.

It’s really a matter to find out the best Domain name provider.

High-Class domain name registration impact in website promotion. We may have heard about Domain Authority, Which is Appraisement by Numbering. If it’s 50 to 80 that means, Your Domain Authority is in the ideal & noticeable place to get better positions in SERPs. Domain Authority strongly indicates according to Domain Age, SEO Under this Domain, Website Quality etc.

Somehow it’s rely on the Domain name Class. It’s important to register Domain names with the reliable Domain name registration Provider.

If you are planning to start with Bluehost for Domain & Hosting, It would be a good decision. Bluehost has a wide range of Services with top class Domain registration.

In the Bluehost currently running a offer, If you pick  any hosting plan with Blushot then you will get a domain name registration for free. Even this offer applicable for $3.49/month wordpress hosting.

 Does Bluehost register domain names?

Note: Bluehost Provide Domain name registration with Hosting. But if you have already a  hosting account, then you can purchase Domain name under your Exesting Account, As you want.

You should know, Bluehost Domain & Hosting verified by As a WordPress User no need to Running surveys, To know What is the best WordPress Domain+Hosting? Just Make sure by Visiting WordPress hosting Recommended by

Create an account account Or check your Domain name availability by Bluehost Domain name checker widget below.

Bluehost Domain registration terms & conditions.

 Can create Email accounts.

Unlimited Email Accounts with Unlimited Storage.

 Can redirect to any additional Domain.

 3 days domain cancellation with full money refund.

What is a domain name?

A domain name is your online address on the internet. All computers on the internet have a unique identifying number – an Internet Protocol address. Because this address is difficult to remember, we use a domain name.

A domain name is promoted so that customers can easily find your specific goods or services. Each website has its own distinct domain name, allowing it to be distinguishable from other sites. For the most part, domain names are easy to remember because they are usually made up of a business name and a commonly understood term or language that their customers will recognise.

What is a subdomain?

A subdomain is an extension to the front of your domain name, separated by the ‘.’ symbol. A subdomain is created to serve another website. For example, setup a subdomain to act as their email service website.

How do I transfer my domain name to BlueHost/HostMonster?

You can do that in BlueHost/HostMonser’s domain manager. You must have control to your domain name in your old registrar. You will need to generate a “secret code” from the old registrar and enter that secret code into BlueHost and BlueHost will take care of everything. It will usually take 5 days for a transfer to complete.

What is BlueHost DNS nameservers settings?

If I register a domain name with BlueHost/HostMonster, can I host it with another web host?

Yes! All you need to do is to change the DNS settings of that domain to the new settings (usually but not always –, But why do you want to do that if BlueHost can host everything for you for free?

Do I own my domain name if I register it with BlueHost.

Yes, you own the complete rights to your domain name when you register it with BlueHost/HostMonster. You are the rightful owner of the domain name. But just like putting money into a bank account, if the bank goes bankrupt, we will still able to get our money back but it will be quite troublesome. That’s why we want our domain name to be registered with a reputable company such as BlueHost or HostMonster, just like we will only deposit our money in a reputable bank.

Bluehost Basic Domain registration Cost/fee.

Suppose, if you have a Hosting account then you can buy domain individually, how many you want. You also buy Domain+Hosting together from Bluehost.

Bluehost provides cheap domain name only for $7.99 as a basic package and $10.99 for plus. When your domain expired, renewal your domain name easily.


Install WordPress

To install your WordPress Blog under your domain name no addition skill needed. It’s simply like a Sign up Process. Filled the all required mark by your domain name, package information, personal information and your payment system. Then click on the next button, You will redirect to your Cpanel, Now click on the WordPress Button to install WordPress easily under your domain name.

Free Domain name

If you Start with a new Domain & a new Hosting package then there will be no additional cost to you of your Domain name, & it’s totally free.

For that, You have to purchase any hosting plan such as shared Hosting, WordPress Hosting etc.

Bluehost domain coupon code

Bluehost Doesn’t provide any discount coupons for Domain name registration. Whereas Bluehost offer for  individually Domain Registration, I mentioned before Bluehost Provide Discount only for Hosting package. Domain discount deals not Supported by them. Only You can get 1 free domain name if you pick any of their hosting package.

Available Bluehost product.

Bluehost Most popular for WordPress Hosting, Which Highly Recommended By

Domain Registration

 WordPress Hosting

 Shared Hosting

 VPS Server Hosting

 Dedicated Server Hosting

We know Bluehost is the Class for WordPress Hosting. Let’s see About Bluehost By Wikipedia.


Final Words about Bluehost Domain Registration & hosting.

Starting with Domain & hosting, I highly recommended for Bluehost. Bluehost is the most experience Domain hosting in the Industry. If you have a Bluehost Account then you can create Domain names you want. 

We know that, Company Own Email address give you a professional touch of your Business. By Using Bluehost Domain registration you can create your own Email address.

Want to Create Your Own Company Email address? Bluehost domain registration has rich features to do this. Unlimited email accounts, Unlimited Storage under your domain name is really usable with Bluehost. 

Want to start it now? Want to Check your Domain name? You can check your domain name by using the Bluehost official Widget below available or not.Write the Domain name in the Search Box & select your domain extension, Finally Click on the “check availability” Button, If it’s Available click on “Next” Button And it will redirect you in the Bluehost registration page. Fill with the required Information & Get the test of BlueHost Domain  Hosting Combination.

Check your Domain name availability

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