Bluehost WordPress, VPS hosting pricing review 2018.


It’s my pleasure to write about Bluehost hosting plans & pricing, Before Starting the review let’s have a look the Bluehost Company. 

The Company Bluehost was founded in 2003 with one goal, to make a reliable & affordable Web hosting environment for the customers. Now in 2016, they are the number one providers of cloud-based hosting solutions.  In the industry they have Shared hosting, Popular WordPress hosting, VPS hosting & VIP hosting like Dedicated server hosting providing by them. Bluehost server located in utha, United states.

That’s it about Bluehost. It’s duty to start with the short review of the host.

By the way, Have you used Bluehost for your web hosting? Hope you are a new or an existing Fan Of Bluehost & landed here to know the details about Bluehost hosting Plans & pricing

Note: This Informal Article about Bluehost initial plans & pricing for more information you can check their Company website because they offer discount offer in Every month. But all of their Discount pricing stand on the standard price. Keep checking this article.

First about their Bluehost Hosting modes

Bluehost provides all hosting mode that revealed in the cloud-based hosting world. A-Z they have every hosting solution for you. Read their hosting mode & choose one that  fulfill your requirement.

Bluehost Shared hosting: Bluehost Shared hosting plan likely for startup users & it’s support Standard websites, WordPress Blog etc. For Small business, you will get reliable service from them with WordPress Auto Installer. Visit their Shared Hosting starting interface.

Bluehost WordPress Hosting: Only the Hosting Company that recommended by Included some rich features for WordPress such as WordPress installer, Enhanced cPanel, Sitelock pro for better security. Able to perform on 100 million monthly traffic. Bluehost WordPress hosting fascinates the WordPress Blogger. Visit for Bluehost WordPress Hosting.

Bluehost VPS Hosting: VPS stands for Virtual private server. To convert your Small Business into the next level you must choose VPS Hosting. In VPS hosting, you will get a small partition of Dedicated server that performs better than shared hosting. It give you faster loading when thousands of people visit your site in a second. let’s see the Blushost VPS Hosting more features.

Bluehost Dedicated server Hosting: Bluehost dedicate you a Hosting server completely which is called dedicated server hosting. You are the only owner that use the server. Normally, Multinational companies use the Dedicated server like they need extreme speed, unlimited storage with varnish caching hardware. your websites can experience the best performance imaginable while you enjoy the advanced control and security you need.

Bluehost Pricing & Discount coupon code Truth

Bluehost web hosting discount available for all of their Hosting Even for their eCommerce, VPS, Dedicated etc.

You may aware about Bluehost most Popular $3.49/month discount offer. Currently this offer unavailable, So, their initial hosting cost now $3.95 per month.

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Note: To grab this Discount no need any coupon code, Bluehost hasn’t offered any coupon code yet. A Large number of people search for Bluehost coupon code.

Bluehost vs Hostgator initial plans pricing Comparison

Bluehost & Hostgator are the similar hosting company. Convert the most hosting customers with as like as the same hosting modules and both are USA based.

Currently Hostgator initial Hosting Pricing Start from $3.95 per month Including 43% off. Reliable & secure for WordPress Blog.

On the other hand, Bluehost now start their initial standard hosting from $3.49 including Discount offer. 

Bluehost shared hosting plans & pricing – Popular WordPress Hosting

Shared hosting comes with the cheap rate for the novice include usable features. $3.95/month is not much to start your first website. But, occasionally they convert it $3.49 or $2.95 in Black friday sale, Cyber monday sale etc. Click this Bluehost link to see that is any discount offer waiting for you!

1 free domain for 1 year with 50 GB storage.

Bluehost offer $3.49/month discount randomly, Let’s see $3.49/month Bluehost offer is available or not.

Note: At the checkout processing time you will see 3 options, $3.95/month for 3 years, $4.95/month for 2 years & $5.95/month for 1 year. So, save 50% of your total payment you must select the 3 years plan.

But in the Bluehost Shared hosting page they didn’t mentioned it. And to ensure other important features you have to extra money like Site Backup, Security etc.


Bluehost WordPress managed hosting plans & pricing

Bluehost WordPress Managed Hosting implemented with Bluehost VPS modules.  Subscription fees comparatively higher than shared hosting. It’s the managed hosting modules for professional blogger included with the premium services like Security, Sitelock CDN for speed etc.

Check i!

Plan like “Blogger”

Support Monthly subscription Start with $24.99/month But first month 50% off just $12.49 for starting then you have to pay $24.99 in every month.

Wp_Blogger VPS 3 month $23.99/month ,  $9.12 off in the first month

Wp_Blogger VPS 6 month $22.99/month , $18.24 off in the first month

Wp_Blogger VPS 12 month $21.99/month , $36.48 off in the first month from your total payment.


 Bluehost VPS hosting plans & pricing

To get more flexibility with extra power to your website, Bluehost VPS Standard package Discounted pricing $14.99 in the first month then $29.99 from the next month including 2 CPU cores speed for your website.

According to Bluehost, their Most popular VPS package “enhanced” If you need 60 GB san Storage & 4 Gb Ram. Start with $29.99/first month next 59.99/month.


Bluehost dedicated server hosting plans & pricing

Start with the 50% discount of Bluehost Dedicated server all packages. With Standard package start $74.99 in the first month then $149/month.

You can sign up for 1 months, 3 months, 6 months & 12 months period.

If you Choose 1-month duration package you have to pay only $74.99 including 50% discount.



Enhanced Control Panel

There are many Hosting companies who doesn’t provide any Control Panel for initial hosting modes or Provide the Older Cpanel. Enhanced Cpanel comes with the core factor of Website security, Performance, Upgrading, WordPress Easy installation etc. 

Bluehost Implemented their Cpanel for all hosting modes including Shared as for the  initial hosting packages. 

Content management System is  WordPress, For its easy installation Bluehost recently added mojo market place in their Cpanel to build internal functionality without any hassle. Mojo marketplace mainly in the Bluehost that anyone install their WordPress theme, Script easily in their Bluehost Cpanel.

Note: It’s quite easy to install WordPress on Bluehost & they are most popular for WordPress Hosting, recommended web hosting is Bluehost.

Refund Policy

Unhappy customers can highly ask for a full refund anytime in the first 30 days period. Bluehost Support up to 30 days money back guarantee. Bluehost  won’t hassle you as you wait for your money back.

You must have to Pay attention that the refund to customers would not include the fees paid for additional services like Domain names, Dedicated IPs, SSL certificates because these services has no cancellation protocol not only in Bluehost also other hosting companies.

Bluehost Hosting Pros

  • People like the fact that the company is a long timer (16 years in the business).
  • Most appreciate their beautifully integrated billing system with the cPanel.
  • Their prices are really cheap and moreover, you can get quality plans.
  • Their basic plans offer unlimited domain hosting which is a plus for many.
  • Customer service is totally based on the U.S.
  • Waiting time for phone-based support is usually very short.
  • They have finally managed to add dedicated and VPS hosting to their plans which are priced very reasonably.
  • They do offer dedicated IPs and free site builder (although with WordPress I don’t know why would anyone want to build a site with site builders using templates!).
  • Average uptime according to a few dozen or so webmasters added to around 99.85% which is great.

Customer Support

Customer Support carry the characteristics of a unique company outlook. Bluehost online support response time highest 1 minute. And it’s really a good one who wants to join the bluehost web host party immediately with Chat, Voice & email.


As an Affiliate marketer get the affiliate help by Bluehost Affiliate support team. Bluehost has a particular department to help with the Affiliate resource like Domain checker gadget, Screenshot, Banner, Script etc. Contact with them for affiliate payment, Paypal account & Affiliate resource.

Finally about Bluehost plans & pricing

Bluehost is a strong web server hosting company. Bluehost is the Company that ranked higher all of their hosting services like Shared, WordPress, VPS, Dedicated, eCommerce etc to fulfill any of their customer demand.

If someone need any web hosting I think they will find the best Bluehost plan & pricing according to their requirement.

As you know Bluehost minimum cost $3.49 per month including up to 40+ plans with functionality & pricing. But the real fact is their Initial plans so much effective for professional use. 

Hope this article aware you about Bluehost all modes initial plan & pricing & help to compare with other company.

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