Call to action examples with best practices.


Somehow, Online marketing success depends on some technique, some strategy that people really love to get engaged. There have really some engaging tactics that, Every Marketer must dominate.

It’s not important which is your marketing strategy, it’s can be anything you want, but you must find out the procedure that really works for you.

We do Video marketing, Social media marketing, Content marketing etc, But our core intention is only one thing, how we convert people as a real customer by urging him to take any action.

I have seen many people who share their family news like on blog or YouTube video and getting success.

You need to know more about your potential customers. Your thinks sometime not really matched with your customers. So, You need to be a something like a psychic & have to the power to analyze different characters.

In this post I am going to show a better engaging method, it’s “Call to action” Normally we use this on our landing page, Content marketing, Email templates, pop up etc.

I will describe some strong ideas about Call to action for your landing page, Advertising, Standard website. Also, you can check some great CTA examples.

What is call to action?

Definition: Simply “call to action” the words urge customer to take an action. It’s the combination of several marketing techniques. Some words we like to use “Buy now”, “Download now”, “Learn more”, “Subscribe”, “share now” etc.

On the web based business platform, there used some Buttons, which used to attract the potential customers. In the Call to action phrases & the intention clearly mentions & Its highlight with the core purpose of any business in your industry.

Note: A retail advertising or commercial without a call to action is considered incomplete & ineffective.

Facebook: Release new call to action for business page which is definitely a noticeable part of marketing prospective.

However, it’s implemented for different purpose and depending on Customer behavior and it’s can be targeted from different angels.


Mainly a call to action complete your main job by calling your potential customers when they landed on your landing page.

A call to action can be a social icon, can be contact button or be a sign up button. But here the description of the landing page and the calling phrases also important.

For better engagement you have to practice some tactics of the implementation of your call to action.


It’s a marketing technique that used to get more conversation & more leads, Of course you are promoting few offers which have an affiliate link or product buying link.

A call to action urge your clients & attract them to take an action.

Statistically, it’s true that, A call to action button can convert your CRT into Double.

A call to action strongly indicate the purpose & it increase the tendency of the customer engagement.

Best Practices

Good Color combination also important, use white with contrasting background.

Make your button clickable by using a good soft hover effect.

Begin with a verb like “Download”, “Don’t miss”, “Register” etc.

Clear the Core intention with a couple of words, No more than five.

Mention, What the visitor will get exactly when they click on the CTA link.

Call to action Box plugin you should use for Content marketing.

Use rectangular buttons, It’s must large enough but not extra that, detract attention from the main content on the page.

Set up your CTA on the section of content that really match. 

Use Call to action Button generator for available design and easy customization, Better solution, use wordpress plugin for shortcode.

Attracting with the free offer.

This screenshot from by Sue Anne, She provides free e-book on Call to action to get engaged with the CTA.

So, it’s mandatory to make your CTA more attractable with the phrases, Free offer listing etc.


Asking “Call to action”

This call to action Example by Ramsay, He is using it on his Blog. He placed this on the Bottom of the post & Ask a question on the CTA, Used this own picture which present his Authority as well for getting some trust.

Normally, In his CTA link he used his About page or something. But you can use some other CTA just using his concept.


Social call to action.

Social CTA very powerful method to make relation with your customers. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest are mostly used social, people try to involve with your industry. So choose some stunning CTA and placed them on your content, landing page. Don’t use the on your customers information page.


We see that, Their use Content locker using the social media CTA. Something like “want to read the whole article, please share on any media to unlock. Check out this  from codecanyon.

Offer Landing page

Let’s have a look at the Norton, Before they Calling to action, it’s described about the Discount price, Attractable Description. They Mention everything in the short space.

This CTA best works on the Offer landing page.

Norton is a world class brand and they have millions of customers, so it’s just easy to the customers what they are going to receive.


Content marketing call to action.

No matter what types of website you’re building, you need a simple, yet effective call-to-action box that would boost your conversion rates – whether it’s new SignUp, increase sales, or get more subscribers.


  • 4 different type of backgrounds: color, image, parallax, video
  • Support up to 3 buttons
  • Built-in animation machine
  • Font-Awesome Icons integrated
  • Support horizontal & vertical layout
  • Built for Layers

Check out this from codecanyon

Over to you

Finally, we are known CTA is a  another marketing technique and it compels the customer to take an action.

After placing a CTA there is no guarantee that you will be successful, if it not worked you must have to change it by placing other or changing the phrases as well.

Sometime negative CTA is getting some higher result like some negative text of the button Like, if you use “Don’t click this link” There are many people who just want to check it.

So, it’s important to know about your Customers and what they want.

I think now you have a clear concept about the necessity of a call to action.

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