Best Blogging platforms to Make a Blog for better SEO.

I have a started my blogging journey in 2013 and that was from blogger blogspot free Blog. That time I have no Knowledge about Blogging, benefits of blogging , even How to make money by blogging. But that time, with my blog passing my time quite nicely, I was felling Proud because I have a website and owner of a site.

A blog is the place where you can share your opinion about your professional life, your hobby, Your childhood even your daily life.

Plenty of blogging platform available for blogging but i have shared here most popular blogging platforms, Which i have used for some of my projects and using in my different platforms.

Different blogging platform

These top 5 are the best for different blogging platform And you should read the hole article to pick your desire blogging platform.

Below these are the Top Blogging platform which i have used and using, I am going to share my experienced my thoughts.

# WordPress

WordPress is the leading blogging community. WordPress is popular for it’s Famous Content management system (CMS). CMS consists of 2 Elements Content management application (CMA) and the other is Content delivery Application. Which is very Important for blogging for easy integration with search engine. offer you to use free blogging platform. But there have some restrictions which is very uncomfortable with You need to blogging and customize your blog by their limited resources. You can not change theme and add plugins from External resources. On the other hand is better than com. You can able to change any think that you want but you need to work hard to customize your blog.

Just Download the latest themes from and Host is on bluehost web server.

But If you want to start premium theme then i recommended you to choose Themeforest themes.

Or,  Mythemeshop,  Use my Coupon code “ MORSIDTOPSEO “to get 68% off !!

Largest premium theme Marketplace. Why i recommended premium theme ?? Because Premium theme always best for Search engine optimization, Professional Design, Easy to set up your blog.

# Blogger

I was first started blogging with blogger. I think for the Newbies Blogger is best for them because blogger is Easier from WordPress to manage, And they fill Comfortable to use also great interface which is very needed thing for newbies.

Blogger is the free blogging service of Google

  • Unlimited bandwidth and disk space
  • Visitors analytic Default Widget
  • Google friendly
  • Easy to set up Google Adsense Ads
  • Limited Blog themes
  • You can transfer your your blog into a paid domain hosting any time.
  • Blogger is the Google service so you can get extra priority to indexing your page, To get adsense, and get more traffics.
  • But any spam they have the ability to Penalty your blog, Even they can Remove your blog from search engine and from your blogger account. I have a bad experienced with blogger. When i first open a blog and started to copy and pasting from other blog and Google remove my blog from my account.

# Weebly

Weebly is a top class Website, E-commerce site, landing page maker company. But you can use weebly blogging platform for free. weebly is different from blogger and wordpress. And it’s customization method just drag and drop edition. Thousand of different Kind of themes available on weebly, you can start any type of weebly blogging just picking your desire theme.

  • Default Search engine optimization section, Google Map, Forum are the best features of weebly.
  • You can use it as your online identity by filling your all information.
  • You can use is as  a portfolio of your any work.
  • Branding your product weebly works quite nicely.
  • But better for branding
  • Personal implementation

Weebly blog Address Something looks like and You can change is any time by Choosing weebly monthly or yearly packages.

Over to you

These are the top Blogging platform But there are lot more opportunity to blogging like Tumblr, Wikia, LiveJournal, Ghost etc.

If you want to take blogging as your profession then i recommended you to choose WordPress and must be Themeforest premium wordpress theme with Paid Domain and hosting (Bluehost).