Effective Facebook marketing tips – Best practice with Lutfar 2017.


I am really honored to be writing about Facebook marketing because I prefer Facebook from other media. 

We have seen that many media like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest going down of the numbers of Spamming. People losing their trust & it’s Impact harm to the real marketers.  So, it’s not going to be a right thing if it’s running on. Where, we can lose this profitable resource as well. 

 How to be a genuine Online marketer?

Which tactics we have to dominate?

How to build it as  a passive income source?

You Know, Marketing is an Art, So Your marketing strategy isn’t same to me or not to you. You have your own Communicate conduct. But the tactics would be the same.

To be a Successful marketer, It’s mandatory how much you have attractable power to you, Here I have mentioned about the whole process like, How you represent you, Your communication style, & it can be your social media profile also.

Let’s look at the initial strategy of Facebook marketing & How to adapt. 

Profile set up.

Your profile picture more important than your Cover photo, it appears in your timeline, Comment & your profile.

Mix Your Authorship, It’s also a great idea of marketing strategy. Look at the Darren Rowse Facebook page.


If you are marketing your brand, So you have a logo so, it’s rapidly aware your fans what your page about in a way. 

Combining Profile picture with your cover photo which give you a professional look of your business. 

The Size of the Profile picture must square & 160 * 160 pixels are Good.

Another important thing, When we leave post on your timeline, Comment  your profile picture appears in different sizes. So, Make sure it’s looks everything clearly at the lower size. (size pic)

Don’t Change your Profile picture In a short period of time.

Call to action: Last year Facebook added new “call to action” that pages drive business objects. We know Facebook pages are the destination people on Facebook & It’s really a massive scope basis of Online business.


Facebook provides seven Call to action for different business prospective.

 Book Now

 Contact Us

 Use App

 Play Game

 Shop Now

 Sign Up

 Watch Video

Hope, By using these “Call to action”  your business boost with massive customers acquisition efforts. Because you are directly calling your customers to engage.

Facebook marketing.

Two ways we can marketing with Facebook page & Group. If we thought that, why not we marketing by adding friends. Facebook Profile limited for Only 5000 fans. And we are hoping more thousand fans to include in our marketing. That’s why, we have to choose Facebook Page or group. 

Pages: Pages are easier to add more fans, Anybody can join without your permission just by Clicking on the Like button. Normally pages are used for product branding, Its aware the customers about the product popularity, of course with traffic.

Group: Like a discussion forum, Facebook groups are the reliable source for making passive income from Facebook. People always join a group for their interest, as well a informed source. And they are super targeted traffic for you.

Passive income: What we are doing at the Facebook marketing time? We just join few groups & leave our links, That’s the way, just wasting our time. But if we uniquely do the hard work then, it would be a passive income source for us. 

We should think about Passive income, We start blogging for passive income, isn’t it? If we build our Facebook community for passive income, are you shocked!

A Facebook Group can be your Long time money making source. People engage When they receive few good stuff from you.They join Your Group just to hear your voice.

Before starting Your group makes you as a real Author, Create better information, make your content & landing page well designed.

How to add more friends

Your Blog: When you publish Related content on your blog, You can ask your readers to join with your group. Below the example of Teamwork.


Pinterest: Pinterest Support other Social pages on the profile page. Just from the Setting page add your Facebook link on there. Then, Facebook profile will visible on your Pinterest profile.

Twitter: Using twitter we can add more fans with our Facebook group. Add your Facebook group link on your twitter profile & ask your followers to join.

Also we can use Twitter Auto-responder, When someone follows us then a message automatically sends them with a invitation to join our Facebook group. 

Use keyword in page title: Many people do a search on Facebook for information as a search engine. So, If it’s possible, you can increase visibility of your group by adding a keyword in the Title.


TOOL : Socialbakers is amazing tool to find out the top pages on your niche/topic. You can find pages according Category, country etc.

Don’t make any spam on these pages, Every time trying to be legal. Just  join these communities & make relationship with other.

You have a complete profile, When people see you have great source about the information then people join your community.


Maintain the real time for Posting.

After Analyze on Multiple Brand pages it seems the frequency of sharing times play a vital role. And the majority of these post publishing during the peaks times between 8.00 a.m and 6 p.m when.

For a better percentage of engagement, We should post on the non-peaks times, For real Audience engage in the Non-peaks times which means Before & after office/Job time.

Note: Assuming that it’s not really same for Everyone & It slightly can change for different community or from a different angel of your marketing requirement. So, how would you find the real time accurately?

Buffer app: It’s a great service for online marketer & very helpful Social media software for free. This tool can help with the planning of your Facebook marketing.

First Sign up for this service then Connect Buffer with your Facebook marketing page/group. 

Schedule your post for different time then analysis the best time that you have got decent engagement according time, date etc.

Image optimization.

Acuity of your posting much more highlighting by adding a Image. Its attempt to the followers like a  magnet for clicking.

Appear h1 tag on your Image what your followers going to get.

It’s proved that any Creature on the image the tendency much higher for clicking.

Tools: For the people who have less experience on Graphic Design Picmonkey is an Essential tool for them. There are lots of stock photos you can customize, If there are not matched, you want to create custom photos easily. For more stock photos you can use Pixabay.


Online marketing is a long time process, it’s impossible to engage thousands real customers in a day. You have to take more time to build your community.

Best idea, keep eyes on your customer whatever they want.

You are not only one that promoting the product/Service So, You have many competitors.

I think You have got some ideas about Facebook marketing. If You need any help, please contact with me.