Make your web based business platform in 2016.

Hey are you finding for a web based business? If yes then, i am going to show you how to make a successful business.

We know that, Millions of people making their business just investing a small amount of budget and making decent amount of money from home.

Before you going to read this article, i request you set your mind and ask yourself, how much you can work hard and are you expense some money not thousands just couple of hundreds.

#This article mainly covers with following topic…

  • Home based business opportunities
  • Best landing page and E-commerce website creator
  • Amazon vs Shareasale affiliate products
  • How to make a web based business

Business Strategy

By Using online, most successful business platform is e-commerce, and this way really amazing for get rich quickly. You will not find someone who has no relationship with internet and most of the people love to buy products from online, and it reduce people hard working.

E-commerce business mainly depends on selling own products, but if you has no own business products, selling amazon affiliate products is a great opportunity for us and for me as a full time blogger.

home based business opportunities

So, My strategy is by using amazon affiliate products make a E-commerce affiliate landing page. Mind that, Well designed landing page always working like a sells funnel. Where traffic convert to money. Keep reading, below i shared about best landing page maker.

Amazon affiliate products

There is no doubt about amazon affiliate marketing, Amazon is the greatest E-commerce website all over the internet with Millions of products. Many people starting their business just depend on Amazon.

You can find physical and digital products. Just simply, Sign in for a amazon affiliate account. They pay you 4% up to 15% commission for selling a products. First you will get 4% and when you made 3 sells then, you will get 6% commission.

amazon affiliate program

Amazon commission rate to much lower from others affiliate network. Shareasale also a good affiliate network and they pay you up to 50% commission rate and you can find you webhosting, website themes, Online tools with thousands of physical products.

No matter which platform you will choose, with amazon you will make more sells so commission rate not a factor here. people love amazon products because, of their reliability. On the other hand, shareasale less popular then amazon but commission rate is great, you can make 50$ just making a single sell.

So first choose your affiliate network. Here i recommended you for sharesale high commission rate, popularity well, Easy to set up, Default affiliate link, Monthly payment, Physical and virtual products availability. If you choose a products that, pay you 30% commission rate and will make 1 sells per day, you can earn 30$*30=900$ per month.

shareasale affiliate network

make a decision which products you want to promote

Which products should promote, it depend on your experience about products that, you have well known or you are using or used and demand is so high on internet, something like digital products and beauty products. You can use semrush for finding much selling products.

keywords search: This is the Critical part of your successful business to start. Keywords means, people use to visit your website just searching with a sentence. which traffic you want to bring to your website for selling products. Of course, your keywords must related to your products. If you promoting smart phones then your keywords something similar this “best smart phone to buy”. For less competitive keywords research SEMrush is best.

Tools: SEMrush is a great tool for finding affiliate products according to your niche also competitive keywords research. SEMrush is the important and popular tool for every internet marketer.

make a weebly E-commerce landing page

Website Builder, E-commerce website maker, landing page maker, etc are available in weebly. Weebly interface well designed for every one, who has no relationship with web codding, will make website or landing page by using weebly.

Here, For making Affiliate products landing page, you can find thousands of themes in different categories. Just drag and drop edition.

Weebly best landing page maker

You can make your own website by using your favorite design. But if you facing any problem then, Weebly support team will help you to complete your work.


  • 6 months $4.83/month
  • 1 year $4.08/month (save 16%)
  • 2 years $3.23/month (save 32%)


  • 6 months $9.83/month
  • 1 year $8.25/month (save 16%)
  • 2 years $6.63/month (save 33%)


  • 1 months $29.00/month
  • 1 year $24.92/month (save 14%)
  • 2 years $19.54/month (save 33%)

              Start to make your own Affiliate products landing page

Marketing your business.

After well completed your affiliate landing page you need traffic to sell your products. If you have a large number of social media community then you can easily promote products and can rank your website quickly. Facebook, Google plus, Pinterest, Linkedin, Twitter is most converting social places.

Twitter marketing: Twitter might be your huge source for selling products. We know that, people use it as a search engine and their interface business related. So, For making a successful twitter marketing platform you need thousands of targeted followers with others important features, And you must use Tweetadder, a valuable twitter marketing software for twitter marketer.

Over to you

If you want make real money and want to make your own business then you can choose this strategy without any hesitation. Remember that, Money makes money but for making a successful business you need to work hard.

Here, choosing products so important also well designed landing page. For getting more targeted traffic to make sells you need rank your website using SEO (Search engine optimization) method. Using Odesk, Elance, Peopleperhour You can hire some on to do this kinds of works.