How can write an article at the first time.

Now a day people are taking article writing as a profession . A unique and reliable article helps you to make more conversations. In addition, it helps you rank your website and making  good impressions on search engines.

If you want to promote some affiliate offers then you will need to write a unique article and use text link in your article mind that banner ads never work. When somebody read your article and attract him and then he must click on your link and will take a proper step. So a reliable and quality article is so important for promoting  affiliate products or getting more profit.

In this post i will share some trick how to write a multiplication article and how to gain your visitor bosom. Just try to read this article step by step or just look at my every title and try to work according with that.

step 1 : Make a plan about your post

 This first step i recommended you to make a clear plan about your article that you  will be write. By a proper planning it is very easy to make a job more characteristic.  So first make a plan about your article like, your readers, size of your article, main keywords, secondary keywords, H1 and H2 tag, etc. It makes your work more easier and you can feel more comfortable.

 Step 2: Research your keywords and collect them

Before setting up for writing it is very important to research your main and secondary keywords and collect them. We all know that keywords is the turning point for targeted traffics and promoting our business. So we should collect our keywords before writing and need to include them in our articles. And we  should use them according seo and Google rules.

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Step 3: Who will be your article reader

Before start your writing you should think about that who will be your targeted audience that read your article and write to according your readers quality.  Suppose you are writing  for young ages and we know that what kinds of  talk they are loved.  In addition, we should write whats they wants. So first make sure that who will be your article reader.

step 4 : Think positive as a professional

  •  Every writer should discover him as a professional in his article it help to the readers to take a proper step or making an action. People like something that will help him.
  • Don’t waste your readers time share your thoughts in a nutshell.
  • More are like want to professional they find somebody as a professional that he finds some solutions.
  • Don’t waste your readers time
  • Try to share your comment as a tiny

step 5 : Try to Share your own thoughts

Readers will come to your site to learn something real and reliable that works for you and will be work for them. So always try to share your thought that you have experienced. If you do that properly then it helps you to bring more readers and a lot of conversations or actions.

When you are working for promoting some affiliate offers and sharing your own thought it’s very helpful for you get more conversations. It is attract your readers bosom.

step 6 : First write h1 and h2 tag

When i write any article first i make a design on my mind and set my h1 and h2 tag step by step in my empty writing sheet and start writing. If i though that in this tag i have feel not comfortable then i have change my tag and start to write in other tag.

step 7 : Upgrade your confident

Confidence is one of the main support to write a perfect Article. Try to upgrade your confidence day  by day. There are some points below that helps you to upgrade your confidence.

  • You can upgrade your confidence by reading others successful blogger history.
  • Appreciate to other writer and try to contribute with them.
  • Try to read about your topics that you will be to start a blog
  • Always Attendant in Other writers forums.
  • Try to do something different.
  • Share your thought to others.
  • communicate with other writers.
  • Knowing your comparison.

step 8 : Keep on trying

I was started my blogging journey as well as my online life 3 years ago in 2011. In  that time i was opened a blog by Blogger and that time my skills on english and experiences was very low now it is 2015 now i am a successful blogger and writing on my two blogs also working with maxbounty as a successful cpa (cost per action) marketer. So keep on trying and mind that you can.

step 9: Be confident before writing

Confidence is very important when you write an article. It helps you to write a article that attract your readers bosom. You need to much more attentive when you writing. Think positive and thought that you will be able to write. I love to listening song before i started to write and it help me well it change my mind. So try to do something similar that helps you to do better or change your mind.

My final words: In this post i just share my thoughts and i share this because i doing this. Just look at my all h2 tag and try to follows this and i think it will help you make a strong communication with your readers. You can also do online writing jobs.

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Thanks, Lutfar

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