How SEO & Marketing work for web based business.

seo and marketing for business

The statistics of Entrepreneurship increasing rapidly for it’s easy integration, here most of the people are on young ages. To be a successful Entrepreneur no large amount needed. Have you heard about “Neil patel” he is on 30, Greatest Successful Entrepreneur.

You night also heard about Aliexpress, Jack Ma the Founder of Aliexpress, Making millions !

In this web based world, people changing their business strategy, they launch new business model Keeps head on the most converting method which is ” Online based business” .

It’s currently most favourable to the customers & it’s usability comes with lot of hopes.

In this post i have mentioned on web based business, how SEO (Search engine optimization) & marketing system works for business to grow.

Note: Make a products or a service which is usable and people will love ! Then the next step is branding or whole marketing process.

SEO Local business Setup.

You have in a particular business area hoping some Local staffs, Here Local SEO optimization is mandatory. Local SEO can Change the traffic location geographically. 

At first Embed a Google map with your business marker into your landing page.

seo local business

To make changes on your local business you should emphasize on..

  • Aware your search webmaster about the traffic area it’s could be Google, yahoo, Bing etc.
  • By using local Keywords
  • Local Link buildings.
  • PPC (Pay Per Click)
  • It comes With some excellent features, Very useful & Mostly it’s a Business social media. Search engine Consider Google Plus Links. If you Haven’t already claim your Google plus Local business setup page.

Note: Google plus is not only a social media it also a Search spider.  So make sure you have full use of it.

Targeted client with Market research

It’s mandatory to research every think on your industry that want to achieve. A wrong decision can destroy your hopes even your hard investing money.

Research every single day Every part of your business, take decent times, Discover new methods & put some plans.

Go to Google trends Insert your products/service Select your business area & analyze the Graph. I think you can get some concept of your planing. If the curve is increasing in recent past it’s could be better for you.

Don’t sitting on the way take more times and different process to research your market Accurately.

Find out your business related forums and community leave a question on the community. Your question could be something like ” What is the upcoming … in 2016″ Now you have various concept.

To make a brand

People love to benefited from Good Staffs & it’s the reality. Characteristics of Amazon, Ebay, Ali express they some vital qualification Because they are International brands. Everyone trust them & taking their products. But how ware they started ?

Visit their Social media pages Millions of likes & followers. it’s aware the traffics that they have a good brand.

Search on Google it’s showing their links with their brand logo. how do they do it ?

Create social media pages ask audience to follow.

Stickers: To inform Your clients that they are engaging with a top company. Here It’s very necessary step to produce some stickers of your business.

As mentioned: Put some popular brand stickers on your landing & ask others to placed yours.

Getting trust: It’s a Essential for a new business to getting trust from their Audience.

Optimize Some links with Brand logo, It could be Google plus, could be Search engine optimization.

To make a Authority.

My experience on Web based business platform, i have realize the relation between Authority & the Productivity. Productivity is the ratio of output to input & Some how it rely on the Authority.

Branding & Authority are related with each other. Suppose you have a strong Authority on the web Then it’s very easy to make a brand at any time.

A good Author ! it’s a hardest thing, A Author must have some unique qualification which attract his followers. You have to produce some valid property it’s could be anything you want.

Start a blog: Register a Domain name by putting your own name. The sign of a strong Author. Create your

Guest post: Another method to aware your audience about your creativity.

Ask for engagement.

It’s the reality that people want to benefited without any cost & they want free tail offer.

i have seen that many bloggers providing free e-books  it’s a reliable way to collect their information.

Offer them: Before getting an engagement people visits different pages & choose one which is most profitable for them.

Your Duty is to propose them for different engagement. It’s not a matter would they accept or not  but you should still offer them. Statistics says up to 50% of visitors take an action around this way.

  • For Easy sign up process use social media sign up process.
  • Ask them for email subscription for weekly news letter.

Show how they can be benefited !

Landing page creating

Google paid ads

PPC  (Pay per click) is a paid advertising method. It’s a popular method around the online marketing. Here you can get targeted search engine traffic by investing.

There from lot of company Google adwords, 7 search,  Bing, facebook, yahoo etc.

google ppc advertising

To start a PPC campaign you have to target few keyword you want & how much you can it’s typically rely on your investment. In this campaign Different keywords have different value.


Start content marketing.

Content Marketing is the strongest way to promote web based business. The power of the content marketing is engagement ability.

people pass their free times on popular business blog, Product blog, Megazine, personal blog etc. People bookmarked their favorite information such as reddit, digg, hubpage etc.

I always mention that Search marketing refers to links optimization & it’s depend on content because Search engine attraction is on the quality of content.

You know Blogging is a huge one & it’s really perform well. Start a blog & publish Your business related SEO optimized Content.

At the same time you might also writing on Business blog, Community blog, guest blog etc.

Landing page For zero bounce rate.

It’s specially a webpage where a visitor take an action. It could be graphical & statistical combination to show how they can be benefited. A stunning landing page can increase your Overall CRT.

Find Out reliable and converting Landing page maker & aware him about your business with full description.


Landing page making on the behavior of people. It’s a cleaver way to engage traffic into money.

Here you have to focus on some techniques but at the same time think about your clients, Why they are to you ?

  • Emphasize on  your landing page design, Focus on your valid points you want to dedicate.
  • Put creature on the landing page.
  • Mention about your clients who is on the circle, it’s inspire them to making with you.
  • Put some discount offers if possible.

Finally to the Business owners.

Every Business have some qualification some valid keys to get quick performance. It’s not a fact how much you Invested. You have do everything on the right way.

Her you have focus 3 steps..

1. Planning of a business which is a huge one. It could be market research, productivity etc.

2. Build your business, time of investment.

3. promotional method of your business.

Find out the effective marketing process for your business.

It’s very easy to get decent traffic but the hard thing is how to convert them an engagement.

Pick some authorized long time marketer who has additional Experience about Market research , Product branding, Business management etc. That’s all.

Over to you: keep visiting my SEO & Marketing blog my next posts all about 1.”Zero Bounce rate”  2.” Planning of a business.