How to find the Best SEO Company – are they really helping, how to track ?

how to find a good seo

The revolution of web based business Increasing incredibly.

Lot of people who setting up a small business just keeping trust on SEO agency. They realize that, it is a sustainable promotional method of their business.

To make sure they are helping you on the right way, You have to dominate few SEO Analyzing techniques.

Thousands of SEO companies making millions of dollars but the questions is they really helping ?

In this post i have mentioned about how to find a reliable SEO company, How to track them they really helping you.

How to find a reliable seo company ?

A company, Reviewed lot of people that is a good seo Company But it’s not the favorable way to find a SEO Service.  If you placed a job on Microworkers 1 review for $1 you will get reviews that you want in a day. Ok This is not a point here, i just mentioned it as an example to aware you for choosing the right service.

## First, I think they should have web analyzing ability. You can ask how they start, are they complete SEO Audit first.

SEO Audit is a process that describe the entire report existent on a website, With that they able to identify the website live performance, Organic Traffic, The keywords already performing, basically Everything a web site has.

After that, They hear from you about keywords you want to rank & other action you want to take. 

It’s the real SEO you need, Linkbuilding process won’t work unless the SEO Audit comes alive, After Auditing mandatory is to complete all On page factors like keywords, Keyword density, Content etc, Finally they start outreach process.

Take a look at the part of nail patel Article he wrote it on the blog.kissmetrics. In this step he mentioned a real SEO company ask you for different resource of your site and access.

seo service reliable
Example from blog.kissmetrics by Neil patel

1. Contract time: SEO is the long the long time process to make a website profitable it takes 3-4 month or more. As a experiment Contract with them for a particular job for a short time. If they can fulfill your requirement then hold on for longer.

After this session you may realize they are perfect for your job & How they are performed.

2. Ask them for evidence: You can ask them to show you few samples of their previous jobs. They must be the same category or same keywords of your website.

If you take High difficulty keywords then the SEO agency need Extra skills to rank your keywords.

With a new Domain it’s also a difficult to rank.

No need high Authority links

4. They have recommendations: A good SEO Agency have few recommendation you can hope from them.

  • Make a blog.
  • Main and Optional keywords.
  • Content marketing plan.
  • Who are the targeted client.
  • Local SEO
  • Social optimization Plan
  • Business Planning
  • Access of Google Webmaster & Anlytic.

SEO is not a particular job, Seo agency can not promote your business with out your help.

How to track them they really helping you

Seo agency really helping you ? There are few strategies that you can track….

1. Keyword rank: When they promote your website they have few keywords to rank, Your intention is get the Search engine first page.

So you can Analyze them their positions.

Go to Small SEO tool keyword positioning tool filled by your domain name and keywords you can check.

keyword position 2
Filled with your domain & keyword
keyword position
Here is the Position

Before start SEO listed all keywords position .

They are working for Google first page so keep checking.

2. Bounce rate: Bounce rate also confirmed you are on the right promotional way or else. It’s behalf on the traffic Quality. Your goal is to get relevance traffic which convert into Revenue. But irrelevant traffic just increase your Bounce rate.

Go to Google analytic > Bounce rate

bounce-rate decreaseing

Bounce rate Comparison is strong evidence of Good SEO service.

4. Traffic vs money: During SEO service if you realize that your overall visitors get down one step but at the same time your total profit goes up. What’s going on ???

Note: Your goal is targeted and real traffic not lot just lots of traffic. If your Revenue goes down then it could be a points & you can take question standard of the SEO agency but Revenue increasing !

Whoa ! it means SEO works ! You have got ranks on Search engines & getting real and organic traffic.

Note: Here the other thing’s they have stopped toxic & robotic visitors.

3. Organic traffic:

 Website promotion Means higher Search engine traffic which is most Valuable traffic. Because maximum Engagement comes from Search engine. Do you know? 22 millions people Use search engine to find out their desire information.

So, Your goal is Search engine traffic. Keep checking your Organic traffic Over your targeted keywords.

Go to Google webmaster tool > Search Traffic > Search Analytics

google webmaster organic traffic

5. Links of your site: Another Very important thing during SEO you must observe.

We know Google hates irrelevant & spammy Links,

If your site gets questionable linkbacks from irrelevant & other languages sites You site can fall in trouble.

It Increase your Bounce rate, might drop ranking from Search engines. Sometimes site Could manually penalized by Google.

Below in this Google webmaster report this link is totally irrelevant to my site. I don’s know how it’s caused. But sometimes it happened as a temporary link By spammy robot.

Google webmaster profile links to my site

When you begin to see something irrelevant or Spammy links, Show these toxic links to your SEO Agency & ask them how it’s caused. I think they might have soled this issue.

Over to you:

Bad SEO can destroy your Whole Investment of your Business. Before Start, make a relationship with them. Money is not the factor here, it’s your own Business your life rely on it, you must need to work hard with proper Investment.

I am lutfar working with SEO & MARKETING, I meet 1,2 clients per month, My goal is helping my clients to make a profitable business platform. I have dominated Advanced SEO techniques & achieved Search engine links of my sites.  Which ia rare for any website.

If you need any help please contact with me my Personal SEO service.