How to increase your blog traffic using some great tools.

We know that, getting more traffic for a newbie website is very difficult and day by day this competition increasing much more quickly people are joining in a huge number and trying to make web based business. Therefore, it is very difficult for a newbie to rank a website and getting decant amount of traffic.

There are many ways that, you can increase your website traffic and from these, i have shared some strategy that you can follow to make a chance to your website traffic level.

#This article mainly covers the following topics:

  • How to increase website traffic
  • How to use Google webmaster and analytic
  • Best keyword research tools
  • Twitter marketing tool for getting targeted followers.

 Know about your comparison

Make a list with some of well ranked sites that related to your website niche, try to follow them that, what they are doing with their site and which sources they are using for getting traffic.

There are a lot of tools on online, You can use this kind of tools and capable to know about them. using this tool you will know traffic source like,Direct, referrals, search, social, mail, display and others, you can also find their main keywords that, they are using for promoting their website,  and is a better tool to know about them.

using this tools you can easily track their traffic source and which sources they linked their website most time.

google analytics

We know that, Google analytics is a great tool for blogger, this tool helps us to know our daily visitors, page views, our traffic source, bounce rate, etc.

using Google analytics we can find out our mistakes and dead websites for us that never working or less working for analytics picture

so, from the first day make a list with all of your sources that you are using for link building like, social media, bookmarking website, forum, directories etc. after a month or more hardworking for your website then start to analysis your website and compare your manual listing source with Google analytics traffic sources.

Now collect the dead sources or less working source that, not giving you as your expectation. now start to working these sources and research with them using Google, Why these not working.

Find your keywords by google webmaster

 Another great topic about getting traffic, Using Google webmaster tool you can find your website keywords that, people using to find your website or visit your website by searching. So, first think is, select those keywords that match your website niche, if you have a affiliate products that you are promoting then it,s much more important to select the targeted keywords.

In the list of your search query you can find some keywords that don’t match your website niche.You also working with these keywords if you want to working with these topics.

After collecting the the targeted keywords then, start to link building and promoting your website using listed keywords.

With that you will get more benefits below…..

  • This is a great way for getting more organic traffic and you know organic traffic help you to rank a website quickly.
  • Organic traffic help you making more affiliate sells, people always searching for online to choose the right products. So it is a great opportunity for us.
  • when you analysis any successful blog using similarweb then you can see their organic traffic rate always higher and it’s above 50% or more.

google webmaster picture

Using some great seo and marketing tool

Manual link building always much more effective than software tool, I suggest you to not use this kinds of tools. But there are some great tool that, help you find your mistakes or errors not link building. Using these tools you can do your link building sessions properly.

Seo tool: Semrush is a great tools who has a website and using this tool your can analysis your website easily. This tool helps you to complete your seo analysis. 

  • Competitor Keyword Research
  • Competitor’s Backlink Analysis
  • Right products to promote
  • Boost Your Organic Rankings

Try now and analysis your website that, how many follow backlink, Nofollow backlink, anchor test, test link, how many referral ip, referral website etc.

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Twitter marketing tool: We know twitter is a place, where plenty of big fishes are available and this is a best opportunity who want to promote their business using twitter. For completing your goal you need to have a clear concept about twitter marketing strategy and using a great tool your work will  become more easier.

Now i recommended a great tool named tweetadder, with this tool you will find some valuable features and this features will help you to make a strong communication with your consumer and your targeted followers. Try tweetadder now.

  • Auto following and Automatic unfollow
  • Automatic tweet according to your schedule time.
  • Auto thank you message who follow you first time
  • Help you to find the real time, when your most followers active on twitter.

Don’t use traffic boot: Never use traffic boot, newbies blogger thought that, traffic is the key to success but they don’t know about targeted and organic traffic in addition, they use traffic boot like, linkcollider etc.Traffic boot just make your bounce rate higher, and make bad influence on google and your blog traffic.

Just look at your organic traffic bounce rate such as google, yahoo, bing, you can see always that organic traffic bounce rate always low from others sources.

This traffic will just make some Impressions for your website without no clicks for banner ads and no sells.

 Do your regular link building: Do your regular work according Google terms and conditions. And make a plan about your daily mission that, how much you need to work. And we know that this is a common step for promoting a website, like Search engine submission, Directories submission, Social media marketing, Bookmarking, Forum posting, Blog commenting, etc.

why complete your Website design and Information: Before Start your mission you should complete your website design, with included Maximum number of informations as possible as you can.

When you start your website marketing or link building people will visit your website. But without Information people will not back your website second time, So you will lose your all hard working. On the other hand, A Well informed website with a great design people will bookmark your website for next time and you will make uses of your all effort.

 Last words: Make money from blog now it’s become a passion and making more sells you need to make strong communication with your audience such as, keywords research, Knowing marketing strategy, Using google analysis tools etc.

Thanks, Lutfar

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