How to make a money making blog for Beginner’s.

Current World Online running as a successful business platform and there are lot of method people are using for making money. And blogging is one of them,

people fill much more comfortable with blogging because blogging is the massive income source and your need to work hard first 4-5 months with proper manner.

But, this is not the main fact to make money by a blog. I think blogging is a art and will attract people share your thought by writing.

Here i taking about blogging for the newbies, who want to make money by blogging.

Niche site

Niche site means just blogging  on a particular topic, Suppose you can writing on Heath, Weight loss, etc.

If your website has different different kinds of visitors, then it will very hard to set up a campaign to make money. and you need to set up multiple campaigns. And first time it’s very hard to promote multiple campaigns.

On the other hand, From particular Niche site you can expect lot more benefits because you can able to know your website visitors easily, setting up a campaign much more easier.

People love niche blog and they love to read this types of blog and they depend on you and your blog, People come back to your site, you can able to express you thought completely

I am a blogger and my blog blogging i write here about blogging, wordpress, affiliate marketing etc. You have lot of idea you can start with blogging topic, otherwise you can choose most popular niche like weight loss, Health etc.

How a Blog make money.

After set up a blog you need to work hard Before two or three years it was so easy to make money from blog but in 2015 competition is very high,

If you really want to make money by blog first you need to be patience. I have a question, is it possible to drive thousands of visitors to your blog just within a day ? It’s totally impossible, We know that our blog earning depend our traffic, if you have lot more traffic to your site you can able to make lot of money.

money making blog

make your plan, create high quality content, make a well looking blog design, and follow your competitors, how they promoting their blog and how they first set up their goal, and grow you blog day by day.

When you have thousands of traffic to your blog then you need to set up a money making campaign to your blog.

Blogging money: Normally people know blogging money is only Google adsense. Google adsense is a pay per click (ppc) advertising. they pay for impressions, Clicks and conversation or goal. First you need to apply on Google Adsense and when they approved your proposal then you can able to show adsense ads to your site. If they decline you proposal there are lot more Google Adsense alternative like, Infolinks, Chittika, Bidvertiser etc.

Other making money blogging method is affiliate marketing great income source and very popular for most of the blogger. join a affiliate network like SHAREASALE Pick your blogging related products, which can able to fulfill your visitors needs and wants. By using SEMrush you can able to know your visitors behavior.

You can promote 3 types of affiliate campaign like PPD(Pay per download), PPL(Pay per lead), PPS(pay per sale).

Planing to your outreach strategy

One hand you need to monetize your blog such as your blog content and the other hand marketing strategy must do on the same direction. To get quick successful as a blogger you must know Search engine optimization and how to do social media marketing as well.

But, Niche like Health, weight loss  blogging owner normally  don’t have a seo Knowledge because they are not starting blogging as profession. For those, Social media marketing very easy to do, and if you have a huge number of followers it makes your work more easier.

Most the people do blogging as a part time and we know blog link building is a long time process and they don’t have enough time to do it properly. for those Odesk, Elance, Peoperhour is the best place to hire some one to do blog outreach and marketing.

Make a blog Just in 5 minutes

A blog can change your life, We know start a blog, cost is not much higher, if you start themeforest premium themes it will take $40-$60 for a wordpress theme, then Hosting cost for wordpress blog just 3.49$ per month By Bluehost web server, Which is recommended by wordpress.

Over to you

There are many people who are just quitting blogging after 3 or 4 months with out no result. Blogging is not the easiest way to make money for the newbies. Before start you should read about Blogging past, present and future.