Reduce your website bounce rate – 7 steps must dominate.

reduce bounce rate

Bounce rate is the Web analytical report of web site or a landing page. It’s the metrics of visitors entrance to the destination.

Normally it is the percentage of single-page visits, meaning that the user comes to your landing page and leaves immediately.

If it is 0% bounce rate, then that means all visitors went to another page of your site.

If it is 100% bounce rate, then it means all visitors hit the back button (or left your site by clicking on the ads, clicking on the close button) and never went past the landing page.

You don’t want a 100% bounce rate. You want them to stay and see more of what you have to offer, if not actually convert them.

In this reduce bounce rate post i will share 7 important keys to reduce bounce rare, i think these will be very useful to decrease website bounce rate with decent engagement.

Use the right keywords (related to content)

Keywords is the root of website visitors flow that they will come. They are many reasons why Bounce rate change on it. First i recommended you to read earlier published post “advanced keywords research

Reason: You don’t have chosen the keywords by researching geographically because you have participated a local business strategy.

Or, You have chosen the short keywords, Short keywords Indicates multiples Directions & It flows non-relevance traffic with non-bounce.

Long tail keywords: It’s a complete sentence & it’s performs well driving targeted traffic. For best research on long tail use Google adwords Keyword Planner , geographical top location or market analyzation use Google trends , For keyword Difficulty checking SEMrush (pro tool) is best. 


For a new visitors you have only few seconds to appear him to live & to read your post. So comes out the right point. figure out the core parts of your intent how they are going to be benefited.

People don’t want to experience with the same things, For blog article release something new at every time.

Another 100% workable method is creating lesson  by lesson post.

Informative article: Make your landing page fully informal show every thing you want to recommended.

Wrong marketing Concept.

Email marketing: Think how many emails we have delete just thinking as a spam, some how we have check it by clicking the destination link which is unbound.

Unnatural social traffic: Other wrong marketing process we just used to pay to get thousands of follower based social pages Which is increase the bounce rate higher.

Link buildings: Non-relevance Link building a worse think about SEO. It flows unbound traffic with losing search engine ranking.

unnatural links

404 page

A 404 page is that the visitors click on non-existent page and a copy of the link record on the web server 404 page. 

To start a 404 page you need a custom web page to upload as a 404 page. For best practice follow the guidelines pointed below. Read more what’s say Google about custom 404 page for error handling.

how to make 404 page
by Godaddy

Landing page increase the Tendency of an engagement.

Landing page increase the visibility of traffic conversation. Typically Landing page is called, Which is full of information/Service for your potential customers.

Not only that, it’s also satisfied the customers visually & appear him to take an action.

Landing page maker is a Landing page maker they provide custom landing page, default templates for small business, and more. They support free set up.

Call to action.

A “call to action” is  a golden probability to getting decent conversation, simply it’s a combination of link, button or text.

A “call to action” you can use wherever you want, you can placed it on Landing page, End of the blog post, Email templates etc.

It’s Visually highlighting with a short description which tempt to take an action.

This action could be anything you want but for best use of “call to action” You have to flow targeted Audience that match with your offers.

Below few examples of different “call to action” & it could be fixed, pop up, sliding, flash etc.

call to action

Use Google analytic. 

Bounce rate of a web page= total number of bounces on a page (in a given time period) / total number of entrances on the page (in the same time period)

Here, Bounces is the number of single page visits resulting from the page and Entrances is the number of times visitors entered you site on the page

Google analytic not only provide your overall Bounce it also shows a particular page bounce rate.

Go to Google analytic > Behavior > Overview > page > view full report, If it is 100% bounce rate, you need to take a very very close look at the landing page — check the copy, see if the links are broken, check the load time of the page,  Check the page quality, keywords that don’t performing, short keywords, or you have not promoted your pages right way.

page bounce rate

Some other points you also practice.

  • By adding floating side bar.
  • Suggest more related information links.
  • Mobile friendly & responsive web site.
  • Color management.
  • Dividing the long content.
  • web site Design.
  • Ads placement

 Finally to you

From my Experience, i just say Bounce rate is very important fact for Search engine optimization. Higher bounce can lose your Website Authority score & finally search engine rankings. For better result you have to dominate these strategy from your first day of your web business.

Update your site in proper manner,  analyze your traffic behavior by using Google webmaster & Google analytic.

For more newly updated info keep eyes on my site & my next post about “Zero bounce rate wordpress plugin” A stunning plugin for reduce your bounce rate & full use of your website any traffic.