Competitor keyword analysis-keywords density-keywords research pro tool.

Search engine is the main and most converting sources for any web based business platform. People do search online for their desire products or services by using search engine.

 So, Keyword search is the key to success in web based business for getting targeted traffic.

Online business increasing rapidly, and It is very difficult to find a low competition keywords when we do that by using google keywords planner.

Google keywords planners showing you the result just according to adwords PPC (pay per click) campaign, it don’t suggest you to use a most converting keywords.

I think low competition keywords research has gone, now the time is for competitors keywords research. Just analysis you keywords depend on your competitors.


Why need targeted traffic

If you are running or will run a web based business then targeted traffic is the most important thing for getting quick success. targeted traffic means your clients, who will convert you offers. Suppose if you are promoting e-books using your website but your website contain others niches clients then you will not get any sell.

So, getting more targeted search traffic pick the Low competitor keywords, use keywords in your post according Google keyword density, Use keywords in description, In H1 and H2 title, and marketing your site with keywords including #tag.

Below i have written few steps, just try to follow this, If you follow this tips i am sure that your website traffic level will be high.

Difference between long tail and short keywords

Long tail keywords: If you question that, what is the most converting keywords, then every successful online marketer answer is long tail keywords. “How to make money online” and “make money online” If you use the second keywords then you will definitely get the second keyword traffic, because long tail keywords is a combination of several keywords. When someone find something to buy or use they must be use long tail keywords, something like “best seo keywords research tool” not only “keywords research tool”.

On the other hand with short tail keywords you can get more traffic but your conversation rate will become very low.

Every Seo specialist always suggest you to use long tail keywords, For perfectly research your long tail low competitor keywords you can use some great tool, something like SEMRUSH.

Keywords density

How Often you use a particular keyword on a page to rank your page higher in Google search result. And it depend on the total numbers of words on a page. If your article contain 1000+ words and you use twice time your keywords, then it’s really very poor and won’t effect much more in search results. In addition, Right Keywords density is a most important think to get more search traffic. On the other hand, over keyword density will effect badly on your search result, even google  can penalized your site.

Now the questions is, What is the right keyword density and how to calculate it for your site ? Ok, Suppose you have written 500 words article and use keywords or phrase 5 times then calculating this your keywords density will be 1, very poor for ranking in search engines.

But google suggested keywords density only 3, For getting more search engine traffic you should maintain Search engine term and conditions.

(Number of keywords=5 / Number of your article words=500) * 100 = 1

For better calculating you can use some great tools, and it showing you the complete result of your any page. SEMrush is pro seo and marketing tool, Getting quick result you can use this, otherwise you can choose webconfs.

Keywords difficulty analysis

For Google first page on page seo plays a vital role here such as low competitive keywords. This is not an easy task for any seo expert. But you should analysis your keywords using different method for the right right keywords selection. Below i have explained a effective way for keywords analysis.

Pick a keywords and put is into Google side bar click the search button. What Google showing you ? 10 best links for your related search, Open every link in a new tab, and start to analysis them such as their page rank, alexa rank, Domain authority etc. Mind that if these are authority site like, Moz, Wiki, Cnet, Mashable then it’s very difficult to rank them out. Google priority always high for authority websites.

So Change your keywords and pick another and search with that….

Keywords picturesIf Google showing you some links like you Youtube, Facebook, Normar blogs, Forums then you can easily rank them out.

Now listed these websites and use SEMrush SEO tool to analysis them such as their keywords, traffic source, Backlinks, Referral IP etc. Now start your link building process that better from them.

Keywords research

Keywords research tool

According SEO method, success depend on your keywords research. Couple of years ago, keywords research was so easy that time we can find lot of low competition keywords. But in 2015, very hard to find.

Now the method is competitors keywords research, Finding a low competitor keyword is not very easy but using SEMrush you can do it easily, SEMrush is a better tool from Google keyword planer, Google tool just showing you the competition of keywords and you can not find any low competition keywords.

So, you need to analysis your keywords by competitors method and must be using SEMrush.

SEMRUSH great features below…….

  •  Competitor Keyword Research
  • Competitor’s Backlink Analysis
  • Converting affiliate products research
  • Traffic sources
  • Keywords density checker
  • Crawler Error analysis and removal
  • Complete Seo audit result

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Over to you

Before start your website or blog you should learn about on page seo mainly keywords research. and i highly recommended you to use SEMrush, because it is the unique seo and marketing tool, with this SEMrush you can complete SEO Audit. Thanks for reading my article.