Thrive themes review 2019 , Popular Blogging Themes.


Thrive theme is one of the most popular contents in the business world. Thrive themes allow you to make your business more professional and successful. Your online business success depends on traffic on the sites. Visitors generally stay 8 seconds per site. If your site is good looking, full of attractive content, excellent readability designs for readers than visitors will stay far more than average time. Thrive Theme Review generates the actual thought for users to find out the particular themes for their business life. Thrive theme reviews focus on the perfect content builders, excellent plugins, and user ability for your themes. (more…)

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Thrive themes WooCommerce review *February 50% Discount link*


Thrive WordPress themes are the most popular starting tool for the newbies, Thrive Company already proved that how much they are delighted about the online marketers. Thrive themes really best for Blogging, Affiliate marketing, thrive themes shopping cart, thrive themes ecommerce, Niche site building & any other professional works.

Recently Thrive Updated sll of their WordPress themes & Made all of them Woocommerce supported. It’s really amazing & important to have a product or Woocommerce section on Every WordPress sites.

Check these  10 Thrive woocommerce themes. And below the screenshot of the focus blog theme that supported Woocommerce Plugin.


Highly recommendation to read: Thrive themes membership Discount review

Woocommerce Growing rapidly, By adding a Product store you can get access to your customers smartly when you use the WordPress. Wocommerce is the valuable combination with WordPress Content management system. It’s made the marketing or Online Business easier.

I just want to say, Woocommerce is features is the great opportunity to us, When we are using the WordPress.

So, Before choosing your WordPress, Ask is it Woocommerce Supported? But after adding the Woocommerce features, now Thrive themes are a good combination for professionals that they needed.

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Affiliate Marketing tips and tricks for beginners 2019


When anyone start a new blog, It is just a kid on Google eyes. domain authority, Backlinks, page rank, social signals much lower at that time, There is nothing in Google for your site to give a rank to your site, And that time it’s very hard to rank a keyword.

When I first started to blogging, I was struggling to get more sells, With my new Blog. I know that Blogging is the passive Income source SO, It’s the reality in Blogging that you have to work hard with your new blog. When it’s ranked then your can earn passive income set-up affiliate campaign.

You Should know, Blogging & SEO is the Long time Process. First, few months very hard to get sells. But You Don’t quit from it.

First, 5-6 months very important & most Essential task is to increase visibility in Search engines. You have to aware search engines about your Keywords. Must generate SEO Optimized Content that achieved value from search engines.

And should monetize your Blog For affiliate Marketing. If your are able to Rank your Blog & Share some Good stuff then You must earn Passive income.

So, in this post I am going to share my little experiences, And a little bit techniques of affiliate marketing. I think it will work for you. And for the beginners, it is the effective way to get quick Access in affiliate marketing.

Important: People search on Google to get their information and products. For every affiliate marketers, it’s very important to get organic rank on Google first page.

Find Out the new keywords

As a novice blogger, The biggest mistake that maximum marketer do, Even I was not aware of this track. The mistake is “picked the popular keywords” Here I mention about old keywords. With new Keywords, it’s very easy to increase search engine traffic/Organic traffic.

If you Pick some New keywords & start to build your Affiliate marketing, it’s very easy to get the Google first page. Keep the Google First page You must work properly. 

Note: I just say, follow top bloggers strategies, Not their multiple keywords.

Keep open your eyes, find out Google newly keywords. Might be if there is a new company release and there some new keywords will be created. And they are definitely the low competitor.

As an affiliate marketer, this strategy will work better to make money from a new blog. Although it is easy to rank a particular keyword but make sure that the service is usable for your readers.

  • Always choose the long tail keywords.
  • Go to write a seed keyword and search using level 1, 2, 3.
  • Go to Google Adwords get more ideas.
  • Might me you will find multiple ideas, now save them using the spreadsheet.
  • Go to SemRush (Premium SEO Audit and competitor analysis tool) & analysis the keywords difficulty.

Choose newly released product

When comes a new company/Products there will be created new keywords.

Find out the new companies/Products which is running successfully. I,e., You might be heard about shareable. According to ShareASale, there are many keywords on Google database, like ShareASale review, ShareASale most selling products etc, Must the they are very high competitor keywords. But it’s easy to rank with the newly company related keywords.

  • When the first time “Smart phone” was released, it was a huge one and first few months it was very popular to the consumers.
  • Important: Pick the reliable and effective products or service. Don’t be afraid. It is the best opportunity to get the Google first page with a lot of money.

Pick a product, Write SEO Optimized review Over 1500 words. Share the post in social communities & create backlinks that Your competitors never rank out.

Use Google trends

Google Trends gives us a glimpse of how a keyword, A products or a service perform in the search engines.

Definitely a very helpful tool for every online marketer/Affiliate marketer. It shows us the whole report according to Searchers geographical Areas.

  •  Go to Google trends and placed whatever you want to analysis (Keyword, Company, products).

affiliate marketing tips

Here the report of “Health insurance”

Now we can see here the Demand in different countries. Click on the city to analysis the result according to top cities. 

If you want to set up the SEO local business it works better for you.

affiliate marketing tips and tricks

Here the related topics and the related Keywords. We know that, Google trends analysis matrics  just showing us the popular consumer related term.

So, These keywords might be helpful for you. just add these keywords into your keywords spread sheet to analysis with Google Adword tool.

affiliate marketing technique

 Note: As an Affiliate marketer Google Trends is the glorious Keyword research tool. It will show you traffic area accurately, Which helps CPA marketer.

Seo For every page

Don’t promote your Blog main page only. Over optimization, Your Link considered as a spam. Anyhow it is not the right promotional method.

We know that make money is not the easiest process for the newbies. So you need to be unique on every stage of Search engine optimization.

  • Find out the week & low competitor keywords Use them to build your Content.
  • Write on article submission sites, use keywords on anchor text with your Url.
  • Share your post different social media sites.
  • participate question-answer sites and forums.
  • Link exchange with top sites just find out your niche related site and offer them.

So, it very important to get access in affiliate marketing smartly.

Google webmaster

Very popular tool for every affiliate marketer.

Before use Google webmaster tool, you must have a Gmail account. Log-in to your webmaster account, now verify your website just placing the verification code into your website or blog html header section.

  • Google webmaster is the effective tool to analyze the On-Page SEO such as  live keywords, content keywords, Site Errors, Spam links etc.
  • As an affiliate marketer keyword position very important, listed top 25-30 keywords. now Check your keywords using keyword positioning tool.

Over to you

If you thought that, Make money online though as an affiliate marketer is the easy task.  I just say you are Wrong! But I am right. I am running with My Blog Since 2015 & getting success in 2016. I know, It is Impossible to Increase my Blog Domain Authority Just  in few months & first 5-6 months I was just working hard to generate Content that got maximum visibility in SERPs. And finally, I am passing great times.

It’s very natural things to get visibility in Search engines. It’s all depend on Search Algorithm. So, you have to wait & learn SEO for better friendship with Search engines.

Do you know by Affiliate marketing you can get the commission when you are sleeping. People starting Blog & setting up affiliate campaign just setting up from home. No extra skill needed just writing skill in the different topic.

Want to start a Blog? Want to Build Your Community & share information withost  them. With WordPress & Bluehost, Which is Most Popular Platform to start a Blog. Starting a wordpress BLog its take only 5 minutes only.

Need the discount? From Mythemeshop (WordPress themes) only $25 or less.

Domain hosting on BLUEHOST (WordPress recommended) $3.49/month. read the Bluehost wordpress review.

After that, why you are not starting? It is the best opportunity for you. Everyday Your Competitors Increasing, So you have to take this chance from today & should Your affiliate marketing business.

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Thrive themes membership discount *February 50% Discount link*


I have seen many Professional Online marketers use thrive membership to use the Whole Thrive themes & plugins. As a marketer it’s cheap enough to start with thrive as a promotional tool box.

There are many agencies, who use thrive themes & other WordPress plugins to make different business or marketing website for their clients.

Visit for latest thrive themes Latest Discount.

If you have a good idea about niche site then you should have heard about thrive Focus theme & the Thrive content Builder plugin. These two are the essential tools, the way of making a success & eye catching business website. (more…)

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ipage WordPress hosting review with discount just $1.99/month 2019.


ipage is another reliable & cheap WordPress shared hosting provider. Founded in 1998, iPage is an experienced web hosting provider belong from Burlington, MA, USA. It’s currently run by Endurance International Group, Which is also the owner of another Popular Hosting company Bluehost.

ipage provides a single shared web hosting solution, Which is affordable and rich-featured. They provide very cheap rate only $1.99/month for WordPress blog or small business. The company gets quick success for their outstanding performance on WordPress services. (more…)

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