Elementary but important strategy: How to increase traffic to a new blog.

When someone start a blog with lot’s of hope, and  they thought that it will be very easy to bring lot’s of traffic and make money, truly is more difficult for a newbies. Because online web based or blogging competition now become very high. It is a independent way to make money from as a part time or a full time job. So, People are involving here with a huge number.

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Although, it is very difficult to attract people to read your blog, there after there are many bloggers who ranked well following some great strategy.

Increase blog traffic to a new

We know that, For blog promotion, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) plays a emergent part. If you well experienced on SEO then you can rank your blog quickly.

On page strategy

Low competitive keywords research: We know that, Before a start a blog and Creating content keywords plays a very important role to get massive amount of search engine traffic and rank quickly.

You need to research your keywords with difference methods, You need to find keywords competitors.

When you use Google keywords planner, it will be showing you High, middle and low competition keywords, and you pick the low competition keywords. But this not the right way to keywords research. You have to analysis your keywords depending on your competitors. It means their Alexa rank, Page rank, Domain authority etc who have ranked their website using the same keyword.

To research your keywords in proper manner you Should use SEMrush, paid competitive keywords research tool also the Best SEO Audit tool as well. First test it with a trail period.

Keyword density: Keyword density is the percentage of any blog post, means how much time you have used a particular keywords in your content. Many SEO expert suggest 3% keyword density, You can use a keyword 3 times in your 100 words blog post, and it will be 30 times on 1000 words post. you can use this tool to check your post keyword density.

Unique and informative 1000 words article: We know that content is king and Google search engine loves content. So, write an article which is very useful to your readers.

if you able to Unique and informative article it will help to get more returning visitors and

On The other hand, Minimum 1000 words article boost your search engine traffic because it included maximum number of keywords.

Blog outreach

Blog Commenting: Listed Top 40-50 Blogs, which are related to your blogging niche and start to following them. Read their article and leave relevant comment to their blog post.

This method help you to gain referral traffic also motivate you to write informative article. With that, you will get backlinks for your blog.

Just search on Google with your blog niche. Suppose, your blogging niche is “make money blogging ” Do search with it and your will find lot’s of blog which has a good page rank.

make money blogging
niche related top blogs

Social media marketing: Social media is the massive source to get decent amount of traffic and it decrease Alexa rank. Many from, Google plus, Facebook, Twittter, Pinterest, Linkedin and Instagram are most converting social media.

For better result you can use Hootsuite social marketing tool. This tool make you work more easier and they offer you maximum 35 social media. Just complete your sign up and connect your all accounts with Hootsuite.

Bookmarketing, Forum: Increase backlinks and blog traffic, Bookmarketing and Forum posting very important. Listed 40-50 well PR sites.

Reddit, delicious, Digg are the bookmarketing site. warriorforum, blackhatworld etc are forums site.

Complete Seo audit: Seo audit is the process which is help you to analysis your hole website such as keywords, keywords rank, Backlinks, Referral IP, Referral domain, Broken links, Crawler errors, Your competitors etc.

To safe your site from Google penalty and get more search engine you should Complete your SEO Audit and should remove Site errors, Broken and Spammy  links.

Use SEMrush pro tools to complete your website SEO Audit.

Over to you

To become a successful blogger you need to work hard. Create something new, try to make a relation with your followers, Ask them, what are they thinking about you and your blog.