How to create SEO friendly content for our Blog post.


 Do you know How content marketing working all over the internet?

Why content marketing so much effective after reveled of search Engine?

How to promote your Content for blogging, marketing?

Search engines are the monster with full of all important Information, And it’s the massive source for searchers who need information. We are hoping that Content marketing will alive as long as the search engines search usability keep turning on.

When we write something on Google to find information, We called the phrase as a “keyword” The value of a keyword on search engine most expensive.

Stand on Keyword, Google Search Algorithm builds. And it’s True, there is a relationship with Content marketing & keyword. 

In this current article We are going Discuss, how to create SEO Optimize Content that rank higher on Google.

Note: This post by a new SEO, Marketing Blogger, Who have experienced most of these SEO Factors, Are you a new blogger or a marketer? You can implement your marketing strategy by dominating these valuable tactics.

Image size optimization

Page weight also an important fact of Search ranking, You should know, Google’s site speed algorithms have been running for a few weeks.

For keeping  your page Loading faster you should implement your Image optimization and other protocol too.

 Use PNG, JPEG formats Images, Reduce your Image Weight By Adobe Photoshop or For non Expert Picmoney, Canva are Image editing tools.

 Hide Images clickable link, it’s irritated your readers by unlickly clicking.


 Image name should not write empty space “Seo friendly content”. Use Hyphen on the Empty space like “Seo-friendly-content” is Good.

 Include Image ALT tag.

 If possible Use your/Blog signature On bottom of the corner.

Epic Title – More clicks

What I Do, When I search on Google? Simply, claim on the page and Scroll up & Down, Click the link that attract & promise me most. 



Create Authorized, Curiosity, practicable, indispensable titles that can attract your readers to clink on your link. More clicks means ranking on higher.

 According to search webmaster, Keep title text between 5 and 60 characters in length

 Don’t use any of the following special characters in title text: ‘”<>{}[]()

My tips for you:You can Follow Sue recent published article for best practice on Post Headline Use this experience on your content H1, H2 tag, hope it will increase the timing fact of visitors on your site. 

Description facts

Search engine like Google, Bing doesn’t count the meta description as a ranking factor. Meta descriptions are used by search engines only as a means of providing a content preview for users.


Create unique descriptions for each page, using keywords specific to that page.

 Keep the description text up to 150 characters in length

 Do not copy title tag text content as a description; this is a wasted opportunity to develop more keywords and adds no value

 Don’t use any of the following special characters in description text: ‘”<>{}[]()

 Make the description text unique on every page

Grammar & spelling checker.

If you write an Informal article about 1000 Words at length, But made some Mistakes on grammar and spelling. Therefore, you have missed out from full credited of your hard working, Even It’s not SEO Optimized on the eyes of search engines webmaster Algorithm.


Grammarly! It’s Popular tool that using by Top Content marketers to find out grammar and spelling mistakes. Use Grammarly for free including Plagiarism Checker tool too.

Functional Implementation.

Give a structural look of your content diagram. Use some functional components to arrange the whole article. It also refulgent your content to your readers. 

Call to action: Emphasize on your “call to action” Establish some workable CTA. where, you want to send your Customers.

How CTA increase reader engagement, My recent published detail post on “Call to action” recommended for reading.

Free WordPress Functional Plugin, which is not bad at all. But if you are a premium user you can check thrive content builder.

keyword stuffing

Very valuable part creation of your content. I have seen many Top Bloggers Emphasize on keyword stuffing instead of targeting a keyword.

For an i,e; “Top seo marketing plan” is a New SEO Blog, no doubt to say that it has not many links, Domain Authority also very low. 

So, If I target a keyword “Semrush Review” which has high competitor, It’s very hard to rank this, But I have no option without this, because It’s the duty as an SEO writer to write on Semrush as a top  SEO & Marketing tool. At that time we can target this keyword as a core & also stuffing with the related keywords of SemRush. 

Important: For your Stuffing keyword picks any keyword, If it’s Low search volume even 10/month.

Related keyword tools

Semrush, LongTailPro are the premium tools, they won’t show you the low search volume keywords which is related to your content.

I love two free tools to find the related keywords, You would be amazing by using these keyword tools, you will find lot’s of unavailable related keywords which has minimum 10 search volume even 0.

I use these two tools Seochat related keywords tool & Serps Keyword research tool for getting over finding the related Keywords.


Collect all keywords that related to your niche/category. If you have well experienced in marketing & keyword research, you must know which keywords has Workable. For confirmation, You can check keywords with SEMrush or keywordrevealer.

Content front size is a fact

Stop Using fonts like 10pt or 12pt & it’s the old version of the font, it’s hardly attack people to leave the page without reading. Make your content steps by steps focusing on the core purpose.


 14pt, 16pt, 18pt are the ideal size for content marketing.

 Not only the font size Emphasize on your Line white space. 

 Use H1 or H2 tag on your title according to your font size.

Note: I use 14pt font size, 1.7pt line space and H2 tag for title. Download the Google Font Manager Plugin if you are a WordPress user. 

Content internal – External links

Many SEO expert says External links play a vital role to measure the value of your content on search engines.


 Use related External links to your content ,you can get some Good stuff of your content. 

 It’s aware search engine there has some important information.

 Use anchor text on the link

 External Links relevancy may ranking you higher on the Category.  

Write only for Google

In the online how many articles we read in the same info, same writing hand. If it’s running your readers feel resentful & finally leave your Blog  immediately.

It’s not only for your readers, Google Algorithm also implemented stand on human behavior. So, It’s essential to writing on the terms of Google.

Take too much time for creating content.

Search engine loves Evergreen Content!

Key point: Collect the whole Group Phrase keywords & Implement your Content, Use Grammarly grammar check tool to Make it extra unique to your readers.

Optimal  Content length

According to Search engine journal More Content means more keywords therefore, more power to you, 1500-2000 word posts have a better chance to get better position on SERPs.

Suppose if you are searching for an answer, shorter post like 500 – 600 word may not get enough information likely enough phrase keywords as well.

When it comes with 2000 word, it has much full of group phrases on the topic. And search engine considers this as an informal link to that topic.

Note: There is no Optimal Articles length for everyone. Usually, It depends on your competitor how many they are writing on. Therefore, you have detailed ideas how to write the best SEO friendly article to rank out them.

But ideal Blog post length minimum 1200-1500 word, where you can  Explicit your Blog post/topic quite beautifully.

In the end 

Are you a novice on Blogging, Content marketing or affiliate marketing. It’s your Good luck that you are here. When I was at the beginners level, I have not any idea about the SEO optimized content, How content marketing work. Finally, I was struggling to get success & make money.

You should know, Online marketing stands on Content marketing, with a poor quality content, linkbuilding will not work for you. If you are able to dominate clear concept about content marketing you will be never regret to grow your any online business at the very first time.

So, Implement Your Content marketing strategy by dominating these ideas with the live examples & for blog post SEO best practices as well.

If you feel that this post little bit helpful for you & what part you have learned from this article, or any suggestion, let me know by placing a comment. By the way, I have used lot more times to create this content so, Don’t forget to share my hard writing post with your friends.