Zero bounce rate WordPress plugin review 2019 – Latest Discount code.

Zero bounce rate wordpress plugin

What is the relation with Bounce rate and SEO? What is bounce rate in google Analytics? 

Do you heard about Zero Bounce rate WordPress Plugin? If you not, Welcome You to read this very effective article about Zero bounce WordPress plugin, If you suffering to rank your site and make decent sales from your blog.

What you will do? If your losing traffic make money for you, also reduce your Blog bounce rate into very lower with higher search engine ranking. I think you are dancing in your mind. Yes my friends this WP plugin really stunning, keep reading the whole review to know the great features of this Zero Bounce WP plugin.

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With this you can make some hard changes of your sells & marketing process converting all of your web traffic because there have a newly released plugin called “”Zero bounce rate Plugin“” it has the ability to make your web site as a sells funnel.

Rock: It’s a AMAZING PLUGIN, Every marketer must using plugin. Let’s see the Plugin features Zero Bounce WordPress Plugin.

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Thrive Themes Discount Coupon *February 2019 50% Discount link*


If you are landed here for discount coupon or promo code for thrive themes, Content builder, Thrive Landing pages, Thrive ultimatum, Thrive leads plugin, Thrive headline optimizer, Thrive clever widgets then welcome you all! Our Blog always providing the latest Discount links on Every Thrive themes & Plugins.

Important: For “Topseomarketingplan” readers we provide Thrive themes Special Discounts links because thrivethemes doesn’t support any coupon code or hasn’t any interface that you can use the coupon code when you check out.


Thrive Themes Membership Discount

You know,  Thrive Themes & their all SEO and marketing plugins are very popular to the Online marketers. And the price of the particular themes & plugin not affordable. But, as a professional and smart marketer you must use thrive tools.

So, What Next?

Do you know? You can start with Membership just paying $75 (Not applicable 24% discount) Pay once every 3 months. That means $25 per month.

Start With Thrive themes membership !!

 $228 Pay once every 12 months (save 24% or save $72 per year)

 $75 pay once every 3 months that means $300 per year. 

Therefore, To save lot of money, You can subscribe on their Membership plan, Thrive Membership plan starting price is $19/month

Note: Most of the user choose their membership plan to use all their current products and the upcoming products under the existing membership plan.


Thrive Content Builder plugin Discount link

Content builder is a On page SEO tool to make a stylish Content page. Content builder Initial Updated price is now $67. Know more, Content builder Discount pricing page.


Thrive Leads plugin Discount link

Leads is a popup Email listing plugin or you can use this as a call to action On your WordPress Blog to build your community and get more sales. Leads initial pricing start from $67. Visit the Thrive leads discount page.Linefortopseomarketingplan

Thrive Headline optimizer plugin pricing Link

To optimize your every post title for better SEO, Thrive Headline optimizer plugin is the essential tool for every Online marketer. Headline optimizer plugin pricing start from $67, You can Check more Info from this Thrive headline optimizer offer page. 


Thrive Clever Widgets plugin pricing link

Very clever way to increase Conversion. This plugin is for WordPress sidebar widgets. You can manage multiple Widgets according tags, categories to increase earnings. Here the Clever widgets pricing page, initial price is $39.


Thrive Landing pages plugin pricing Link

On you WordPress website you can build professional landing pages by using this Landing page plugin. As a marketer you can manage offer pages, sales pages, Contact page or about page with by this plugin. The landing page plugin Initial price is $67, Check their pricing page for updated offer


Thrive ultimatum plugin pricing Link

Ultimatum is the best scarcity marketing plugin that can help you skyrocket your blog sales. This is the new plugin by ThriveThemes. The initial pricing start from $127. Visit the Ultimatum Pricing page

Linefortopseomarketingplan has multiple Products people loving. Their WordPress themes comes with words “All in one” If you are a novice Their products can be the main source of your starting motivator.

Their core products implementing with Drag & Drop Editing process. Like, Content builder, To appear your Content visually constructing to your readers. For a non-expert Content builder has easy drag & drop Edition.

Before telling you about thrive themes offer let’s talk about WordPress themes & their popular products.

Thrive leads: One of the most repeated statements in marketing is that a mailing list is the most important asset an online business can build. Leads to be the hands-down most effective, most conversion focused lead opt-in plugin for WordPress.

It’s the all-in-one list-building solution you’ve been waiting for. Popup Lightbox, “Sticky” Ribbon, In-Line Forms, 2-Step Opt-In Form, Slide-In, Opt-In Widget.

Leads give you a simple overview over the most important metrics. See exactly how your opt-in forms are performing over time and where your most valuable traffic comes from.

Thrive Leads updated price: Leads WordPress Plugin initial price for single user or One site $67 & $97 for unlimited websites.

Thrive landing page: Presenting your Proposal to your clients & Attract your clients it’s necessary to make a well-designed landing page that your customers easily take an action. 

The company provide Up to 122 templates Including the Landing page Plugin. By using these templates you can create flawless, high-converting and extremely polished looking pages. Landing page initial price start from $67 for a single site. And $97 for unlimited sites.

The templates of the landing page really useful to the marketers & the every templates are very much effective for professional use. As for CPA marketing & making eye-catching CPA offer page this templates give you easy making of them.

Thrive Themes Coupon, Promo code march 2017

The single site license key for  thrive theme is $49, was $59 and you can use one theme for one single website.  The unlimited personal license of a theme is $67 and you can use one theme in multiple sites.

The single site license key of Content builder is $59 and the unlimited personal license key is $87.

But thrive themes membership of personal license is $19/month and agency license key is $49/month paid annually when you use our coupon on this page. We strongly recommend that you purchase their membership to take your WordPress blog to next level.

Why should you join in Thrive membership?

Thrivethemes membership is essential for them who just want to go with their online business into the next level & to use Premium marketing & Lead generation tools with low price. Their Membership pricing very lower.

There are two categories membership available One Membership is for personal or Entrepreneur & the other Membership plan for agencies.

Products:  like Thrive 10 themes, Content builder, Leads, Landing page, Clever Widgets all of you can use by joining Thrive membership plan. For the small business or Blogging Entrepreneur, You just pay $19/month for all Products.

And including Unlimited updates & supports But must use them only your personal use.


Vast savings Up to $700

As the a member of the company you can save more than $700, get all of the plugins and all of the themes. Yes, there are 10 elegant themes and 3 tools ( Content Builder, Landing Pages & Leads) you can use. And upcoming themes and plugins.

The price of a theme is $49, then 10 of the total price is $490. Plus the price of the tools of thrive, so joins with the membership of the company is very cost-effective.

Unlimied Support & Updates Up to 1 year, Free

Get unlimited access to theme updates and support during your membership. Once you’ve bought a membership subscription, you can benefit from a professional and qualitative support and theme updates.

Up to 30 days Money Refund

If for any reason, you are not happy with our themes or services, you may request a full refund within 30 days.

Thrive content builder pricing

“Thrive Content builder” Most popular WordPress Plugin by thrivethemes. This Plugin Implemented to Build Professional content layouts for Blog readers. A Lot of modules are added in this Plugin. Which has a Visual editor to make your Blog post stunning. Making your Content Conversational you can use Call to action, Comparison table, Pricing table, Text highlighter, Reviews system & lot more.

This plugin even stretches to dragging and dropping elements around a page to create custom Layouts.


Thrive themes Pricing table in 2017

They Provide Responsive WordPress Themes, There are 10 themes ready for you to use. Every theme built for online business requirements and conversion optimization. If You want to start professional Blogging then You can Choose the WordPress themes. Because they are well-designed & SEO ready.

thrive-themes-pricing-tableFor a particular WordPress site you have to pay $49 for one site with 1 License Key. But If you want use the same theme for your other websites then you have to pay $67 for Unlimited License under the same themes.

Blazing Fast

Few things are as important to the success of a website as the page loading times. With this in mind, the Squared theme was created to be as light and nimble as possible, all without you having to compromise in quality or flexibility.

Beautifully Responsive

Rise looks amazing on any screen size. It is built to be responsive not only in design, but also in functionality, so that your visitors always have the best possible experience on your site, no matter what device they are on.

Thrive Membership For Big Savings

Thrives most popular for cheap pricing & their membership plans. They have 5-6 online tools that you can use paying over $500. But their single-user membership helps you convert it $228 with all tools, Also Including 10 WordPress themes.

Built for Conversions

We don’t just build features for the sake of building features. Their Themes are carefully crafted for the best possible conversions, by people with years of experience in engaging, converting and selling to audiences online.

Note: The company Doesn’t provide any Black friday sale discount or Any Cyber Monday discount offer, But hope upcoming days they will consider those discount offers as well. 

Read , Ultimatum review

They don’t provide any coupon code

The company has no interface for coupon code that means you will not find nay interface for insert coupon code. There are many people who ask for coupon code but it’s totally wrong and not illegible.

In the End

We know that WordPress the Most Popular WordPress CMS by Wiki, And Thrive themes really care about the factors.

In this detailed post we mentioned all the Premium tools by & their discounted price. Hope you love their products.

Content builder is the most amazing tool, Which is using by Bloggers to build Stunning Content diagram. My recommendation to you, Use Content builder to create conversional Blog post.

If you are Online Worker then their resources can be useful for you, Their all products  are very usable. Anybody can start the online business just using their startup resource with the vast Discounted price.

Their new products launching soon. And you can use them existing of your membership plan. So, Keep visiting My Blog for latest Discount, coupon code & more new offers.

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Thrive Landing Pages creator review for CPA Marketing, Blogging.


This post mainly for those who just searching CPA marketing, Online Marketing landing pages creator as a WordPress user and the landing pages plugin by Thrive themes making some valuable stuff for Smart WordPress marketers. You may heard about thrive content builder, thrive leads, thrive themes & popular Thrive Landing pages creator / Builder that I am going to mention the best part & usability of this Plugin for WordPress users.

Note: Thrive Landing page for the Existing WordPress user, Who want to make a particular page as like as a Offer landing page to promote CPA Campaign. But, if someone planning to create only landing pages Under their own Domain hosting then Get response Landing pages really good one for you. Read the latest Get response Pricing review.


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Affiliate Marketing tips and tricks for beginners 2019


When anyone start a new blog, It is just a kid on Google eyes. domain authority, Backlinks, page rank, social signals much lower at that time, There is nothing in Google for your site to give a rank to your site, And that time it’s very hard to rank a keyword.

When I first started to blogging, I was struggling to get more sells, With my new Blog. I know that Blogging is the passive Income source SO, It’s the reality in Blogging that you have to work hard with your new blog. When it’s ranked then your can earn passive income set-up affiliate campaign.

You Should know, Blogging & SEO is the Long time Process. First, few months very hard to get sells. But You Don’t quit from it.

First, 5-6 months very important & most Essential task is to increase visibility in Search engines. You have to aware search engines about your Keywords. Must generate SEO Optimized Content that achieved value from search engines.

And should monetize your Blog For affiliate Marketing. If your are able to Rank your Blog & Share some Good stuff then You must earn Passive income.

So, in this post I am going to share my little experiences, And a little bit techniques of affiliate marketing. I think it will work for you. And for the beginners, it is the effective way to get quick Access in affiliate marketing.

Important: People search on Google to get their information and products. For every affiliate marketers, it’s very important to get organic rank on Google first page.

Find Out the new keywords

As a novice blogger, The biggest mistake that maximum marketer do, Even I was not aware of this track. The mistake is “picked the popular keywords” Here I mention about old keywords. With new Keywords, it’s very easy to increase search engine traffic/Organic traffic.

If you Pick some New keywords & start to build your Affiliate marketing, it’s very easy to get the Google first page. Keep the Google First page You must work properly. 

Note: I just say, follow top bloggers strategies, Not their multiple keywords.

Keep open your eyes, find out Google newly keywords. Might be if there is a new company release and there some new keywords will be created. And they are definitely the low competitor.

As an affiliate marketer, this strategy will work better to make money from a new blog. Although it is easy to rank a particular keyword but make sure that the service is usable for your readers.

  • Always choose the long tail keywords.
  • Go to write a seed keyword and search using level 1, 2, 3.
  • Go to Google Adwords get more ideas.
  • Might me you will find multiple ideas, now save them using the spreadsheet.
  • Go to SemRush (Premium SEO Audit and competitor analysis tool) & analysis the keywords difficulty.

Choose newly released product

When comes a new company/Products there will be created new keywords.

Find out the new companies/Products which is running successfully. I,e., You might be heard about shareable. According to ShareASale, there are many keywords on Google database, like ShareASale review, ShareASale most selling products etc, Must the they are very high competitor keywords. But it’s easy to rank with the newly company related keywords.

  • When the first time “Smart phone” was released, it was a huge one and first few months it was very popular to the consumers.
  • Important: Pick the reliable and effective products or service. Don’t be afraid. It is the best opportunity to get the Google first page with a lot of money.

Pick a product, Write SEO Optimized review Over 1500 words. Share the post in social communities & create backlinks that Your competitors never rank out.

Use Google trends

Google Trends gives us a glimpse of how a keyword, A products or a service perform in the search engines.

Definitely a very helpful tool for every online marketer/Affiliate marketer. It shows us the whole report according to Searchers geographical Areas.

  •  Go to Google trends and placed whatever you want to analysis (Keyword, Company, products).

affiliate marketing tips

Here the report of “Health insurance”

Now we can see here the Demand in different countries. Click on the city to analysis the result according to top cities. 

If you want to set up the SEO local business it works better for you.

affiliate marketing tips and tricks

Here the related topics and the related Keywords. We know that, Google trends analysis matrics  just showing us the popular consumer related term.

So, These keywords might be helpful for you. just add these keywords into your keywords spread sheet to analysis with Google Adword tool.

affiliate marketing technique

 Note: As an Affiliate marketer Google Trends is the glorious Keyword research tool. It will show you traffic area accurately, Which helps CPA marketer.

Seo For every page

Don’t promote your Blog main page only. Over optimization, Your Link considered as a spam. Anyhow it is not the right promotional method.

We know that make money is not the easiest process for the newbies. So you need to be unique on every stage of Search engine optimization.

  • Find out the week & low competitor keywords Use them to build your Content.
  • Write on article submission sites, use keywords on anchor text with your Url.
  • Share your post different social media sites.
  • participate question-answer sites and forums.
  • Link exchange with top sites just find out your niche related site and offer them.

So, it very important to get access in affiliate marketing smartly.

Google webmaster

Very popular tool for every affiliate marketer.

Before use Google webmaster tool, you must have a Gmail account. Log-in to your webmaster account, now verify your website just placing the verification code into your website or blog html header section.

  • Google webmaster is the effective tool to analyze the On-Page SEO such as  live keywords, content keywords, Site Errors, Spam links etc.
  • As an affiliate marketer keyword position very important, listed top 25-30 keywords. now Check your keywords using keyword positioning tool.

Over to you

If you thought that, Make money online though as an affiliate marketer is the easy task.  I just say you are Wrong! But I am right. I am running with My Blog Since 2015 & getting success in 2016. I know, It is Impossible to Increase my Blog Domain Authority Just  in few months & first 5-6 months I was just working hard to generate Content that got maximum visibility in SERPs. And finally, I am passing great times.

It’s very natural things to get visibility in Search engines. It’s all depend on Search Algorithm. So, you have to wait & learn SEO for better friendship with Search engines.

Do you know by Affiliate marketing you can get the commission when you are sleeping. People starting Blog & setting up affiliate campaign just setting up from home. No extra skill needed just writing skill in the different topic.

Want to start a Blog? Want to Build Your Community & share information withost  them. With WordPress & Bluehost, Which is Most Popular Platform to start a Blog. Starting a wordpress BLog its take only 5 minutes only.

Need the discount? From Mythemeshop (WordPress themes) only $25 or less.

Domain hosting on BLUEHOST (WordPress recommended) $3.49/month. read the Bluehost wordpress review.

After that, why you are not starting? It is the best opportunity for you. Everyday Your Competitors Increasing, So you have to take this chance from today & should Your affiliate marketing business.

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Grammarly 40% discount coupon code 2019, Grammar checker tool.


Do you know, the bad effect of wrong grammar when you will write for your Audiences. You should know as an online writer, grammar mistakes can destroy your whole hard working.

Search engine algorithm implemented with these factors, for better ranking on SERPs its necessary published flawless content.


It was about user-friendly article writing, but this post mainly about the Grammarly  discount coupon code. As you know, Grammarly is the top & most usable grammar checker tool. 

Grammarly is the tool that you can Use for free and premium with rich features.

Use Grammarly Grammar Checker For Free.


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Call to action examples with best practices.


Somehow, Online marketing success depends on some technique, some strategy that people really love to get engaged. There have really some engaging tactics that, Every Marketer must dominate.

It’s not important which is your marketing strategy, it’s can be anything you want, but you must find out the procedure that really works for you.

We do Video marketing, Social media marketing, Content marketing etc, But our core intention is only one thing, how we convert people as a real customer by urging him to take any action. (more…)

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