Small business blogging and Its benefits – As business owner you should know.


Are you a Business Owner, Involved with any Business. Passing  a great time or not & hoping a lot more from it, tested many strategies, But failed to get as your expectation.  But don’t know how to implement on your strategy & convert it more profitable? 

There are several ways that you can promote your business if you invest huge budget by advertising or contact with some Business promotion service. But mind that, these are not work as permanent. If you are wondering to invest & find out some long term promotion then there is a great & the Smart way to Build your business in a professional manner.

Do you Know What is Business Blogging? A business Blogging is a marketing technique that used for marketing Business, Promote your Business using Online, And for motivating your Customers. A proper planning & market research it could be a Cost effective Way of your Business promotion. 

Yes, a Blog, A Blog can change the whole structure of your business, It’s move to your Business more profitable.

Not only this, if you do that i guarantee you, You will full control of your business, You can get your own Online interface to communicate with new customers. You can conduct market research using surveys easily, And can discover new business ideas.

In This post, I am going to share the benefits of Business Blogging & how to adapt with that attract people to grow your Business. Finally, The reliable resource to start your Business Blog.

How Business Blog work

Search customer: I have mentioned in my previous articles SEO optimized Content marketing how work. After revelling of search Engine, the combination of search engine & content marketing is really a core fact to get search customers.

Note: Search traffic is the most valuable for getting high conversation, Without Content marketing it’s the hardest thing when it comes search customers. 


First, Search your Keywords. Find those Keywords that people search online & which is related to your content. For an instance, When we include the Keyword on our Content then it will appear on the Search engine when someone search using the desire Keyword.

We should focus in our Blog Content. But statistically, It’s very hard to rank your content for Google First page to more people see it. You have to learn some SEO Factors to build your content structure. Keyword density, keyword stuffing and more for better place in SERPs you must dominate. You can Check this article for Making SEO optimized content.

Before start your business marketing Blog ensure you have time to raise it with proper planning

Blog readers: A blog is the beneficial tool when you include it on Your website. There are many people who just want to passing time online & affection with multiple blogs & they love their words what ever they say.

You may know , Many people Convert their Blog readers into their business targeted customers.  They just research market what people like & write words to attract them.

Therefore, A blog Permanently engage your readers with your business & convert your readers into Customers.

Motivate your Customers: You can start your Business Blog to motivate your existing or new Customer. By sharing rich features of Your products/service & How would they are going to benefited with the Service. You can share the brand of your products & can show the graph statistically of the product upward usability.

Info-graphic: It’s a new version of content marketing, And it’s really performing well when its comes readers integration. Info graphic is the combination of content & visual effect, which convert boring subject into a captivating experience. In the recent past the usability of Infographics increasing. It’s a smart & conversational way to present you purpose. Let’s see the example by ““.


Title should be unique & attractable. 

Include diversity of source & statistics of the topic.

Use color combination that visually contrasting to your readers.

Videos: By adding video that informal & full of information on your blog also a part of Marketing to increase visibility on search engines and your blog readers.

Email subscription: Email marketing is the most effective Marketing strategy. It’s proved, Email marketing conversation rate much higher than any other marketing technique if you collect your email listing properly.

How many Emails we deleting daily without opening it? Because we didn’t subscribed there for E-letters or The E-information is not for me that we want.

Using Email subscription in your Blog you will able to collect Targeted email addresses of your customers. And they are your permanent super targeted customers.

Use an Email Auto responder for professionally serve your proposal & keep communicating with your customers. Email marketing is a individual & massive segment of marketing technique. Autoresponder help you to create converting email campaign. My recent post on Getresponse pricing review (top email service)  How it’s help your to analyze your email campaigns.

Or, click here to start the get Response 30 days trail period.

Email address every business owner should listing, Check this article on email marketing to boost organic traffic.

Establish Authority: If you have a popular face in any industry then you will success in any business at the very first time. Believe it or not Authority and more than Online business success related with each other. 


A blog is the place where you can tell about you, Your creation and lot more. It’s the open source to meet thousands of people, who are just waiting to know about you and to hear your words/voice. By using this platform & great opportunity you can establish your strong Authority which help your build your business rapidly.

The real Author Neil Patel who has Praised in online marketing for his achievement and revealed digital marketing techniques with his new business & he is the founder of Kissmetrics

Product Branding: You may heard about Sponsored reviews, What is sponsored reviews? It’s a marketing technique, use niche related Multiple blogs to market any business. Sponsored reviews always not free, You have to pay depending on blog ranking.


But you can start your business blog for long lasting business promotion & branding your product. When you consistently creating helpful content for your readers, Therefore, you must got a powerful authority and branding your products so much easy it that time.

Related  Content is the first fact to do this.

Show the logo Use business Stickers on your blog or content.

Business Content: Normally business related content is different than other type of writing. Here you have to focus on every sentence that related to your topic. keep your content Concise & informal.

Professional blog design: Its really a matter here, you are marketing your business & your blog carrying your reputation. You can pick WordPress business themes instead of developing the custom themes. Business WordPress make your job more easier. Because it’s fully customized for business promotion.

Use your Brand logo & usable favicon to your blog. 

By placing some well known brand stickers on the footer section you can make it trustworthy & unique to your readers. 

Market Research make easy

We have seen that, many Company used Online Survey for market research, , help by understanding customers behavior make them happy.

A well planning Blog help you for a better marketing research, If you able to attract thousands of people to read your blog then you have a good chance to know about them & ask them a question.

You have to dominate few tactics to do this.

Use Comment interface: Blog commenting also fact of SEO, Both the owner of the Blog & the blog commenter benefited with it.

As a  business Blogging, To promote your content on search engines play a vital role. Its help your increase outbound links & with lot more content keywords. At all, it’s give you breathing in your blog to get positive action from readers.

Blog Comment interface also perform to know readers opinion as well.

Ask for a survey: Blog is a great tool to help integrate your entire marketing system, A blog make your Online surveys more unique & sustainable. To know your readers opinion such as market research every time you will be one step ahead from other. 


Multiple technique you can apply to complete surveys.

You can include different Questions to your readers and ask them for an action. After Analyzation of their reactions you can stable in a point for your next marketing strategy.

If you have a huge list of Emails, Who are subscribed to your blog news letter. You can conduct an email survey to your readers.

In the End

 A blog could be a extensive Asset for you when you Ascend it with all positive facts. Not only as a Business blogger. There are lot more opportunities to start a blog & get benefited.

Somehow, Online Based business stand on some facts like a Blog. A blog is massive tool for you when it comes Business promotion. You can analyze, Minimum 90%-95% business owners picking Content marketing as a reliable process to build their business. There are many people who make at least 4-5 blogs to build the main Online business website.

And business Blogging is the Long term, Cost effective method for them.

Now, starting a Blog its not higher cost to you. Bluehost offer $3.49/month (with discount) if you start it with WordPress themes. To start it smoothly follow these stating steps.