Thrive Clever widgets plugin review 2016


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But, In this review article we are going to talking about thrive themes new plugins Thrive clever widgets Plugin. This plugin implemented very cleverly to change your sidebar advertising strategy. This clever plugin works like a rocket when it comes sidebar conversion.

After lunched this plugin surely change the old version of sidebar advertising and anyone can hope something double by using this clever widgets WordPress Plugin. 

Let’s Visit the thrive clever widgets landing page to see the Thrive clever widgets plugin tutorial and Usability of this plugin.


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How facebook, Googe, Amazon make their conversation

Why Facebook, Google, Amazon brings the most conversation and considered as the most conversational website. One of the big reason is they always targeted their audience and propose the best offer that their customers want.

If you are aware about the banner or sidebar advertising you may know how much it cost on the facebook or Google adwords advertising.

Normally, Facebook,  Google showing ads depending the search cookie which is already installed on the browser. That means if some one search by thrive themes and that tie facebook or Google showing ads by this terms.

Here, we mentioned this because thrive Clever widgets showing ads by targeting the audience they want.

How to target by thrive clever widgets

Thrive clever widgets is a fully functional plugin as you need to make conversational web blog you want. By installing this plugin on your WordPress blog there will be the function, which you can use to optimize the plugin on your widget section.

As a blogger or online marketer we need to make hundreds of different post page for our large Audience but Could we thought about the sidebar advertising or side bar call to action gadgets ? Every time and every Audience see the same advertisement on our blog.

How much it effective on the same way ?

I think you have look at the Thrive clever widgets, which has clever targeting options you want to make your conversation double.

With this thrive clever widgets plugin you can target your audience by….

1. Page Targeting

2. post Targeting

3. Front page targeting

4. Category targeting

5. Tag targeting

Usability of thrive clever widget

Usability of this clever widget really easy, After installed the plugin on your WordPress just go to the widgets section of you WordPress Control panel. And click on a widgets that you have added and click on the thrive widgets options. Then you can find all the targeting options like you want to target this widget. For the existing widget target all the related pages, Posts, tags, categories etc.

After targeting different widgets for different pages, posts, and tags, when someone visit the pages or posts then thrive clever widgets show the related sidebar advertisement that you already targeted.

Thrive clever widgets pricing discount

Thrive clever widgets is now with the discounted price, As for the easy picking the single site license key only $39. Like me as a blogger you can get the unlimited license key for personal use. And use this plugin all of your personal websites.

But, as a agency owner,


Use the Agency license key for your clients websites. Agency license key discounted price is now $49/month. Which is really much more for a single plugin.

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Over to you

Hope, now you have a clear idea about thrive cleaver widgets. If you have any question about this clever widgets plugin or any suggestion please leave a reply in the comment section.