Thrive Landing Pages creator review for CPA Marketing, Blogging.


This post mainly for those who just searching CPA marketing, Online Marketing landing pages creator as a WordPress user and the landing pages plugin by Thrive themes making some valuable stuff for Smart WordPress marketers. You may heard about thrive content builder, thrive leads, thrive themes & popular Thrive Landing pages creator / Builder that I am going to mention the best part & usability of this Plugin for WordPress users.

Note: Thrive Landing page for the Existing WordPress user, Who want to make a particular page as like as a Offer landing page to promote CPA Campaign. But, if someone planning to create only landing pages Under their own Domain hosting then Get response Landing pages really good one for you. Read the latest Get response Pricing review.

The Landing pages, Where you want to land your customers to engage with any offer. landing page created for high conversation.  It’s the high technique to get customers trust & present proposal professionally.

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let’s talk about the thrive landing pages plugin for WordPress users, Which you can Use as CPA landing pages creator, Offer landing, Email subscription, marketing home page, Contact page, about page & any other landing pages.

Benefits of thrive landing pages

Thrive landing pages is a WordPress Plugin, To use this plugin you must be WordPress User.

We all know that up to 90% of Online marketer prefer WordPress For their marketing promotion tools such as Content marketing. I think, this Thrive WordPress Landing creator plugin helps those marketers to save huge money & time. Just as  WordPress user anyone can Customize their landing pages for marketing, Cpa marketing. 

Suppose, You are running a WordPress niche Blog & want promote a Affiliate products or CPA campaign then you can create Stunning custom landing pages, Which would be most conversational for you.

Note: As a Blogger, If you already have a well structure of Content & related traffic so, it’s would be amazing & most profitable with thrive landing page creator for making 1k per month. Thrive landing pages creator Plugin worth $69 for single site & $97 for the Unlimited site (license key).

Pick an Affiliate products or Cpa Campaign, Create a professional Landing pages & propose your readers to grab them by banner advertising in your WordPress site. 

Thrive themes landing pages review


Customization areas you must love

You can change the button/headline/bullet point/whatever text.

You can remove text, images or any other part of the landing pages

Changeable background image or color, Make your landing pages with your own images.

Change the color of links, buttons, text etc just simple as a WordPress customization.

Choose your Google own fonts.

You can able to change the order of elements on the pages.

It’s a great to translate everything on the pages into a different languages you want.

And you can add any kind of custom content anywhere inside any of the pages.

Up to 122 ready templates

Thrive landing pages has 122 default templates that can fulfill different marketing requirement such as Publishing conversion-optimized landing pages, Building your mailing list, awesome marketing pages & content etc.

More Templates Coming Soon…



Buttons & Call to action

Call to action is the Final Elements of any Landing page. Without Call to Action, you landing pages considered as ungratified. Every Element of your Landing page has different aims. But call to action use in section, where you call your customers to take an action & it could be anything such as a link, Email subscription, purchase link, download link etc.

Call to action Generate decent Clicks with higher profit that every marketer hoping.

Thrive landing page creator has some stunning default templates with some contrasting Call to action buttons. Create a call to action Box including converting text with any of custom colors that matched. 

Good values in Small devices

Thrive landing page creator has good values in small devices. And matched on any device. Their Every element such as columns, CTA boxes, Image interfaces build responsibly for SEO.

Easily add mobile responsive YouTube, Vimeo or self-hosted videos to your content.

Click-to-Edit, Drag and Drop

Thrive Landing page has easy Drag and Drop editing surface. Click to edit any elements on the page. Move any element with a simple drag and drop system. No Need any coding Experience. Just build for all to create a good looking & actionable landing pages. 


And the best part: The editor is easy & isn’t limited to just working in Thrive Landing Pages – you can use it to create your blog posts, build marketing pages, sales pages and more.

Loading time Faster

We know site speed is matters, thrive landing page editor is built to be super fast and intuitive to use. Their code is lean and fast as well. The pages you build with Thrive Landing Pages are light and nimble, which means they load quickly and convert more.

Countdown Timer

A fantastic conversion-boosting element for any sale or special offer with a time limit. Thrive landing page countdown timer you can use every landing page where ever you want. Custom timining set-up & auto restart much easy.

Countdown Timer is a pro  plugin worth minimum $10 but, use this in thrive landing page.

Tabs & Toggles

Create Dynamic Content in new tabs or build information toggle element  to easy use of other resources as well.

Let’s see my Blogger Tools page, How I used Tabs & Toggles to build converting page.

Thrive landing page pro other rich features

Display responsive Google Maps that look good on any screen size.

Add star ratings to your reviews – including the correct, search engine optimized markup.

Thrive themes beautifully styled testimonial boxes are really stunning to display social proof and boost your sales.

Display your “satisfaction guarantee” like the pros with the guarantee element.

Perfect for feature lists, lists of benefits and any other attention-grabbing list type

Create flexible tables for reviews, product comparisons and no Html code required.

Recommended get response for Email traffic

One thing I would like to recommend for CPA or Online marketers to create the easy & best Email marketing templates with get response. Especially, Get response support Custom Html or embeded code for making Email templates. Read the Get response Pricing review & how much You have to pay to start with them.

Final Words about thrive landing page Pro

Thrive Landing page is a Pro tool Worth $69 for Single user as for Blogger. But if you want to use it multiple sites then you have to $97.

I think $69 is not much but by using this Pro plugin you can change the whole marketing process. Just visit for their 122 ready landing pages, Every requirement you can find here. is a new company & comes with some Important, most converting tools for online marketers.

After revealed of thrive landing page, it’s getting popular in very short time. WordPress users/marketers love this because it’s easily adjust with their WordPress site or Blog.

As a WordPress User you should check this Plugin to increase Blogging income or Affiliate Sells or CPA conversion.

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