Wishpond Pricing Review 2019 – The Real Truth.


Want to be a smart online marketer with 6 figures income in every month then Everything on your hand to make it happened. 

It’s time to wrapping up & make some changes in your marketing techniques. If you haven’t heard about Wishpond.com yet, this post aware you about Wishpond including cheap & Discount pricing review for the marketers. 

Wishpond is a reliable Email marketing automation software for marketer though as web based business. It aims to make a user-friendly marketing resource for starting entrepreneurs.

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Great to see their usable tools like landing pages, social promotions, website popups, online forms, lead activity tracking, lead management, lead intelligence, marketing automation, email marketing and marketing analytics.

Wishpond has complete marketing solutions, And can’t aware their marketing analytics metrics, Which is the best part of Wishpond. It doesn’t matter you have static website or a WordPress Blog because they provide some good stuff for both. Keep continue reading to know Wishpond Pricing & other features in details. 

Wishpond Discount 35% off – Yearly packages

Wishpond latest discount offer on their yearly plan & pricing. Get up to 35% discount on all yearly packages. To grab this Discount you just choose a yearly plan. Remember that, Wishpond doesn’t provide any coupon code or any promo code. You can grab the discount by clicking this link

Wishpond Pricing Plans – Monthly & Yearly

Wishpond plans & pricing Sorted according to Monthly subscription fee & Yearly subscription fee & number of contacts or leads you want to perform or use.

Wishpond monthly pricing: Wishpond provide 3 Plans like BASIC, PRO & GROWTH. Wishpond monthly pricing start from $69/month, which is the Basic plan of their monthly subscriber. With a Monthly plan, you have to pay every month according to Your desire plan & pricing. 

Note: With Wishpond monthly plan & pricing there is no Free trail offer & no discount offer. But you can use all of the premium features.


Wishpond yearly plan & pricing 35% off: Wishpond all yearly packages has 35% off. That means BASIC, PRO, GROWTH all these plan’s you can start with 35% off. Below the screenshot of their yearly packages with discounted price. 1000 contacts/leads would be $45/month.

Pro plan $78/month for 2500 leads.

And their next plan for 10,000 contacts, which is called GROWTH. Unfortunately, they have no 5000 contacts plan/pricing. But you can randomly choose different plan & pricing like 15,000 contacts, 25,000 contacts, 37,500 contacts, 50,000 contacts &  up to 1,000,000 contacts.

Free trial:  Yearly all packages has 14 days trial offer. Start your trial with Wishpond now.


Wishpond Landing pages including Extra features

Wishpond landing page builder has every important feature you need to build your marketing promotion pages.

50+ flexible Templates that different purpose, it’s easy to find the best optimized for your marketing conversation.

Easy to customize with the latest drag & drop builder as simple as other popular landing page builder.

Publish on your Domain: Getting visibility on Search engines & getting customers trust Visible your landing pages on your own Domain name it’s quite easy. No extra cost to you.

Easy A/B & Multivariate Testing: A/B & multivariate test one of the major part of your marketing success. It brings the real analytics report that people will take an action & then you can posting according to the real time.

From Multiple Campaign A/B & Multivariate Testing show you which one convert most.

Responsive Landing pages: Up to 20% visitor come from small devices. These large numbers traffic convert into your customers. Because Wishpond landing pages are responsive & look great on Desktop, Tablet & small mobile screens.

WordPress plugin: For the WordPress user it’s too easy to add landing pages on their content management system. Use the WordPress Plugin to build landing pages in your WordPress site dashboard and publish them to your site just a click needed. No coding skill required.

Wishpond Email Marketing with Automation

Conduct your Email marketing Campaign with Wishpond. Personalized Email templates to nurture and convert more Leads.

Wishpond email marketing has some good value to the marketers. 

Send relevant emails: How to reduce Bounce rate of your email marketing campaigns? With Wishpond make it easy.

By using Wishpond  you can find the real customer of your service or offer. When you deliver Emails to your customer then you can able to analyze them who is interested in your service or who ignore the offer.

Finally, Collect those emails & send them more relevant emails. And for others who already ignored your proposal, send them different offers as well.


Find the Real time of your email marketing, placed your email top of the list that customers see it first. But how? ok, You are not only one that delivering in Inbox. There are many competitors of you. Wishpond real-time analytics help you to find the real time that your customers open their Email inbox. And conduct email campaign according to the real time that first see it from the top of the list.

Automation: Wishpond’s Marketing Automation makes it easy to nurture your Leads based on real-time activity and profile details.

Wishpond website popups service

Wishpond is the world’s most powered website popups -Wishpond. But I agree with them. Wishpond clever popups really good for increase conversation. It help you to reduce bounce rate. 

Wishpond’s flexible templates and drag n’ drop editor make it easy to create contrasting, beautiful,  high-converting popups for your website.

Convert abandoning visitors: Many People visits your website that really not match with your offer so trying to leave your website immediately. For them add features like, when they land your landing page & click the Close button at that time the popups appears in the display without closing the tabs. Here you can use some universal campaign.

Page Scroll: Scroll Popups appear when visitors scroll down your web pages.

Timed: Set a Timed Popup to appear after a visitor has spent a certain amount of time on your site.

Entry: Entry Popups appear when a visitor first enters your website.

Exit-intent: Mentioned it before. It will Show a popup to abandoning visitors at the exact moment they are about to leave your site

Wishpond social promotion apps

Wishpond social promotion apps to attract your customers, getting high conversation. Wishpond makes it easy to run sweepstakes, Instagram hashtag contests, photo contests,  & more.

Run social promotions on Facebook, Twitter or your website. No matter where you run them, they’ll work on all desktop, tablet, and mobile devices.

Add a Facebook Like Button Popup or Twitter Follow-Gate to your promotions to get more Likes and Followers.


Wishpond  lead management

We know, Wishpond provides several services like landing pages, contest & promotions, Website popups, Online forms, Marketing Automation & Email marketing etc. Now the question is how to track all of them. 

Wishpond has a Lead management interface that helps you to manage, track & understand your leads with dynamic listing segmentation. 

See a full breakdown of the growth and activity of your campaign Lists over time. See how engaged your Lists are to determine the effectiveness of your marketing techniques.

Track the activity of visitors on your website or blog, across multiple visits, in a Visitor Profile and match them to their contact details when they fill out a Form.

Wishpond ebooks

Wishpond has 27 ebooks including user guideline, Wishpond landing page ebook, pop-ups ebooks, Facebook contest ebooks, Blogging & great touch with Wishpond small business ebook for free.

From Wishpond website footer section click on the Marketing ebooks, Create an free account & Download the copies of ebooks  you want. 


Over to you

In this post, We have discussed on Wishpond pricing & including the all tools review, Hope now you have some clear concept about them. Wishpond is very popular to the Bloggers & marketers as an All in One solution. It’s really an important marketing promotional tool for online Business owners.

And my opinion! Wishpond is the Digital marketing tool with complete solutions. Believe it or not but 14 days trial offer just waiting for you. Credit card required but Cancel at Any Time During the Free Trial. If you have any question they have Excellent Customer Support: Chat, Email, Phone.