Zero bounce rate WordPress plugin review 2019 – Latest Discount code.

Zero bounce rate wordpress plugin

What is the relation with Bounce rate and SEO? What is bounce rate in google Analytics? 

Do you heard about Zero Bounce rate WordPress Plugin? If you not, Welcome You to read this very effective article about Zero bounce WordPress plugin, If you suffering to rank your site and make decent sales from your blog.

What you will do? If your losing traffic make money for you, also reduce your Blog bounce rate into very lower with higher search engine ranking. I think you are dancing in your mind. Yes my friends this WP plugin really stunning, keep reading the whole review to know the great features of this Zero Bounce WP plugin.

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With this you can make some hard changes of your sells & marketing process converting all of your web traffic because there have a newly released plugin called “”Zero bounce rate Plugin“” it has the ability to make your web site as a sells funnel.

Rock: It’s a AMAZING PLUGIN, Every marketer must using plugin. Let’s see the Plugin features Zero Bounce WordPress Plugin.

But how This “Zero Bounce WordPress Plugin works?”  Today in this immediate post, I will share every unavailable characteristics of this Zero bounce plugin, Hope after Reading this Informal review post, you completely aware about this plugin. It’s a new Plugin and performing well.

Zero bounce rate wordpress plugin, get it with 15% discount.

Why we should reduce website Bounce rate.

After Google panda & Penguin Update now Bounce Rate it’s a core factor when it comes website ranking.

It’s proven that Google algorithm much more stronger, than any other updates. Google consider website quality rather than quantity.

We also know that, Google love everything that natural, In my earlier post i have mentioned about natural link buildings.

At the same way, Website Bounce Rate also a major natural factor that search engine follow for ranking.

You can make hundreds of Back links in a day but it’s hardest thing to reduce your website Bounce rate. Bounce is a natural metrics of your website visitor, How behave when they land to your site that’s why Bounce rate is very essential for every Site owner.

Bounce rate SEO fact

Bounce Rate Bouncing!

Typically Average Bounce rate 50 is Good, But If your able to decrease it more lower that’s could better for You. Big fishes like Bounce rate Below 40, Where, Mythemeshop (WordPress marketplace) much lower only 25. And these both has top Ranking On Google.

Note: If you has started your new blog Keep eyes on Site Bounce rate in regular basics. This the fact, that you can analysis your Whole SEO Performance including all On page factors. 

“Bounce rate” inform about your site quality to Search engines.

Increase affiliate sells

60%-70% visitors leave Website without taking any proper steps, Zero bounce plugin convert most of them into money. If you promoting Affiliate products, Increase sells with this eliminator plugin.

It’s really effective when you add your difference affiliate links in Difference pages with a Good combination of your affiliate products. To get the best performance sent your customers to  Coupon code, Discount or Different occasional offer pages.

My experience.

Last month I have lost 30% of my blog traffic & lost ranking! You know this is my new blog, i change my blog theme & not got enough time to work with “Top seo marketing blog” so there needed some  Monetization to complete but couldn’t! My blog bounce rate get was much higher and Google lost my blog ranking even I have lost my all keyword ranking!

Are you a new blogger or an affiliate marketer? I highly recommendation  to you, If you don’t want to lost your ranking, emphasize on your blog Bounce rate. It’s a core factor that really Google consider.

Redirect to different destination URL for every post.

You can set the different redirect links for each single post or page. Suppose, You have post about Thrive Woocommerce themes

Redirects users based on geo-location

Another useful rich Features of Zero bounce plugin that can help you to make some Good stuff of your marketing techniques. you can redirect users to specific page based on their geo-location or Ip addresses, as this provide you high conversions.

For the CPA marketers this Zero Bounce plugin also is the Conversion machine as well.

Mobile/Desktop Toggle

Want to only redirect desktop users ? No problem ! Want to only redirect mobile users ? Again , no problem ! ZERO BOUNCE lets you choose to redirect only desktop or only mobile users if you wish for enhanced demographic targeting !

Selective Redirect

Want to only redirects visitors who come from certain sites ? Thanks again to ZERO BOUNCE’s advanced “string” technology you can set it to redirect only visitors who come from sites you specify !

Manual On/off

This plugin comes with an easy to use “on/off” switch. This gives you complete control when this plugin and keeps you from having to uninstall if you want to temporarily disable it.

zero bounce rate

The important characteristic of this plugin.

When someone comes to your site and immediately leave by hitting back button ! redirect them (lost traffic) to any Url you wish.

For the affiliate marketers it’s a great tool to make affiliate sells, Suppose you a “weight loss” then make a affiliate account using Amazon & redirect them on Amazon Weight loss products page using your affiliate link.

 Decrease your Bounce rate.

 Convert every single traffic into Money.

 Implement your sells and marketing strategy.

 Increase your affiliate revenue using your affiliate link.

That’s why this plugin getting so much popularity.

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How to Make More Profit
with Zero Bounce WP Plugin

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zero bounce rate plugin 3

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Zero bounce rate wordpress plugin, get it with 15% discount.

zero bounce rate pricing

Over to you.

This is a WordPress Plugin, You can use this for your WordPress Blog, E-commerce etc. 

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In my Another article i have explained  7 steps to reduce Bounce rate.

I am using this plugin for my amazon Niche site and significantly my earning increasing in regular bases.

My highly recommendation to you to use this powerful zero bounce rate plugin.

I have seen many top marketers using this plugin to increase their sells and making six figures income per month.

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