How to create autoresponder in getresponse | 12 Steps to Follow

Have you ever wondered how to create autoresponder in getresponse? Well, we’re going to show you! In the following post, we cover everything from setting up your autoresponder to choosing an effective opt-in offer.

how to create autoresponder in getresponse

What is an autoresponder?

Autoresponders are tools that can be used for marketing purposes. Autoreponder messages automatically send to your subscribers at a time you specify based on conditions specified by the sender.

Autoresponders let businesses reach out and connect with their current customers while still sending useful information about new products, sales, or events in advance of these times so they don’t miss anything important!

For example, anyone can design a custom programme of autoresponders so that…

  • By signing up to your mailing list, customers will receive a welcome message from us with valuable tips, interesting offers, etc.
  • After a few days of waiting, they received special discounts on the products you offer.
  • Three weeks later they get an email from you, inviting them to become one of your followers on social media…

… and so on.

How to create autoresponder in getresponse

From the get response Dashboard, go to Menu of the main section and select Autoresponders. On the “Manage Autoresponders page” you can now create or set up your own autoresponses. Once on this page click the “Create AutoResponder button” so that you have a place to enter in all of the detailed information you need to use!

To create an autoresponder:

  1. Go to Menu>> Autoresponders.
  2. Click Create autoresponder.
  3. Give your welcome message an internal name.
  4. Creating more than one getresponse autoresponder in a cycle, make sure to select the same list for all of them. This way your contacts will be able to subscribe and unsubscribe at their leisure instead of having to do it separately every time they receive an email from you! how to use autoresponder in getresponse
  5. With the getresponse autoresponder, you can choose to assign a specific day in your cycle for messages. For example, Day 0 is when someone subscribes and Day 1 would be after they opt-in on that same day. Whenever you want new messages sent out during this time period simply rename them accordingly! how to set up autoresponder in getresponse
  6. There are a total of three options for sending messages: Send at the same time you signed up, with a delay that can range from one hour to six months, or send exactly on your desired date and/or time.
  7. What days are best for you? Choose the day of week that suits your needs and schedule.
  8. It will take you a few minutes to select the from and reply-to addresses.
  9. Add your message subject line.
  10. Create a personal message that you or someone else will enjoy reading. The new look and feel makes it easy to get creative with your email design without limits! You can also learn about the changes from this section of our help center.
  11. Do you want to send the message as a source to Google Analytics? This will help us build an even better experience for our customers.
  12. Click Save, or Publish if you want the message to go live right away.

How do I add another message to an existing getresponse autoresponder cycle?

You may already have a get response existing autoresponder cycle, and decide that you want to add a new message. You can do it by creating a new autoresponder messages which will automatically be sent out when the time comes in your sequence. Repeat the process every time you want to expand your cycle with more content for extra engagement! The process is well explained up to this section ” how to use getresponse autoresponder “.

How many messages by get response autoresponder can I send per day from one list?

There is no limit.


The best way to ensure that you’re not sending too many emails is by waiting a few days before following up with an email. If the person still has yet to reply, send another one after two more business days–then if they haven’t replied, it’s safe for them to assume that they didn’t want your messages in their inbox any longer and opted out of receiving future communications from your company.

Over to You

When you are finished creating an email marketing campaign with GetResponse, take a deep breath and feel that sense of relief. You have completed the process successfully-congratulations! If you ever need more information on how to proceed in your new project or find any useful tips from this tutorial’s inbox campaign walkthrough, please do not hesitate to leave me a comment below.

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