How to Start a Blog with WordPress & Bluehost web hosting.

Check your blog Domain name.

Blog is the medium where you can meet People, Communicate worldwide, Can show your creation, Share your opinion with other. But the majesty of blogging i think, it’s behave with you as a real friend & You can pass you Free time. It’s help you to learn a lot of things from another. You can mentally satisfy with a blog.

You would be amazing, the areas people start to blogging about. People like blogging about food, fashion, Beauty, photography, Study, hobby, travel, fishing technology, cycling, music, pet, Gardening, Cooking, gadget, gaming etc.

Note: Without traffic you will not be benefited or not get the real test of blogging in any category.

Ask yourself why do you want to start your blog, it’s the very first step the way of blogging. Let’s have a look why people take it.

How to start a Fashion blog & make it fabulous.

How to start a Food blog & Starting for making money.

For Making money: The majority of people taking blogging as a money making method. 

Blogging is one of the reliable ways for making money. It is an open source and there is  no bound how much you can earn. But you need to do this as a professional with a small amount of investment.

Before starting a blog you should make a clear plan about your niche. Niche means your blogging topic, very important point of your blogging journey. Pick a niche that you are in well experienced and profitable too. Now the questions is how to find a profitable niche?

SEMrush is a essential keyword research tool for online marketer, Find your perfect and profitable niche.

Niche selection, single niche much more effective from multiple niche. QE: Webhosting is a profitable niche and it EPC (earn per click) so good. First make you a well informed then start to create informative content.

Start for interest or Hobby: Many people love to share their daily stories, or others.

Freelancing Portfolio: Presenting you a smarter, a blog work as a referrer. It’s present you much more unique. The freelancer is using blogs to show their portfolio & it’s getting more engagement for them.

To Promote web business: Suppose you are running an E-commerce business. So, you  need more customers to build your business. you will do Social media marketing, Search engine marketing etc. 

One other method that, people trust, build in content marketing. it’s proved Content Conversation rate much higher & It is the opportunity to convince your customers. So, people start a blog. 

It’s the common  intention people use this platform. Now, to start a blog, initially you have need two core resource like your Blogging platform other is Web Hosting.  

Step 1. Starting Your blog with WordPress theme.

WordPress is the Suitable Content management System to manage your content, Data Query etc.

For blogging WordPress is the first choice for any Body. If you have all ready to be a WordPress user then you must know, how much effective WordPress are & it optimize your content for higher search engine ranking.

Recommended: You can choose Thrivethemes WordPress themes. Thrivethemes is the massive marketplace for WordPress themes.

See the Thrivethemes with other sales funnel

Here are some great features of Thrivethemes premium themes below…

Search Engine Optimized 

Responsive HTML5 Design

Unlimited support, Unlimited updates

Airtight Security

Price is very low

Different categories themes 

Instant Updates  

Customized and Fast  

Widgets & Layout Options  

Developers You Can Trust  

Supporting all resolution

Step 2. Bluehost web hosting server for your wordpress.

After purchasing a themeforest premium Worpress themes, then, you need to buy your own domain and installed it on a web server.

Choosing the right hosting is the most important part of your blogging journey. Getting information, analysis about web hosting you can pick the right hosting for you.

Bluehost, Hostgator are the top level web hosting companies, But for WordPress hosting I highly recommend you for Bluehost. WordPress and Bluehost were working together since 1996 for making a solid web hosting platform and last January they offered the cheapest rate for WordPress hosting, and still running this offer.

Click for Bluehost Hosting Discount just $3.49/month only.

Bluehost web hosting most sensational features of WordPress is Just one click installation, You can set up your WordPress theme just in five minutes. If you fell any hesitation, Bluehost support team always being with you for supporting you. Bluehost others exciting offers below…

Up to 100 million visits per month

Up to 5 sites

Storage is 30 GB

1 Free domain (1 year)

Backup is 30 GB

RAM is 2 GB

24/7 support

Any time money back guarantee

Enhanced Cpanel to easily manage your sites

Site Lock CDN helps you make your site loading time faster.

Now Follow the step 3 installation guide to install your wordpress theme on the bluehost server.

Step 3. Install Your WordPress On Bluehost.

WordPress CMS now so much easy to installation and management with on the Bluehost web hosting server, You can do it just in 5 minutes. Let’s try, Click on the toggle to show these steps.

[stag_toggle style=”normal” title=”Wordpress theme 5 installation process on Bluehost web server A-Z.” state=”closed”]

Step 1. Go to Bluehost wordpress hosting to get started.

Step 2. Then you will see “Sign up” page, now type your new domain name you want to register, But if you already have a domain name then type your existing Domain name “i have a domain name” Field.

Note: Domain name Must be short, Easy to memorable & similar to your Blogging Niche/topic. A good Domain name also fact of SEO because it’s increase visitors influence.

After filling the empty field by your desire domain name click on the next button.

Wordpress Hosting bluehost

Step 3. Now complete your personal account information….

Wordpress Hosting bluehost now

Step 4. Enter your package information….

Wordpress Hosting bluehost cheapStep 5. Complete your billing information by your credit numbers and click the next button.

Wordpress Hosting bluehost cheap plan

Step 6. Type a strong password and your user name for your control panel.

Step 7. Go to control panel and click install wordpress button with your wordpress Site title, your wordpress user name, password and your email address.

bluehost wordpress install

You complete your wordpress installation. Now go to your browser and type your blog address, you can see it.


Over to you

This is the first step in setting up your blog. Now it’s time to Customize your blog whatever you want. Install WordPress Plugins according to your requirement. Set up Google analytic & Google webmaster to your blog.

Create informal & SEO optimized Content. Listed top bloggers in your niche, Leave comments on their post, Follow them on Facebook, Twitter or other media.

Become a successful blogger, you must work hard.

Where, Never give up, and do blogging for helping someone, then you will be profitable.

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