How to start a Fashion blog, step by step by guidelines for beginner.

Fashion designing is a  great touch in current profession world. So as fashion designer or a fashion lover, a blog can help you and you can get extra benefit of it.

I have written a article on “benefits of blogging”, My high recommendation to you to read this article if you really thinking to make your own blog of any niche/topic.

But in this post i will show you how to make a  fashion designing blog such as the blogging tools, the main points which is important to start a  fashion blog.

In the recent past Fashion blog is a huge one and i will appreciate you and my full support to you if you start it now. Read this step by step guideline.

The basic concept to start a fashion blog

How to start a fashion business

Step 1. Register your Domain name & blog Host.

Domain name means your blog address like Select a small, memorable domain  name. You Domain name should match with your blogging topic. If you have any domain name on you mind check it now  available or Not at the top of the post.

Free blog is not the best solution for you, they have few restriction. Trustworthy very low, It’s not your own property, Occasionally shown ads on your blog & Can’t full control of it.

“”Truly Free blogs are the Promotional materials of your Main blog & it’s used by SEO experts as Promoting tool””

Bluehost web server: Bluehost Popular for it’s user friendly features for wordpress sites & One Company that recommended by You can Choose Bluehost for Domain name & Hosting. If you already have a domain name you can also hosting your site.

Small business like WordPress blog you can pick the Shared hosting mode. Shared hosting plan start $3.49/month. Any away Bluehost is best.

Bluehost also provide VPS hosting & Dedicated server hosting which is also very popular.

Click for Bluehost Hosting Discount just $3.49/month only.

Step 2. Choose Fashion WordPress Theme

For the beginners i suggest Premium themes. Premium themes means you have hundred of options to choose the right for you. and they are latest, Seo optimized, Colorful, You can get default Premium plugins for free.

Check out Thrive Themes. I love Thrive Themes because it’s a massive source of Multiple categories wordpress themes. Other feature you got fancy, that is Author Support you will get it for free, It’s very necessary to know more about what’s thinking the Author, you can ask question to him, is it best matched with your niche ! Other thing is users opinion you can always check out.

Free themes ! It’s difficult to find out the best matched theme for you !

Step 3. WordPress installation On Bluehost server.

After Registered your domain and hosting now it’s time to set up your wordpress theme. Go to the Control panel and find out the WordPress and click on it and it will take you through a set up process. It will take maximum 5 minutes. Check out my Another post “How to install wordpress on Bluehost web server” Just in 5 minutes. If you face any hesitation you can contact with us.

Follow these steps to install your WordPress.

Install your Wordpress on Bluehost just in 5 minutes.

Promotional materials

Fashion blog tools

SEO: Seo stands on Search Engine optimization, It is the necessary process to implement your blog. But for the beginners it’s much more difficult, Because Google constantly updating their Search Engine terms, Which is called Search Engine Algorithm. So you need to be always updated  by learning SEO new strategy.

here  My full support to you if you face any problem, You can contact with me.

Build your Community: After published your First Article, Now the question is how to get more traffic, Engagement, More conversation ?

Use different social media such as facebook, twitter, pinterest, linkedin, Google plus. Share your article on there.

Complete your blog: In my last step i have mentioned about the importance of SEO, But the major effect will be fallen to you Blog promotion when you have Done On Page SEO Completely, that time your whole link building process work better.

So, first Complete your Blog design, use Latest SEO optimized Premium themes, Find out the best theme which is match to your category.

Content in king“,  Write Ever green Content, which is useful to your readers.

Create different pages to your site such as About me, Contact me etc, These will help to extra benefits like to make a strong Authorship, When any one read your blog, he/she would be want know who is the author of this blog and can contact with you.

Install useful plugin plugins Authorship, social profile, photo Slider, etc.

How to make a Successful fashion blog

How to start a fashion blog

Choose the category: The area fashion is large. make sure you have picked the right category for you blog. A blog is the platform, where thousands of visitor land to read your words.

Pick the topic that you have most experienced in.

There are lot of area such as Style, Clothing, Beauty etc.

Find out your competitors: People like new things, want to get more advantage ? Keep eyes on your Competitors and Create helpful and stunning Gift for your readers, Listed top 10 Fashion blogs and Follow them, how they manage their blogs & their shares you will get little bit ideas.

Current fashion ideas: Don’t Copy other blog  words, Simply use their ideas to create the best information for your readers.

Tips for you, To get the latest Fashion ideas Use Your blog readers opinion, Create a pool box on your blog. Leave a question on Yahoo answer, Quora, Ask etc. Hope You will get the latest Information of your desire Niche.

Think about you blog: To become a great writer you need to be a thinker. You have to satisfied  Everyone who visit your blog & Everyone not like minded you know .

You need to have the power to motivate other. Think, what area you are fabulous. Take time to create the best from you.

Love what you write about: A informative article can Motivate any one to make changes of them and feel good, I think fashion blogs are different from normal blog.

That is the main point of dynamic content.

From my experience to you, before Published you blog post, Ask yourself is it Helpful and informative for you ? Take time to create your content said before. Write your content step by step, keep it net and clean, Write the main summary.

Ask your readers what they want and what are they expect from you. Behave them as a friend.

Colorful image optimization: One of the important part is Image, and when the topic is fashion blog then opportunity take it on the high, 

There are lot of tools you can use them create great image for your blog,

Here i suggest you for Online tool picmonkey (paid tool)

Over to you

I first say you fashion blog running as a huge one. So make a plan and start your journey.

Blogging is an art, If you start it you can get extra feelings from it, so my full support to you to start a successful fashion blog. If Any question to me Please contact with me.

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