How to Start a Food Blog & Make Money in 2023


A food blog is also a popular topic and very profitable for the blog owners. A food blog is very easy to set up and make informal to your readers. A food blogger doesn’t need any extra experience.

What are you thinking about a food blog or a blog?

A blog! it’s your own property you can share anything whatever you want.

To grow your Blog, you have to maintain some tactics which are attractable to your blog readers and build some trust.

We know Blogging has always been a profitable topic, and will be profitable in the upcoming days. People love it & read blog to make changes.

So, what you want to do? It’s only your choice!

But it’s true you can make money with your food if you take it professionally.

In my post I am going to share the easy steps, making of a  food blog & few simple strategy to make money from your blog.

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First, here I mention  Few blogging resources you will believe in because they are top Companies,  using all over the online world.

I prefer WordPress themes.

On the way to start a new food blog you have to choose your blogging platform. To work professionally it’s mandatory to how much you can able to serve from your blog to your potential readers. So, to make your blog stunning. And for easy integration you have to choose “WordPress theme” nothing else. 

Now you have two options, Free theme or Premium theme!

Free themes (Worth $0) With a free theme from you can get it free but, you have lots of work to do like,

It’s a default theme must have to change the design, what ever you want.

Need to install multiple Plugins like SEO plugins, Widgets etc.

Premium theme (Worth $40-$60) I always prefer Premium themes. Any stunning design you can choose which is best suite with your industry.

By default new features which only available on the premium themes.

Default premium Plugins.

SEO optimized.

It’s latest, 100% responsive adjust on any browser & any screen.

Where to buy: Do you heard about Thrive Themes, world’s largest WordPress themes marketplace & It’s not only a market, it’s also a community for WordPress, Drupal, Magento lovers. So my recommendation to you, choose an effective theme from Thrive Themes.

Reliable webhosting for wordpress.

Webhosting: To install your WordPress theme you need a hosting server and a domain name/Your blog address. Where your WordPress will be installed and people will browse it anywhere by typing the blog address.

Domain name: The blog domain name should be short, easy to remember and mostly suite with your blog topic.

Check your Domain name now, available or not.

You may heard about Bluehost, Hostgator etc, they are the top hosting company in the industry.

Reliable Blog hosting another core intention of your blogging journey.

So, Choosing a wordpress host know it’s very easy to picked because when you aware that WordPress thyself recommended to choose hosting for WordPress site! Yes, On the page of WordPress hosting, they clearly recommended Bluehost as an easy and reliable hosting company. You can check the screen shoot of their recommendation.

Click for Bluehost Hosting Discount just $3.49/month only.

Unlimited Storage and bandwidth.

Starting just $3.49/month

$100 Google adwords advertising gift voucher.

Your blog will be speedy and Lower down time from other host.

24 hours customers support.

WordPress and Bluehost working since 2004 to provide a reliable hosting platform for their customers.

WordPress installation much easier now with bluehost.

I mentioned in my previous step about Bluehost & it’s features for WordPress Themes. Bluehost provides 5 minutes faster WordPress installation which is very easy & anybody can do without coding.

Follow these steps to Check Domain name & install your Theme on Bluehost. Bluehost famous 5 minute installation.

Growing a handy Community.


Start to build your food blog community. Create Unique content share on the Community. When you drive lot’s of traffic to your blog, then you will be delightfully with your food blog, Because people read your blog and leave their opinion by commenting so, it’s could be an amazing experience as a blogger.

Create Facebook fan page, Twitter and Google plus business page.

Make your pages informal, graphically attractable & share your post regular basis, Build some stunning communication strategy to make your your community larger.

Pinterest marketing: As a food blogger Pinterest can be your core traffic source. 200 million registered pinterest users, 85% of them are female and 82% USA traffic.

For a better experience with Pinterest one thing you should dominate, Pinterest is a graphical social media. To get quick success you must share pin which is graphically highlighted.

Make your Pinterest profile professional & use your blog other social media Link on your profile.

Follow as much as possible who love to know about food. Definitely they will follow back.

Set up Google tools for blog analyzation.

Google tools are effective every time when you are running with a web based business. Google tools provide data accurately to analyze your whole business.

Google Analytic: Data like website Visitors, Visitors source, Bounce rate, Returning visitor with new visitor, Visitors country etc. Very important tool for the website owner to maintain traffic flow. Its is a free tool by Google.

To use Google Analytic sign in with your Google Account and from the admin section verify your blog site.

Google webmaster: By using Google webmaster you will aware you, how your blog/site performing on Search engines. You can get data like, live keywords people use to visit your site, Search clicks etc.

Recommended WordPress plugins for food blogs:

Easy Recipe: Formats your recipes for search engine optimization. This plugin will help your recipe’s photo show up in the search results, for instance.

jQuery Pin It Button For Images: This plugin makes it really easy for your visitors to pin your pictures by adding a “Pin It” button as a hover effect.

WordPress Related Posts: I use this plugin to display related posts at the end of each post. I customized the display myself, but they offer several templates that look nice.

Finally to you.

I have seen many people starting their Food just on their interest or hobby & getting profitable with their hardworking. A food blog could be your home based business opportunity.

How: When you  made your blog popular, thousands of people read your blog regularly, then you can set up your own products store if you have. If not, set up food related affiliate products.

Make a affiliate account on Amazon, Recommended those products that you have used or using for long time to make food. Some food related products that, you would like to promote Kitchen tools, Gadget, decors sets, Food etc.

It was today’s tips to start a food blog and make money from it. Here I have mentioned few simple steps to start it. But truly you have lot’s of work to do. You have to promote your blog on Search engine optimization and targeted marketing social media. So, keep visiting my SEO and marketing blog to get some informal post next time.