Thrive themes WooCommerce review 2021


Thrive WordPress themes are the most popular starting tool for the newbies, Thrive Company already proved that how much they are delighted about the online marketers. Thrive themes really best for Blogging, Affiliate marketing, thrive themes shopping cart, thrive themes ecommerce, Niche site building & any other professional works.

Recently Thrive Updated sll of their WordPress themes & Made all of them Woocommerce supported. It’s really amazing & important to have a product or Woocommerce section on Every WordPress sites.

Check these  10 Thrive woocommerce themes. And below the screenshot of the focus blog theme that supported Woocommerce Plugin.


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Woocommerce Growing rapidly, By adding a Product store you can get access to your customers smartly when you use the WordPress. Wocommerce is the valuable combination with WordPress Content management system. It’s made the marketing or Online Business easier.

I just want to say, Woocommerce is features is the great opportunity to us, When we are using the WordPress.

So, Before choosing your WordPress, Ask is it Woocommerce Supported? But after adding the Woocommerce features, now Thrive themes are a good combination for professionals that they needed.


Thrive themes woocommerce pricing discount

The pricing of thrive themes not very affordable for the newbies, But, not much higher as other WordPress company. Thrive themes Price start from $49 for a single license key and Multiple license key just for $67. Here check the Thrive Woocommerce themes updated Discounted pricing


Thrive Themes Membership Discount

Get, 24% discount on Thrive themes Membership. Get the Access to use all products of thrive themes just paying $228 per year. Normally, It was $300 per year.

But, if you don’t want to use the 24% discounted membership fee that time you start thrive themes membership just paying the 3 months membership subscriptions fee just $75.

Where, Thrive themes multiple license key for $67 and other plugins multiple license key only for $67.

We have to use Thrive Themes & their all SEO & Marketing Related Plugins. For the starting Entrepreneurs Thrive company offer the Membership plan so that, everyone can Use all themes and Plugins at a very affordable Rate. Thrive themes membership Discount only $19/month. Check it now. 


What is Woocommerce

WooCommerce (by wiki) is a free Ecommerce plugin that allows you to sell anything, beautifully & smartly. Built to integrate seamlessly with WordPress themes, WooCommerce is the world’s favorite Ecommerce  platform that gives both store owners and developers complete control with easier way.

How to set up Woocommerce

Thrive Currently has 10 premium themes & Everyone Support Woocommerce. Its means, if you choose a theme for Blogging, magazine or any other then you can create your Own or Affiliate Products store. And thrive themes created a design for shop or Store, checkout pages that encompasses everything you’re used to from Thrive Themes.

When you installed thrive theme & want to create products store just go for Woocommerce plugin free download. Install it, now from the plugin section click on the “add products”. It’s just Simple! 

As a novice, you can check Wocommerce video tutorials, hope these will help you create professional shop pages.  


Thrive themes & Woocommerce Support

Thrive has some delightful Blogging & marketing tools that Everyone love. In my Previous posts Talked about thrive content builder, thrive landing page & thrive leads – Smart marketers tool.

And now we are talking about thrive themes that support Woocommerce. All 10 thrive themes particularly you can use for Blogging, Affiliate marketing,  creating marketing websites, magazine, podcasting, products, memberships and services sites.  They All Spport Woocommerce. If you start your WordPress with one of the category with Woocommerce, you should pick thrive theme.


1. Rise thrive theme

Clean layout and elegant design focused on readability and guiding the visitor’s attention are traits that characterize this Rise theme.

Built in collaboration with a veteran affiliate marketer, the Rise theme offers everything you need to create a captivating blog, supported by affiliate marketing and product sales. As amazon landing page generator you can use this theme including thrive landing page Plugin.


2. Ignition thrive theme

With Ignition, it’s a joy to create awesome looking sales pages and marketing pages for your products, memberships and services. This theme is good one to setup your company site. With full-width page sections and excellent pre-built templates to work from, this is the perfect theme for anyone who want to sells products online. This Theme also perfect to build amazon niche site.

Click for thrive woocommerce supported themes.

In short, this is a theme that will ignite your marketing website.


 3. FocusBlog thrive theme

Simple, professional and elegant, FocusBlog is your go-to blogging theme.

This WordPress theme strikes a balance between design that draws attention, yet doesn’t distract from your Blog content. And this is the core fantasy of this beautiful WordPress theme.

FocusBlog, like all our themes, can be used to create sales pages, lead generation pages, CPA marketing campaigns and other types of landing pages. Where it shines especially is when used to make blogs with a massive conversion focus.



Free updates

Recently thrive updated their all themes & now it’s Woocommerce supported. If you already a thrive themes user update your existing theme for free. And get the all new features like Woocommerce. 

As a Online marketer & adapt with search engine such as Google algorithm WordPress updating play a vital role. Because Search engine Algorithm always being changing & it’s a continuous audit as well.

Click for thrive woocommerce supported themes.

Thrive themes pricing

Single theme with single license key of thrive theme payout only $49. It means you can use this theme under one Hosting.

On the other hand, It’s much affordable with the Unlimited Personal License,  by paying $69 you can use the theme on your unlimited hosting.

Thrive membership: Want to use all of the theme including with the all thrive tools then “FOR INDIVIDUALS AND ENTREPRENEURS ” you have to pay $19/month & must paid Annually.

Over to you

We know that WordPress the Most Popular WordPress CMS by Wiki, And Thrive themes really care about the factors.

Ans in a very short time thrive gets popularity, their all WordPress themes, Content builder using by the thousands of Blogger & marketers. And now thrive themes support Woocommerce. 

Already there are many Thrive themes Users who can update their themes & and make it Woocommerce Supported. 

Click for thrive woocommerce supported themes.

Finally, If you are a starting novice you can pick only Thrive themes & other resource as well. 

So, it was my today’s post about thrive themes Woocommerce, As a thrive user share your Experience below in comment. 

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